Maerwynn Llwynarch

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Maerwynn Llwynarch
Champion of the God: Aeraur
Personality: Virtuous
Gender: Female
Level: 35
Motto: Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!!
Guild: The Summer Society
Guild Rank: Grand Master
Guild Position: Lokhagós
Wins / Losses: 21 / 11
Pet Type: Biowolf
Pet Name: Timon
Pet Level: 12

Maerwynn Llwynarch

Maerwynn Llwynarch was born in a small Dunmer settlement on the banks of the River Kraktor. From an early age, she displayed great aptitude in the martial arts. She became Aeraur's champion on the 1645th day of Godville and set out to explore the world and honor her deity. Considered to be an above-average fighter, she enjoys smashing monsters skulls to bits at every opportunity she receives. She is particularly capable in the arena, though she loves the lightning bolt and healing ray display her Goddess puts on for her and will sometimes feign injury if she thinks she isn't receiving enough attention.

Maerwynn's current set of skills


Immediately upon achieving level 12, Maerwynn Llwynarch began questing to join The Summer Society guild. She successfully gained fanship three days later, and is enjoying her rise through the ranks and the numerous doctors the guild seems to employ. She has only thought about leaving once, until a lightning bolt to the rear caused him to cancel her quest. Maerwynn Llwynarch hopes to contribute to the rise of the guild's influence as soon as her temple is constructed.


Maerwynn Llwynarch is very fond of her pet and cannot imagine her life without a loyal companion at her side. She often relies on her pets to assist her in battle, and in turn brings them to a priest as soon as they get knocked out by an unforgiving monster.



Scrat (Dust Bunny), was Maerwynn Llwynarch's first pet. Incredibly wise, he dragged his heroine out of a battle when the opponent appeared to have the upper hand. He prefers carrying the gold bricks that her mistress collects in his mouth, though has an annoying habit of destroying every other golden object that he gets his paws on (usually coins). Maerwynn Llwynarch avoids bars when Scrat is around, and instead buys lots of healing items during her visits to town. Upon reaching level 11, Scrat decided it was time for him to retire and proceed with his life long dream of being a karaoke superstar. Scrat, you will be missed!



On 1767 g.e., Timon (Biowolf), became Maerwynn Llwynarch's current and second pet. Upon encountering the ferocious beast, Maerwynn looked into the kind eyes of the vanquished monster and suddenly decided — Biowolf, you'll be my pet! And I'll call you Timon! Maerwynn carefully bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat and fastened the leash. Off to new adventures!