Lost Viking

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The Lost Viking was a king of the Viking Lords and together with his son and fifteen of the bravest men he could find set sail to pillage and raid the evil english as they had money. Unfortunately for them they forgot to pray to the mighty god Odin and also failed to sacrifice the traditional stuffed goat and Oxlet. That angered the mighty Odin and he sent forth many horriffic sea creatures to punish the Lost Viking king and his men. After many battles and much bloodshed, the Lost Viking forsooth his native gods cursing them and the name given to him from his father handed down generation to generation. He now wanders the land looking for the mighty god Odin to get revenge for his poor dead son. Since he is already out to avenge his son and already out to get Odin, he decided to also avenge his dead men to, the last of which barely survived the last of the sea serpents only to be eaten by the Lost Viking just before his ship set aground upon unforseen shores...


  • Strong, Violent, and Awesome.
  • Bloodthirsty, Vengeful, and well-armed.


  • As the Lost Viking is a Viking, his weakness is liquor.
  • That is all.