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📚 Documentation

Call this template to display tiers banners easily.


To call this template you have to write it like this :
{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=?|tiers=?}} Replace the ? by the wanted parameters.

  • |type=
    • |type=banner for the wide banners (Default state if parameter is ommited)
    • |type=text for tier colored text
  • |tiers=
    • |tiers=unranked or |tiers=0 (Default state if parameter is ommited)
    • |tiers=bronze or |tiers=1
    • |tiers=silver or |tiers=2
    • |tiers=gold or |tiers=3
    • |tiers=diamond or |tiers=4
  • For |type=banner only
    • |progress= Add a text next to the Title of the Banner
    • Empty by default.
    • Used to display progress in binary from 0000 to 1111 with 0 being an unmet requirement and 1 the opposite.
  • For |type=text only
    • |content= Content of the displayed text.
    • Tiers name by default
    • Used to display bet limit in their color for example.

Banners :

{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=unranked|progress=}}


{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=bronze|progress=}}


{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=silver|progress=}}


{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=gold|progress=}}


{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=diamond|progress=}}


Texts :

{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=text|tiers=unranked|content=500}} 500
{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=bronze|content=}} Bronze
{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=banner|tiers=silver|content=}} Silver
{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=text|tiers=gold|content=}} Gold
{{:Lucky God Casino/Tiers|type=text|tiers=diamond|content=}} Diamond