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Notice: game texts are not subject to Creative Commons license (due to the way they were initially submitted to the ideabox).
For a list of just activatable artifacts and their effects, see List of Activatable Artifacts.

This is a list of all Artifacts found in the game in alphabetical order. Feel free to add to this list. This list was seeded from a 2014/06/12@11:29 scan of active heroes, and has been extensively updated since.

All Artifacts have been linked, so you can tell by the item's color if a descriptive page exists (Blue Text) or not (Red Text). You are encouraged to create or embellish those descriptive pages.

Artifact Types

There are several types of artifacts, which are distinguished in the list by their flag in the middle column:

Type Flag Description
B Bold Artifacts - These artifacts are shown in bold letters in a hero's inventory; they sell for more gold coins than typical artifacts.
@ Activatable Artifacts - These typically require 50% of your Godpower [GP] to activate them; a few require no GP, and the cost can vary, so read the newspaper's Daily Forecast!
H Healing Aids - These are shown in italics in a hero's inventory; only the hero's whims will utilize them. They are out of the Gods' control and won't be sold. They can however be used for the Bingo.
M Boss-Monster Parts - These are mainly won by defeating boss-monsters and used for the Lab.
U Unique Artifacts - These are won by defeating specific Monsters (as indicated, below).
Typical Artifacts - These are your run-of-the-mill items which are usually worth less than the Bold and Activatable types.


Name Type Notes
0% discount coupon


Name Type Notes
1-calorie meal
1-for-the-price-of-2 voucher
100-lb feather
12th step
19th hole
1x magnifying glass


Name Type Notes
2 pcs (2 pcs)
24k goldfish B
25-hour clock
2D hologram


Name Type Notes
🎉3000-days gold coin🎉 B Sold for 3000 gold coins


Name Type Notes
’555-LOVE’ phone number


Name Type Notes
6-pack of bargain artifacts


Name Type Notes
8-bit coin
8-bit mushroom @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
8-bit puzzle


Name Type Notes
Abduct tape
Abominable snowcone
Abominable snowflake
Abracadabacus B
Absinthe spoon U Won by defeating a Green Fairy.
Absolute power cord B
Absolute vacuum cleaner B
Accidental floss
Achieve mint B
ACME black hole B
ACME monster trap @ This item summons a boss-monster for the hero to fight.
“Act of God” insurance policy B
Activated activatable artifact
Active ingredient
Adam's apple
Adhesive healing strip H
Adhesive lubricant
Adjective noun generator
Adjustable reference point
Adult-proof bottle
Aerobics cube
Aerosol bacon
Afterlife survival guide
AFK suicide note
Air guitar
Alchemical transmuter @ This item can transform one or several bold items in the hero's inventory into golden bricks
Alchemy textbook
Alcohol patch
All-seeing ear
All-seeing eyedrops B
All-white chess set
Alternate reality cheque B
Aluminium banner
"Amazing Anatomy" book
Ambiance fluxuator @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
Amper sand
Anachronistic clock
Anaphylactic shock absorber
Anaphylactic sock
Anarchist's rulebook
Ancient relic of modern art
Anecdotal evidence
Angel’s feather B
🎉anniversary gold coin🎉 B Sold for 3000 gold coins
Anonymous identity card
Another brick from the wall
Another man's shoes
Antibacterial soapstone
Antibody wash
Anti-bacterial software
Anti-glitch cream
Anti-social network
Antimatter of fact
"Any" key
Apocalypse date generator B
"Apocalypse Herald" newspaper
Apothecary in a bottle H
Aqueduct tape
Arcade token
Arcane sugar
Archeological record album
Archimedes' screwdriver
Area 51 VIP pass
Arena ticket @ This item sends the hero to the arena.
Arenalin @ This item sends the hero to the arena.
"Arena's Wackiest Bloopers" movie
Argyle sock puppet
Ark safety checklist
Ark welder B
Armageddon survival manual
Armoire of invincibility
Armor cooling system B
Artifact placeholder
Artifact Price Guide: 601 g.e. Edition
“Artifacts & Collectibles” magazine
Artificial artifact
Arty fact
Ashes-to-dust converter
Assemblage point
Asset liquidizer
Astral paper plane
Astral projector B
"Atheism for Dummies" flyer
Atheist's guide to heaven
Athlete's footnote
Atom balm
Atomic bon-bon
Atomic weight set
Atrophy trophy
Attached string
Attention spam
Attention spanner
Attention-seeking missile
Aura-scope @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
"Autocorrection four Dummies" guide
Autographed self-portrait
"Avoiding Dummies for Dummies" book
Award-winning award
Awkward silence generator B


Name Type Notes
Babel fish B
Back log
Back pedal
Background music generator B
Background radiator
Backhand of fate
Backseat driver's license
Backstage pass B
Backup plan
Bacon of hope
Bacon powder
Bacterial subculture
Bad fanfiction
Bad horoscope
Bad juju
Bad sign
Badge of honorable mention
Bag of air
Bag of computer chips
Bag of conspiracy nuts
Bag of dirty thoughts
Bag of empty promises
Bag of filthy prawns
Bag of holy shiitake mushrooms
Bag of jellyfish sticks
Bag of liquid nails
Bag of lost marbles
Bag of lovely bones
Bag of navigational breadcrumbs
Bag of nopes
Bag of otter's noses
Bag of rehydrated raisins
Bag of rejected suggestions
Bag of scrabble tiles
Bag of shoulder chips
Bag of smithereens
Bag of trophies @ Found at something interesting on the map (No GP required to activate, contains several artifacts)
Bag of unicorn flakes
Bag with 99 red doubloons B
Baking soda volcano
Balance tipper
Ballpark figurine
Ballpoint quill
Banana bomb
Bananalyzer B
Banana splitter
Bank pen
Bar of code
Bar of spaghetti
Bar tab
Bargaining tool
Barrel of laughs
Barrel scraper
Bartering ram
Basilisk breeder's manual
Basket of egg bombs
Bathtub ring
Battery antacid
Battery-powered battery charger
Battle-ark boardgame
Beacon of hopelessness
Bead of sweat
Bear necessities
Beaten bush
Beauty mark
Bed of snails
Beelzebubble gum U Won by defeating a Beelzebieber.
Beer-battered beer
Beer-scented soap
Behemoth-flavored tea
Belated birthday cake
Belated "get well" card
Bengal light @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
Benjamin's button
Berth certificate
Bertrand's teapot B
Beryllium sphere B
"Best of the Rest" award
Beta carrot
Beta artifact
Bi-polar compass
Bible belt
Bicycle of life B
Big picture
Bigger bang theory
Bigger fish
Bill of bragging rights
Bill of lefts
Bill of wrongs
Binary abacus
Binary array
Binary bible
Binary dice
Binary haiku
Binary sudoku page
Binary sudoku puzzle
Binary-tree seed
Biodegradable diamond
Biodegradable time capsule
Bioenergy amplifier @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
Biological clock
Bit map
Bit of bytes
Bit of inspiration
Black and white pen
Black briefcase @ Won by fishing. Activating with 0% Godpower can give you something random or nothing at all.
Black highlighter pen
Black hole detergent
Black hole punch B
Black magic marker
Black mail
Black market loyalty card
Black market pamphlet
Black pepper spray
Black-and-white rainbow
Blackbeard's razor
Blank birth certificate
Blank dice
Blank grocery list
Blank idea slip
Blank rain check
Blank spell scroll
Blank tombstone
Blank treasure map
Blanket of snow
Blanket term
Blast from the past
Blazing saddle
Blind spot
Block of administratium B
Blood-curdling cream
Blood-drinking straw
Blood-splattered smiley badge
Blown cover
Blown gasket
Blue collar
Blue pill of happiness
Blue streak
Blue tooth
Board of education
Bobby prize
Body language translator B
Bold item B
Boneless chicken eggs
Bone of contention
Bone to pick
Bonus track
Booby prize
Bōõk öf Ãççêñts
Book of common knowledge
Book of Common Preyers
Book of convincing alibis
Book of dungeon etiquette B
Book of Dupes
Book of Dupes (2nd edition)
Book of e-mail stamps
Book of famous last words
Book of generic pet names
Book of glitchcraft
Book of lulz
Book of neverending stories
Book of rejected prayers
Book of saucery
Book of single-letter words
Book of time stamps
Book of trendy warcries
Book of unprintable evil
Book of unsubstantiated rumors
Book of unwritten laws B
Book of unwritten rules
Booklet "The 101 Things To Do If You Ever Became An Evil Overlord"
Boonbox H
Boring machine
Borrowed time machine B
Boss key
Boss monster plushie
Boss monster's paycheck B
Bosscoin B Found in the Datamine. Also called bytecoin in diary entries.
Bottle cap collection
Bottle in a bottle
Bottle in a miniature ship
Bottle in a ship
Bottle labeled "Drink me" H
Bottle labeled "Eat me"
Bottle of ad hoc solution H
Bottle of awesomesauce
Bottle of beer from a wall
Bottle of brainwashing detergent
Bottle of breathable air
Bottle of Bumchestershire sauce
Bottle of 'Common Scents' cologne
Bottle of canned HP H
Bottle of crocodile tears
Bottle of dandelion wine
Bottle of dead air
Bottle of demonade
Bottle of depressants
Bottle of diet water
Bottle of diluted water
Bottle of djinn and tonic
Bottle of domesticated beer
Bottle of drinking tobacco
Bottle of e-ink
Bottle of eau de toilet
Bottle of firewater
Bottle of greenhouse gases
Bottle of holy ale B
Bottle of liquid courage
Bottle of liquid cowardice
Bottle of liquid ice
Bottle of liquid rainbow
Bottle of loveless potion
Bottle of mojo H
Bottle of nail vanish
Bottle of not-so-secret sauce
Bottle of nuka-cola
Bottle of powdered water
Bottle of secret sauce
Bottle of self-esteem
Bottle of serial port wine
Bottle of snake oil
Bottle of talon varnish
Bottle of unidentified flying sauce
Bottle of unscented perfume
Bottle of USB port
Bottle of virgin's tears
Bottle of Vitameatavegamin
Bottle of whatever
Bottle of whine
Bottle of workahol
Bottle with a ghost ship
Bottled nostalgia
Bottom dollar
Bottom line
Bottom of a barrel
Bottomless cup
Bottomless hole
Bouquet of heroic posies
Bouquet of forget-me's
Bouquet of remember-me-nots
Bouquet of ultraviolets
Bourbon legend
Bowl of copypasta
Bowl of instant karma B
Bowl of leeches and cream
Bowl of petunias
Bowl of primordial stew
Box of broken dreams
Box of death matches
Box of disposable swords
Box of exhibitionist matches
Box of fig neutrons
Box of fireproof matches
Box of headless matches
Box of infinite fruit loops
Box of laundry deterrent
Box of mismatches
Box of rejected ideas
Box of second-hand matches
Box of shame
Box of sins B
Box of smile wipes
Box of web cookies
Box with a question mark @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Box-shaped heart
Boxer briefcase
Boy Scout's badge
Braille “Do Not Touch!” sign
Braille magnifying glove
Brainstorm forecast
Branch from an iron tree
Branch of a family tree
Brand new bag @ Won by fishing. Activating with 0% Godpower can give you something random or nothing at all.
Bread-powered toaster
Breaking news repair kit B
Breaking point
Breathtaking mint
Brick of fool's gold
Brick of purest green B
Brick polishing kit B
"Bricks Happen" bumper sticker
Bright future dimmer B
Briquette of dry wine
Briquette of flame-retardant charcoal
Broken ego
Broken heart B
Broken metaphor
Broken news repair kit
Broken "Out of order" sign
Broken promise
Broken rearview mirror
Broken record
Broken rule
Broken rule book
Broken slinky
Broken soulcube
Broken stereotype
Broken water chip
Broken will
Bromantic novel
Brown note generator
Brown paper lunch bag
Brownie point
Brutal smile U Won by defeating a Cheshire Rat.
Bubble of magnifying gas
Bucket of antimatter B
Bucket of bolts
Bucket of elbow grease
Bucket of invisible paint
Bucket of steam
Bucket of striped paint
Buffalo wing
"Build your own unicorn" kit
Bull's eyeglasses
Bull's horn B
Bulletproof grass
Bullseye drops
Bunch of baloney
Bunch of gripes
Bunch of hallucinogenic dill
Bunch of pansies
Bunch of wilted flowers
Bundle of DNA-chains
Bundle of nerves
Bunny-shaped bath soap
Buns of steel
Buoyant anchor
Burial voucher
Buried hatchet
Burn notice
Burnt calorie B
Burnt ice cube
Burst bubble
Butt of a joke
Buttered finger
Bytecode fragment
Byte mark


Name Type Notes
Caffeinated holy water
Can closer
Can of ambrosia H
Can of asteroid repellent
Can of black paint
Can of blinker fluid
Can of borrowed time
Can of cootie repellent
Can of decompressed air
Can of dehydrated water
Can of doctored peppers
Can of forced habits
Can of 'greener grass' paint
Can of harespray B
Can of lethargy drink
Can of midnight oil
Can of monster mash
Can of pain thinner
Can of powdered toast
Can of primordial ooze
Can of reodorant
Can of sensible string
Can of serious string
Can of spam
Can of spinach H
Can of tribble food
Can of tuna-safe dolphin
Can of uneasy cheese
Can of whoopass
Canceled life insurance policy
Candied toothbrush
Candle burnt at both ends
Candy corn on the cob
Candy from a stranger
Candy gram
Canned bread
Canned heat B
Capital reward B
Captain's log
Captain's pipe U Won by defeating a Drowned Captain.
Carbon credit card
Carbon footprint
Cardboard coffin
Cardboard shuriken
Care spray H
Carnivorous thimble
Carrot and stick gift set
Carton of juicy gossip
Case of hiccups
Case of indigestion
Case of the Mondays
Cat in the bag
Cat scanner
Cat's 9 lives coupon
Cat's tenth life
Cat-flavored mouse food
Cataclysmic converter @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Catalog of heroic poses
Catalog of minor indiscretions
Cattle driver's license
Cautionary tail
Cease-fire extinguisher
Center of a donut
Center of gravity B
Cerberus' flea collar
Certificate of eccentricity
Certificate of heroism B
Certificate of incompletion
Certificate of moderate sanity
Chain letter opener
Chain of command
Chain of events
Chain reactor B
Chained crate @ Sail Reward. Grants some gold and artifacts.
Chainmail towel
Chakra realigner @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
Champignon @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
Change of heart
Change of plan
Chaos engine B
Character flaw
Character hardener B
Character-building blocks
Chariot license
Chastity belt spanner
Cheap shot glass
Cheat codex
Check-mark box
“Cheerful Hobbit” hair removal wax
Cheese moon B
Cheese wheel
Cherry bomb pie
Cherry Pi
Chest of silent applause
Chick magnet
Chicken magnet
Chicken noodle soap
Chicken noodle soup Chicken's finger
Childhood dream
Chill pill
Chip off the old block
Chipped golden brick B
Chipped truth
Chiseled feature
Chloroform-scented candle
Chocolate bunny ear
Chocolate dust bunny
Chocolate microchip
Chordless guitar
Christmas cracker @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
Christmas miracle @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact, won from Christmas Wraiths)
Chrono trigger B
Chunk of concrete evidence
Circle of life B
Circular reference
Circular void generator B
Circumstantial evidence
Classified document
Clean slate
Clean whistle
Clear-colored crayon
Clever pun
Cliché filter B
Cliff's hanger
Clique bait
Clockwork orange
Close call
Closed caption opener
Closed loophole
Closed mind
Cloud chamber
Cloud nine
Clown jewel
Clutch of unscrambled eggs
Cocktail umbrella
Code of misconduct
Code snippet
Coffin nail
Coil of lathered rope
Coil of platinum barbed wire
Coined word
Cold plate of revenge
Cold shoulder
Cold-air balloon
Collapsible hole
Collection of Imperial March remixes
Collection of multi-colored photons
Collection of thoughts
Collide-o-scope B
Colombian bow tie
Colorful phrase
Colorless kaleidoscope
Columnist manifesto
Comfort zone map B
Comic timer B
Common cold compress
Common essence
Community chest B
Compact discus
Companion cube
Compass without a needle
Compelling backstory
Compliment bait
Complimentary death certificate
Compost-it note
Compound fracture
Compulsive lyre
Computer bug repellent
Concentrated spirituality
Concrete piñata
Concrete swimming trunks
Cone of silence B
Confidence-building block
Confidentiality agreement
Conscience inhibitor
Consolation prize
Conspiracy theory
Conspiracy walnut
Constant variable
Constellation prize B
Contingency plan
Continuum transfunctioner @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Contract lens
Conversation piece
Conversation starter @ This item helps your hero find a new friend.
Cookie jar @ Won by fishing. Activating with 0% Godpower can give you something random or nothing at all.
Cool side of the pillow
Cooties vaccine
Copy of HeroWorld magazine
Copy of the "what the" FAQ
Cordless extension cord
Cordless xylophone
Corn on the cobwebs
Corner cutter
Corner of the globe
Corporate stepladder
Corpse flower bouquet
Cosmo knot
Cottonmouth candy
Couch potato peeler
Could-have bean
Counterclockwise clock
Counterfeit Godville invite
Counterfeit love
Couple of midichlorians
Coupon for a free coupon
Courage requisition form
Covalent bond
Coy fish
Cracked magic mirror
Crackerjack prize B
Cradle of civilization B
"Crash Testing for Dummies" book
Crayon of an unknown color
Crazy train ticket B
Creative account
Creative license B
Creature comforter B
Crescent moon rock B
Crooked arrow
“Crop circle pattern” book
Cross-sword puzzle
Crow's feet
Crow's nest egg
Crumb of wisdom B
Crushed spirit
Cryogenically preserved phoenix B
Cryptic metaphor
Cryptic prophecy
Crystal ball bearing
Cubic ball
Cubist cigar
Cultural shock absorber
Cup of javascript
Cup of rage
Curious thing
Cursed scroll of blessings
Customer base
Customer disloyalty card
Cute angle
Cutthroat lozenge
Cyclops eye drops
Cyclops' eyepatch
Cyclops' monocle
Cyclops' spectacles


Name Type Notes
D.I.Y. lobotomy kit
D.I.Y. monster kit
Daily special B
Dalmation figurine (101 pcs)
Damaged pride repair kit
Damn good coffee H
Dark energy bar
Dark matter of fact
Dark side's cookie
Darwin award B
Dash of hope
Data griddle B
Data plan
Data rope
Dating agency questionnaire
Davy Jones' locker @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Daydream catcher B
Daylight saver
Daylight savings reward card
Daylight torch
De-carbonated soda
Deactivated frankincense monster U Won by defeating a Mad Scientist.
Dead beat
Dead brain cell
Dead brain slug
Dead door nail
Dead garden gnome
Dead giveaway
Dead man's chest
Dead parrot
Dead pet rock
Dead pixel
Dead weight
Deadline extender B
Deal breaker
Death box @ Death offering, zero GP to activate. Contains a selection of artifacts.
Death note
Death support machine
Death's chess set B
Debt ceiling fan
Debt to society
Decaf coffee table
Decaffeinated water
Decimal place holder
Deck of 52 praying cards
Deck of blood donor cards
Deck of carbs
Declaration of dependence
Declaration of impudence
Deconstructive feedback
Decoration of independence
Deductive seasoning
Deep fried salad
Deep space heater B
Definite article
Definite dupe
Defrag mint
Defragmentation grenade
Defoilating scrub
Degree of freedom
Degree of separation
Dehydrating lotion
Dehydrating moisturizer
Deleted footage
Deleted uranium
Delight bulb B
Demagnetized moral compass
Demotivational poster
Depleted geranium
Desanitizing lotion
Desert rose
Destruction manual
Deus ex machina @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Deus fax machina B
Developmental tissues B
Devil's avocado
Devil's handbasket
Dewaffling iron
Diamond in the rough B
Diamond in the rough draft
Diary of a feral hero
Diary of a madman
Diary of an abandoned hero
Diary page 404
Diary-entry generator B
Diddly squat
Dictionary of typos
Diet coal
Diet salt
Different angle
Diffraction grating
Digital abacus
Digital hourglass
Digital surfboard
Dimensional destabilizer @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Dirty deed
Dirty little secret
Dirty money B
Disassembling kit
Disbelief suspenders
Discharged doomsday device
Discharged lightning bolt
Discharged wand of wishing
Disciplinary action figure
Disclosed secret
Disconnect-the-dots book
Discredited card
Disembodied voice box
Disengagement ring B
Dish of well-done sashimi
Dish of well-done sushi
Disharmonica B
Dislike button
Dismembership card
Disposable soul patch
Disposable thumb
Disposable tombstone
Disturbing thought
Divine Spark @ This item restores some godpower
Divine whetstone
"Do Disturb" sign
Doc-in-a-box H
Dodged ball
Dolphin towel
"Don't be a noob" guide
Don't-do-it-yourself guide
Donation box @ Sail reward. 50% GP to get bold/activatable artifacts and some gold.
Doom-it-yourself manual
Dose of reality B
Dot net
Dotcom bubble
Double cross
Double dip
Double eyepatch
Double healix H
Double take
Double-barreled shot glass
Double-ended candle
Downward spiral
Dragonbreath mint B
Dragon Dungeon map
Dragon egg incubator B
Dragon wheel
Dragon's breathalyzer
Dramatic flare
Dream machine B
Dream sweetener B
Dream tosser B
Dried-out marker
“Drink. Pray. Fight.” sticker
Drinking horn
Drop of uncertainty
Dropped hint
Drug test cheat sheet
Dry-erase quill
Dry icicle
“Dry Paint” sign
Dual core apple
Dual screen stone tablet
Dub-stepping stone
Duct tape recorder
Dug chest @ Found by digging. Activating with 0% Godpower could give something valuable or some rubbish.
Dumb luck
Dummies' guide to guides
Dupe detector
“Dummy's Guide to Dummies” guide
Dungeon air freshener
Dungeon brew
Dungeon driver's license
Dungeon travel brochure
Dust collector
Dwarf star
Dyslexic lexicon
Déjà voodoo doll B
Déjà vuvuzela


Name Type Notes
Ear wig
Ear of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Earth wind and fire alarm
Earwax candle
Easter egg
Easter egg detector B
Easter eggplant
Easy button
Eau de napalm
Ebonite rod
Eclectic guitar
Edge of a sphere
Edge of reason
Edible pie chart
Eerie silence generator B
Ego alternator B
Ego trip planner
Elbow room generator
Elder's scroll
Electric compass
Electric hypewriter
Electric sundial
Electron horoscope
Elegant solution
Elemeno pea
Element of surprise
Eleventh diary entry
Elven ear sharpener
Email envelope
“Embalming for Mummies” book
Embarrassing baby picture
Embarrassing sound effect
Emergency bacon
Emergency donut
Emergency entrance sign
Emergency exit @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Emergency flirtation device
Emoji hieroglyph
Emoji translator B
Emotional destabilizer
Emotional randomizer
Emotional rollercoaster ticket
Emotional shock absorber B
Emotional support B
Empirical ruler
Empty bag of promises
Empty box of GECK
Empty can of whoop-ass
Empty cookie jar
Empty flask of immortality
Empty genie lamp
Empty inventory slot
Empty pocket
Empty save slot
Empty soulstone
Empty treasure chest
Emulator of a simulator
Encrypted file
Encyclopedia Godvillia B
Encyclopedia Heroica B
Encyclopedia Monsterica
End of a Möbius strip
End of a rope
End of the line
Endangered monsters list
Enigma machine B
Enlightening bolt @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Enthusiasm curber
Entropy inverter B
Epileptic tree's seed
Ergonomic torture device
Escape key
Escape route
Essence of awesomeness H
Essence of health H
Essence of nonsense
Essence of nothing
Essence of wealth B
Eternal hope spring B
Ethyl juice soda
Evening-before pill
Event horizon invitation
Everlasting goblinstopper
Everlasting gobstopper
"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About <CENSORED>" brochure
Eviction notice
Evidence plant
Evil laugh track
Evil rights amendment
Evolutionary scale
Evolving door
Exact approximator B
Excalibur's stone
Exclamation pint
Executable file
Exhibit B
Exhibitionist matches
Exorcise machine B
Exotic handbag @ Won by fishing. Activating with 0% Godpower can give you something random or nothing at all.
Exotic seashell B Sail Reward.
Expected twist
Expensive freebie
Expired artifact
Expired gift certificate
Expired invincibility potion
Expired marriage license
Explosive firework @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
Extendable antenna
Extinction cord
Extinction event planner
Extra chromosome B
Extra life H
Extra turn
Eye candy
Eye of potato
Eye of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Eye of the beholder B
Eye of the storm B
Eye opener
Eye pod


Name Type Notes
Fabergé egg timer
Fabergé omelette
Fabric hardener
Fabric of time
Face balm
Face palm oil
"Facts of Life" popup book
Fail safe
Fairy ale
Fairy's tail
Fake guild badge
Fake sunburn kit
Fallen hero's last will
Fallen star B
False alarm clock
False god particle
False hope
False sense of security
False testimony
Family jewel
Family tree seed
Family tree trimmer
Family values B
Fan Mail
Fanboy repellent
Fangirl repellent
Fantasy archetype
Fashion statement
Fatal exception
Faux paw
Feather weight
Fedora of the explorer
Fee radical
Female-to-male phrasebook
Ferrous wheel
Fez dispenser
Fibonacci sequencer
Fibonacci sequins
Fiddler's elbow
Fifth element B
Fight club rulebook
Fight data recorder
Fight-or-flight simulator
Figment of the imagination
Figure of speech
Figure "5" in gold
Filet o' satellite fish
Fillet of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Filthy trap
Final aid kit @
Final countdown clock B
Final written warning
Finder's fee
Fingerprint magnet
Finished connect-the-dots book
Finite loop
Fire in the hole
Firefox tail U Won by defeating a Firefox.
Fireproof bush
Fireworks set @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
First piece of the puzzle
First-in-line ticket
First-raid kit
Fish in a barrel
Fish-call B
Fission chip
Fission chips
Five-finger discount card
Five-second rulebook
Fixer elixir H
Flambouyancy aid
Flame-retardant charcoal
Flammable fire extinguisher
Flask of automa-tonic
Flask of dragon's tears
Flask of liquid vacuum
Flask of living water H
Flask of witch's brewski
Flat globe of Godville
Flattering picture
Flawed coping mechanism
Flea magnet
Flexible option
Flight data recorder
Flimsy excuse
Flip side
Fluffy wambler
Flux incapacitor @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
Flying carpet cleaner
Flying fish feather
Flying toaster
Foam rubber barbell
Foe pass
Fog of war machine B
Folder N666 U Won by defeating a Devil's Advocate.
Food colouring pencil
Food pyramid
Foolproof pan
Foolproof plan
Fool's goldfish
Forbidden fruit
Forbidden scroll of moderate blasphemy
Forged heat signature
Forged signature
Forgetful foam mattress
Forget-me-now flower
Forgotten memory
Fork in the road
Fortune-teller's kit
Fossil record player
Fountain plug
Fragrance grenade
Frame of reference
Framed cave painting
Frayed knot
"Free beer" ticket
Free cheese
Free fall accelerator B
'Free hug' coupon
Free lunch
Free sample
Free-of-charge battery
Free-range ant farm
Free-range vegetable
Frequent-fleeing club card
Fresh lemonaid H
Freudian slip
Friar alarm
Friendly fire
Friends filter B
Friend-zoning permit
“From Valhalla, with love” postcard
Frosted snowflake
Frozen can of antifreeze
Frozen fireball
Fruit loop
Fruit of ignorance
Fruit of knowledge
Fruit of labor
Full-size scale model
Full color blueprint
Fully automatic manual
Funeral home loyalty card
Fun-sized health potion H
Funky beets
Fur of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Futon torpedo
Future antique B
Fuzzy dice
Fuzzy logic B


Name Type Notes
Gagging order
Galactic acid
Galaxy in a jar B
Gas leek
Gastronomical unit B
Gear of war
Generic goodness in a bottle @ This item can completely restore the hero's health.
Generic holiday card
Generic loot
Generic object
Genetic make-up remover
Genetic marker B
Genome map
Gently weeping guitar
Genuine imitation
Get well later card
Get-into-jail-free card
Get-out-of-jail-free card
Ghost of a chance U Won by defeating a Poultry Geist.
Ghost pepper
Giant miniature
Gibberish translator
Gift horse mouthwash
Gift of fate @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise
Gilded fleece
Gilt complex
Glass eye
Glass hammer
Glass jaw
Glass of troubled water
Glimmer of hope
Globe of Discworld
Glow-in-the-dark matter
Glowing pumpkin @ Halloween 2019. Cost 0GP. Grant a collectible (Log for the ark/creature/...). Can also rarely grant another Glowing pumpkin.
Gnome's genome
Gnomish beard growth amplifier
“Go Away” doormat
Goat hanger
Goblet of ire
“God-Hero” dictionary B
God tags
Godville's 10 Commandments scroll
Godville Admin bobblehead B
“Godville for atheists” travel guide
"Godville or Bust!" sticker
Godville particle B
"Godville Times" newspaper
'Godville' embroidered towel
Godvoice jammer B
Gold brick mold
Gold coin counter B
Gold farmer's almanac
Gold fish B
Gold-plated fish
Golden egg timer
Golden brick B
Golden cinder block B
Golden eye B
Golden facepalm
Golden fiddle B
Golden LEGO brick
Golden parachute
Golden pumpkin @
Golden pumpkin pie
Golden snitch B
Golden ticket @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Golden trowel B
Golden whistle
Good excuse
Good point
Goose bumps
Goose egg
Gopher wood brick B
Gordian knot
Grain of salt
Granddaughter clock
Grandma's pie
Grandmother board
Grape of mild irritation
Grape of wrath
Graphics engine B
Graphite dispenser
Gravity-defying apple B
Gravy boat
Greased lightning
Greasy smile
Green fairy in a bottle B
Green noise generator
Green thumb
Gregorian colander
Grenade pin
Grenadine launcher
Griddle of the Sphinx
Grip on reality
Grounds for complaint
Guess list
Guesstimated data
Guide to Godville's nightlife
"Guide to Obscure References" book
Guide to solo hide-and-seek
Guide to the galaxy B
Guild graduation group photo
Guild recruitment pamphlet
Guilt trip ticket
Guilty conscience
Guitar shredder
Gullibility antidote
Gulp of freedom
Gum with a shoe on it
Gummi bear claw
Gummi bear trap
Gummi bearskin rug
Gutter ball


Name Type Notes
Habitual lyre
Hackneyed trope
Haiku point
Hair of the dog
Hair trigger
Half a clue
Half a pair of pants
Half a shebang
Half an hourglass
Half an ounce of compassion
Half empty bottle of optimism
Half of a hole
Half of a whole
Half of an unbreakable vow
Half-baked idea
Half-eaten apple
Half-eaten homework
Half-eaten magical bean
Half-eaten poisoned apple
Half-full glass
Hall pass
Hallowed coffee grounds
Hammer of realignment @ This item helps better align the hero
Hammer time machine
Hamster prayer wheel
Hand in a cookie jar
Hand insanitizer
Hand satanizer B
Handful of identical snowflakes
Handful of nuts
Handful of small change
Handle on things
Hangover cure pill
Hard truth
Hard-boiled eggnog
Hardware softener
Hare remover
Haz mat
Hazardous minerals map @ This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss
Head on a swivel
Head scratcher
Headless matches
Headphones of entanglement
Health bar H
Heartifact H
Heart of gold B
Heart of the matter B
Heart of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Heart string
Heart warmer H
Heat-resistant snowball
Heavy burden
Heavy-metal detector B
Hedge fund trimmer
Hefty argument
Hell pass B
Hell's bell
Hellfire-extinguisher B
Helping hand B
Heptahedral nut
"Hero of the Day" award B
Hero service survey
Hero's Guide to Edible Monsters
Hero-be-gone spray
“Heroes of Godville” calendar
HeroWorld magazine
Herring aid
Hex tape
Hexcavator @ This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss
Hidden agenda
Hidden depths gauge
Hidden folder
Hidden gem B
High definition dictionary B
Highlight reel
Hippocratic oats
History eraser B
History repeater B
Hive of activity B
Hog wash
Hog's wart
Holey pail
Holey water bottle
Holodeck of cards
Holograham crackers
Hologram of a temple
Holy cowbell
Holy crepe
Holy grill
Holy gruel
Holy powercell @ This item adds one accumulator charge when activated (requires no godpower; won from Holykeepers)
Holy smoke generator B
Holy water bill
Holy water with extra calcium H
Homicide note
Honey trap
Hoof of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Horn of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Horse armor pack
Horsefeather B
Horseshoe from a spherical horse
Hostile makeover kit
Hot gossip
Hot pocket
Hot seat B
Hot spot
Hourglass figure
House of cards
'How to be a Monster' guide
'How to Breed a Hero' manual
'How to Serve Heroes' cookbook
"How to Taunt Monsters" handbook
Hubble Kaleidoscope
Huggable cactus
'Human Gnome Project' folder
Human pyramid scheme
Hum drum
Humor analysis machine
Hungry tribble
Hurricane in a bottle @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Hyper-ventilation shaft
Hyperallergenic pillow
Hyperventi latte
Hypothetical loot
Hypocritical mass


Name Type Notes
"I am Hero's Name Here" badge B
‘I Love Godville’ T-shirt The non-bold version with single quotes can be collected as a trophy from any slain monster.
“I Love Godville” T-shirt B The bold version with double quotes is a reward for completing the mini-quest Go there, do that, get the t-shirt.
'I survived the Rapture' T-shirt
I.O.U. note
Iambic thermometer
Ice cream sculpture
Ice pack
Ice sculpture of a cube
Icebreaker @ This item helps your hero find a new friend.
ID-10T form
Ideabox rejection letter
Ideabox survival guide B
Idolized salt
Igpay Atinlay ictionaryday
Ill-tempered glass
Illegal-sized paper
Illogic puzzle
Illogical explanation
Illustrated philosophy textbook
Imaginary friend
Imaginary letter
Imaginary threat
Immobile phone
Immoral compass
Imperfect attendance award
Implosive detonator
Imported bookmark
Imposing figurine
Improbability drive @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Inaction figurine
Inanimate carbon rod
Inconvenient tooth
Incriminating evidence
Indifference engine B
Inexperience points
Indra's net
Inductive seasoning
Industry standard
Inferiority complex
Infinite loop
Inflatable anchor
Inflatable dartboard
Inflatable decoy hero
Inflatable dragon
Inflatable drinking companion
Inflatable ego
Inflatable minion
Inflatable paperweight
Inflatable voodoo doll
Inflated self-image
Infrared pen
Ink-proof paper
Inner child safety seat
Inner lightbulb B
Inner voice amplifier B
Inquisitor's starter kit
Insani tea
Insecurity camera
Inside joke
Inside-out disco ball
Insider tip
Instant beer tablet
Insufficient data
Insufficient fund
Intangible item
Intercontinental breakfast
Intergalactic postage stamp B
Interstellar postage stamp B
Intravenous flytrap
Invalid password generator
Inventory list
Invisible artifact
Invisible bottle of ink
Invisible ink eraser
Invisible warning sign
Invite to Godville @ Activating this item will increase the number of available invitations; won from Godville Administrators.
Iodine solution H
IP address book
IQ degenerator
IQ point
Iridium flare
Irony detector B
Irredeemable coupon
Irrelevant quest item
Irresistible charm B
Item randomizer
Ivory coaster


Name Type Notes
Jail bait
Jammed panic-button
Jar of aging cream
Jar of cloud residue
Jar of common cents
Jar of greased lightning
Jar of hope
Jar of ignoble gas
Jar of jumping jellybeans
Jar of leeches
Jar of pickled pixies
Jar of reputation tarnish
Jar of right-wing nuts
Jar of self-respect
Jar of sonic boom
Jar of space jam
Jar of third party cookies
Jar of traffic jam
Jar of wildlife preserves
Jar with free bees
Java scripture
Jaws of defeat
Je ne sais quoi
Jellyfish skull
Judgement Day calendar
Jumping jellybeans
Jungle bell
Jurassic parking meter


Name Type Notes
Ka-boombox @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Kamikaze survival guide
Karate chopstick
Karma maintenance handbook B
Karma suture
Kernel of corny wisdom
Kernel of truth B
Key to happiness B
Key to room 101
Key to success B
Key to the caps lock
Key to the executive washroom
Key to understanding
"Kick me" post-it note
Kill switch @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Kinetic energy bar H
King's bounty B
Kissing booth coupon
Kitchen sink
Kitchen synchrotron
Klein bottle
Knit-picking kit B


Name Type Notes
Lag spike
Lag spikes
Lamp of illumination
Larva lamp
Laser bean
Last drop of humanity
Last gnome address
Last laugh
Last laugh record
"Last meal" voucher
Last of the mojitos
Last place trophy
Last slice of pizza
Last straw
Last ten digits of pi
Last year's calendar
Late-warning system
Laughing matter
Laughing stock
Laughing stock cube
Laughingstock option
Lava lampshade
Lead balloon
Leaf from a money tree
Leaf of faith
Leaky cauldron
Leaky flange
Leaky pipe dream
“Learn LISP in 24 Centuries” book
Learner's permit
Learning curve
Least wanted poster
Left-handed guitar pick
Left-handed pencil
Left-handed screw
Left-handed screwdriver
Legal mumbo-jumbo
Legal nonsense
Legal tenderloin
Legally-smuggled goods
Legally blinding contract
Lemmings' guide to cliff diving
Lemon limestone
Less-than-stellar star chart
Letter to Santa Claus
Liability report
License to chill
License to drill @ This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss
License to kill
License to maim
License to own a license
Life in a nutshell
Light-activated shadow
Lightning bolt cutter B
Lightweight anvil
Likely story
Limited lifetime warranty
Limited thyme offer
Link of the food chain
Link to the past
Lion's share of meat
Liquid crystal ball B
Liquified crystal
List of 7 Unspeakable Words
List of buckets
List of endangered monster species
List of excuses
List of grievances
List of haggling tips
List of inventories
List of must-have artifacts
List of obligatory references
List of stupid ideas
List of symptoms
List of true lies
List of unproven facts
“Literacy for Dummies” book
"Little Alchemist" starter kit
"Little Hero" night-light
Little white lye
Liver replacement coupon
Llama lamp
Load of codswallop
Loading bar
Loaf of liquid bread
Lock of %hero%'s hair B Award from winning a skirmish/duel
Log of rhythm
Logarithmic abacus
Logic chain
Logic gate B
Logic warper
Long idea shortener B
Loop hole
Loophole punch
Loose cannon
Loose end
Loose screw
Loose tongue
Lorem Ipsum dictionary
Lost marble cake
Lost sole
Lost will and testament
Love handle
Love nest
Love potion #8
Love triangle
Love triangulator B
Lovely bunch of coconuts
Low-hanging loot B
Low profile
Lucky jackalope's foot U Won by defeating a Jackalope.
Lucky paw of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Lucky penny
Lucky seahorse shoe
Lucky starfish B
Lump of poetic wax
Lump of protoplasm
Lunacy calendar
Lunar cell
Lunar powered sundial
Lunar-powered battery
Lunch money
Lunchbox of Notre Dame
Lute bag
Lye detector


Name Type Notes
Machine gum
"Made in Godville" label
Magic 69 ball
Magic hate ball
Magical metal attractor
Magnified glass
Magnifying glass eye
Magnum opus B
Mail-order bribe
Major setback
Majority report
Male-to-female phrasebook
Malnutrition bar H
Malnutrition supplement
Mana lotion @ This item restores some godpower
Mandatory fun manual
Mandelbrot set
Mangy fur coat of a monster Potentially dropped by a Shedding monster
Many-splendored thing
Map of an ogre's erogenous zones
Map of Godville's sewers
Map of nowhere
Map of purgatory
Map of the other side
Map of uncharted territory
Map to Shangri-La
Market bubble
Matter horn
Maximum security prism
Mayan colander
Mazeltov cocktail
Medal of dishonor
Medical certificate of sanity
Medicine dropper of holy water H
Medieval jukebox
Medusa hairnet
Melted icicle
Meme catcher
Memeograph machine
Memoirs of a goldfish
Memory card
Mental block
Mental capacitor B
Mental floss
Mental note
Mental notepaper
Mental photograph
Mental picture
Meowing box
Merchant's tooth
Metaphor mixer B
Metaphorical cookie
Metric spork
Midas touchscreen
Midnight oil lamp
Midnight train ticket
Migratory coconut
Milestone directory
Milestone polisher
Milestones tally counter
Millennium flagon
Millstone necklace
Mime control device
Mime's invisible box
Minced words
Mind screw
Mind opener B
Mindless control device
Miniature siege tower B
Minimizing glass
Minor cord
Minor glitch
Minor miracle
Minor setback
Mint conditioner
Mint-condition mint
Mirror of self-reflection
Misantropical fruit
Misfire alarm
Misfortune cookie
Mislabeled potion
Misplaced confidence
Misplaced forget-me-not
Missing ingredient
Missing jigsaw piece
Missing link B
Missing puzzle piece
Mistaken identity card
Mithril putty
Mixed message
Mixed message decoder
Mnemonic device B
Mobile medic @
Mobile phone booth
Modesty award
Modicum of decorum
Modular nodule B
Moisturizing potion H
Moldy grail
Mole detector @ This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss
Mole-extracting shovel @ This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss
Molecular cell phone
Molehill-to-mountain converter
Money laundering basket
Money-laundering detergent
Money-tree sapling B
Monkey tennis racket
Monolingual translator
Monopole magnet
"Monster Crossing" road sign
“Monster Fancier” periodical
Monster magnet @ This item summons a boss-monster for the hero to fight.
Monster repellent @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Monster's diary
Monster's family photo
Monster's ink
Monster's union handbook
Monster-slaying license B
Monsters' ball invite
"Monsters' Rights Movement" pamphlet
Mood destabilizer
Moontan lotion
Moose trap
Moral bankruptcy notice
Moral fiber
Moral to a story
Morgue loyalty card
Morning-ever-after pill
Mosquito attractant spray
Mosquito luring whistle
Motion potion @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Motivational sneaker
Motley crucifix
“Motto of the Day” calendar
Muffler belt
Multicellular phone
Multiplication tablecloth
Multiversal remote B
Mural of a story
Murphy's lawbook
Mush-berry @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
Mushmallow @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
Musical note
Musical saw
Mustard cutter
Must-have gadget B
Mutafacient testudinate
Mysterious rash
Mystery box @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Mystery meat
Mystery meatball
Myth duster


Name Type Notes
Nano screw bolt
Nap sack
Narscissors B
Natural log
Navigational breadcrumbs
Negative feedback form
Negative feedbag
Negative zero
Nervous tick
Nest egg
Neutral ion
Never-drying glue
Never-ending short story
Never-ending storybook
New leaf
New perspective
Newfangled doohickey
Next big thing
Nice cup of tea H
Nicotine eye patch
Nightmare scenario
Nine pieces of eight
Nitty gritty
No-leaf clover
No-thank-you note
No-way ticket
Noble gas can
Noise-cancelling loudspeaker
Noise whitener
Non-absorbent napkin
Non-essential oil
Non-euclidean roadmap
Non-existential spoon
Non-metal detector B
Non-stick duct tape
Non-stop watch B
None-of-your-business card
Nonsense sensor B
Nonstopwatch B
Noob tube
Norse code book
Northern lights switch
Nose of the Sphinx
'Not to-do' list
Note to self
“Nothing to Declare” form
Nothing-to-do list
Novel tea
Nuclear energy drink H
Nuclear fuchsia plant B
Nuclear wastebasket
Nugget of freeze-dried steam
Nugget of wisdom
Nukulele B
Null string
Nut on a string


Name Type Notes
Object of affection
Object of ridicule
Obscene rune
Obscure cultural reference
Obstructions booklet
Occam's safety razor
Occasional motion machine
Occluded front
Ocean in a bottle
Octarine lantern
Octopus ink pen
Official-looking document
Offshore piggy bank
Oil of “olé!”
Old diary
Old piece of equipment B
Old wife's tail
One nightstand
One of life's lemons
One standard deviation
One way zipper
One-ended rope
One-eyed skull
One-leaf clover
One-letter anagram
One-of-a-kind item B
One-sided story
One-ton wonton
One-way mirror
One-way street map
One-way yo-yo
Oodles of noodles
Open and shut case
Open can of worms
Open letter
Opened can of worms
Operating model of a black hole B
Opinion pole
Opposable thumb drive
Optical illusion mouse
Optional attachment
Optional illusion
Orange box @ There could be something valuable inside or some rubbish
Orcish-elvish pocket dictionary
Ore from the data mine
Oreo borealis
Oreo without filling
Organ loaner card
Organ trail map
Organic six-pack
Origami folding chair
Origami paperweight
Origami rock
Original cliché
Original forgery
Orion's belt buckle
Other cheek
Other side of a medal
Ouija board
Ouija board caller id
Ounce of courage
Ounce of credibility
Ounce of decency
Ounce of regret
Outlandish data bank @ Sail reward. Grants some golds and artifacts.
Outlandish gold-oyster @ Sail reward. Grants some golds and artifacts.
Outlandish hexbox @ Sail reward. Grants some golds and artifacts.
Out-of-breath mints
Out of office reply
Out-of-pocket expense
Out-of-the-blue print
Out-of-time machine B
Overclocked watch
Overflowing cup of resentment
Overflowing ideabox
Overseas clipboard @ Sail reward. Gives some gold and artifacts.
Overseas space waster @ Sail reward. Gives some gold and artifacts.
Overseas thingamajig @ Sail reward. Gives some gold and artifacts.
Overused meme
Oyster egg
Ozone layer cake


Name Type Notes
Pack of chewing bark
Pack of chewing gum
Pack of everlasting gobstoppers
Pack of fireproof cigarettes
Pack of instant doodles
Pack of leaky batteries
Pack of lightsaber batteries
Pack of long odds
Pack of non-sticky notes
Pack of unicorn meatballs
Pack of "Are We There Yet?" stickers
Package of instant karma
Packed punch
Packet of instant poodles
Packet of memory wipes
Packet of owl pellets
Packet of splinters
Pad of 365 tearable puns
Pagan bible
Pain enhancer
Paint fattener
Painting of gods playing poker
Pair of concrete swimming trunks
Pair of left-handed scissors
Pair of mermaid socks
Pair of Pandora's boxers U Won by defeating a Pandora's Boxer.
Pair of spherical dice
Pair of wet pants
Palindrome reverser
Pan of uni-cornbread
Pandora's box @ Affects hero in a random way
Pane in the glass
Pantheon strategy guide
Panic button
Panic boutonniere
Paper airplane engine
Paper plane
Paper trail
Paper trowel
Paradigm shifter B
Parallel cross
Parallel universe navigator B
Parallel world map B
Parched paper
Parental lock
Parkouring ticket
Part of the plan
Part time clock
Participation ribbon
Particle avoider
Parting shot glass
Passenger cannonball
Passionless fruit
Password hint
Pastry of misunderstanding
Patty's cake
Paw printer
Pearl of wisdom B
Pebble without a cause
Peck of pixelated peppers
Pecking order form
Peer pressure gauge
Peer pressure valve
Peer pressurizer
Pelican opener
Penalty card
Penalty shot glass
Periodic table cloth
Periodic table of elementals
Periodic tableu
Permanent marker eraser
Permitted fruit
Perpetual emotion machine B
Perpetual motion sickness pill
Perpetual stillness machine
Personal disorganizer
Personal lightning rod
Personal milestone
Personal space extender
Personal spacebar
Personal theme tune generator
Personality test kit
Pet brush
"Pet Care for Heroes" book
Pet peeve
Pet rock
Petty cache
Phantom's limb
Philosopher's scone
Philosopher's stone @ This item can transform one or several bold items in the hero's inventory into gold bricks
Phishing license
Phishing lure
Phoenix ashes
Phoenix feather duster
Photo of a basilisk
Photo of a black square
Photo of a mirage
Photo of a monochromatic rainbow
Photo of an invisible man
Pi-sided die
Pick of destiny B
Pick up line
Picked pocket
Picture of a picture
Picture of a thousand words B
Picture of Moaning Lisa
Picture of ten thousand words B
Pièce de résistance
Piece of advice
Piece of bacterial soap
Piece of bubble wrap
Piece of contraband
Piece of crab
Piece of destruction paper @ This item either kills the monster your hero is fighting or turns 3000 coins into a golden brick.
Piece of duct tape
Piece of emotional baggage
Piece of enriched dirt
Piece of falling sky
Piece of flair
Piece of grey matter
Piece of illiterature
Piece of kryptonite
Piece of mind
Piece of old equipment B Sometimes found after fishing, and always found when buying new equipment from a trader.
Piece of Pi
Piece of ship
Piece of the Y-axis
Piece of theoretical string
Piece of unchewable gum
Piece of uncooked toast
Piece of vendor trash
Pig-tail sock
Pilates license
Pile of game solutions
Pile of stardust
Pillar of society
Pillow pet B
Pillow of eternal sleep B
Pinch of bloodbath salt
Pineapple bomb
Pint of no return
Pip-Boy without batteries
Pipe dream cleaner B
Pirate coffer @ Sail reward. 50%GP for artifacts and coins.
Pirate's pegleg
Pitcher o' health H
Pixel dust
Pixie dust snuff
Pixie rust
'Pixies Gone Wild' flipbook
Placebo pill
Placebo's antidote
Plan Z
Planck scale
Plate of curried favor
Plastic sturgeon
“Playgod” magazine
Plot device
Plot thickener
Plot twist straightener
Plot twister
Plug and play liver transplant
Pocket Hero
Pocket smelter
Pocket universe B
Pocketful of posies
Pocketful of rye
Pocketful of sunshine
Poetic justice B
Poetic license
Poetic license plate
Point blanket
Pointing finger
Pointless fork
Pointless pencil
Pointy WIZZARD hat B
Poisoned antidote
Poly-cotton candy
Polymorphine tablets
Pop culture reference T-shirt
Pop-culture reference
Popped balloon
Pork screw
Portable battery drainer
Portable beer cooler
Portable death star B
Portable drawbridge B
Portable ego inflation pump
Portable milestone
Portable photon generator B
Portable quest generator @ This item sends the hero on a mini-quest when activated
Portable stairway to heaven B
Portable table of contents
Portable tunnel @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Portable wind tunnel
Portable wormhole @ This item can teleport the hero into a random town
Portrait of a landscape
Positive note
“Post Mortem Communication for Dummies” book
Post-humourous award
Postcard from Atlantis
Postdated death certificate
Pot of petunias
Pot of strange brew
Pot of sufferin' succotash
Pot of thumb-war paint
Potato-powered lightbulb
Potential energy bar H
Potential energy drink H
Potion of alertness
Potion of temporary youth H
Potion of total uselessness
Potion of vincibility
Potion of visibility
Pouch of eterna tea
Pouch of magic kidney stones
Pouch of static
Pound of torque
Powder of attorney
Powder of love
Prayer receipt
'Praying for Dummies' handbook
Praypal account
Praystation @ This item adds one accumulator charge when activated
Pre-dried glue stick
Pre-drilled holes
Pre-emptive stroke
Pre-Godville relic B
Pre-historic history book B
Pre-paid indulgence card B
Pre-sealed envelopes
Preapocalyptic guide
Precautionary measure
Precautionary measuring jug
Preemptive strike
Premarital hex
Premature obituary
Pretty buoy
Priceless gift B Won by defeating a Satan Claus (Christmas artifact).
Priceless tag B
Prints of Persia
Prior engagement ring
Priority straightener
Pristine conditioner
Private eye
"Probability in Games for Dummies" book B
Problem solvent B
Productivity killer
Progress bar
Proof of a wanted monster's death
Promised landmine
Prophet margin B
"Prophets Gone Wild" calendar
Prosthetic brain
Prosthetic table leg
Prototypewriter B
Psalm lotion
Psionic tonic B
Psychotic brake
Psychotic episode
Public display of affection
Public eye
Public key
Public sphere
Puddle jumper cables
Pulp-free fiction
Pun deconstructor
Punch line
Punk rocket
Punlimited edition joke
Pure mixture
Purified dust particles
Puzzle solvent
Pyramid schematic
Pyrite treasure
Pythagorean serum H


Name Type Notes
Quadruple-sided sticky tape
Quality controller
Quantum abacus
Quantum adhesive
Quantum heap
Quantum mechanism
Quantum singularity
Quantum wrench B
Quart of law
Question marker
Quest completion certificate B
Quest positioning system B
Quest randomizer @ This item sends the hero on a mini-quest when activated
Quest-a-day calendar
Question marker
"Quests for Dummies" book
Queue Tip
Quicksand castle
Quicksand paper
Quivering arrow


Name Type Notes
Rabbit hole
Radio-controlled radio
Raft of measures
Rainbow feather
Rainbow suspenders
Random key
Random labyrinth map
Random lumber generator
Random motto generator
Random mushroom @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
Random number generator B
Rant proposal
Rare find B
Rarely asked questions leaflet
Raven claw
Reaction figure
Real imaginary number
Real piece of work B
Reality check B
Really long meter B
Really priceless gift B Won by defeating a Secret Satan (Christmas artifact).
Really quick sand
Reason to live
Realtime machine
Rebirth certificate
Recipe for disaster
Recipe for failure
Recipe for success B
Recovery disk H
Recursive matryoshka doll
Recycled bin
Recycled idea
Red hat
Red herring
Red hot poker chip
Red key card
Red pill of happiness
Red ring of death
Red stapler
Refilled sandbag @ There could be something valuable inside or some rubbish
Refresh button
Refried jellybeans
Refurbished artifact
Regifted present
Regifted thank-you note
Region lock
Registry entry
Rehashed brown
Rehashed browns
Reheated revenge
Relationship material
Relief pitcher
Remorse code
Rendezvous point
Repressed memory
Repressed memory card
Repressed memory foam
Reputation bleach
Residual excess
Respawn timer
Rest of the story
Résumé polish B
Resurrection permit B
Resurrection scone
Rhetorical question mark
Rhetorical questionnaire
Rhubarbed wire
Rhyme bomb
Rhyme capsule
Rib of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Riddle-wrapped enigma
Risk calculator B
Rite of way
Road winder
Roadmap to glory B
Roast beast sandwich
Roasted snowball
🦃Roasted turkey @ Completely restores the hero's health. Doesn't require GP. (Thanksgiving artifact)
Rock bottom
Rock-paper-scissors guide
Rock-shaped stone
Roll of disappoint-mints
Roll of political correction tape
Roll of taped ducks
Roll of unmasking tape
Roll of unwrapping paper
Roll of waterproof tissue paper
Roller toaster
Rolling stone
Roman candlestick
Roman numeral translator
Root of all evil B
Root of all goodness B
Root of the problem
Rosetta scone
Rosetta stone B
Rough guide to sandpaper
Rubber chicken
Rubber chicken nugget
Rubber duck
Rubber stamp
Rubik's hypercube
Ruffled feathers
Ruined rune
Rules of the Internet
Russian roulette
Rusty nailpolish
Rusty toothbrush


Name Type Notes
Sack of golden fleas
Sack of lies
"Sacrifice for Dummies" book
Sacrificial ham
Sacrificial lamp @ This item adds one accumulator charge when activated
"Safety Rules for Superheroes" book
Salient point
Salmon of doubt
Salt of the earth
Salt spray
Sand from an hourglass
Sandless hourglass
Sands of time B
Sanity clause
Sanityme B
Santa Claws bag @
Sarcasm intensifier B
Sauce of all evil
“Save the moles” bumper sticker
Saved game
Saw tooth
Sawed-off shot glass
Scale model of a scale
Scale of justice B
Scared relic
Scarlet letter
Scented breakup letter
Scheme of b-quark decay
Schnozberry pie
Schrödinger's cat box
Scratch and sniff lotto ticket
Scratch-proof lottery ticket
Screwdriving license
Scroll of false identity
Scroll of Godville's anthem
Scroll of oxymoron resistance
Scroll of the king's speeches
Sculpture of a rock
Seal of approval
Seal of disapproval
Search engine
Search-and-destroy engine
Second sock
Second splitter B
Second windbag
Second-aid kit H
Second-hand casket
Second-to-last straw
Secondhand second hand
Secret handshake instructions
Secret identity card
Secret ingredient
’Secret lair is here’ sign
Secret milkshake
Security blanket
Seed of change
Seed of dissent
Seed of doubt
Self-absorbed sponge
Self-absorbing towel
Self-deflating tire
Self-destructing cookie
Self-licking stamp
Self-patching kit H
Self-tangling cable
Self-updating diary
Sense of purpose
Sensor of humor
Sequential number generator
Serious truffle @ This item gives a new aura to the hero (does not require godpower) (Autumn mushroom)
Set of Godville action figures
Set of kitchen throwing knives
Set of loose screws
Set of mitigating circumstances
Set of pre-drilled holes
Set of unused desktop shortcuts
Settled score
Seven deadly pins
Seven-league shoe
Severed headline
Severed tie
Shadow of a doubt
Shadow puppet
Shameless plug
Shape of things B
Sharp wit
Shavings account
Sheet of ink-proof paper
Sheet of personal information
Sheet of rain
Shiny bauble
Shiny metal acorn
Shiny metal X
Shiny trinket
Shipwreck in a bottle
Shivering timber
Shoehorn of plenty
Shoestring budget
Shopped photo
Shopped picture
Short end of a stick
Short end of a wishbone
Short fuse
Short shrift
Short straw
Short-circuit board
Shortcut lengthener
Shortest suicide note
Shoulder blade sharpener
Shred of dignity
Shreds of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can't use this part.
Shrinking violet
Shrunken head
Sick note
Side job bonus @ Side job reward. Grants some golds and artifacts.
Sidekick stand
Sign of peace
Sign of the times
Signature dish
Silent alarm
Silent bob
'Silly String Theory' book
Silver bullet
Silver coin stamped with “In Godville We Trust”
Silver lining
Silver tongue
Simulation emulator
Single malt scotch-tape
Single-sided coin
Siren's sheet music
Six-fingered glove
Skeleton key B
Sketchy book
Slice of American pie
Slice of good fortune B
Slice of heaven
Slice of humble pie
Slice of jurassic pork
Slice of leftover pizza
Slice of life
Slide ruler
Slip of the tongue
Slippery slope
Slow burner
Slow motion sensor
Small hadron collider @ This item gives a new aura to the hero.
Smart cookie
Smelting pot @ This item can transform one or several bold items in the hero's inventory into golden bricks
Smoke ring
Smoke signal booster
Smoked salmonella
Smoking barrel
Smoking gum
Smoking pun
Snail lacquer
Snappy comeback
Snappy comeback generator B
Snark tooth
Snooze button
Snowglobe of Godville
Snuff of legend
Soap box
Soap on a rope
Soap opera ticket
Sobering thought
Social ladder
Social network adapter @ This item helps your hero find a new friend.
Sock of ages
Soft center
Soft rock
Solar ellipse
Solar-powered candle
Solar-powered darkness absorber B
Solar-powered pencil
Solid mold ingot
Someone else's drift
Something to talk about
Sorcerer's cup
Sorcerer's pebble
Soul train ticket
Sound of silence
Soup basket
Soup knife
Space oddity
Space stationery
Space-timestamp B
Space-time continuum glue B
Space-time fabric conditioner B
Spacely sprocket
Space waster
Spare change
Spare liver
Spare time
Spark of genius
Special snowflake
Speech bubble
Speeding ticket
Spell binder
Spinal enhancement pill
Spineless book
Spirit guidepost B
<spoiler alert>
Split hair
Spoils of peace
Spot of bother
Spot of bother remover
Spread sheet
Sprig of unlucky heather
Spy manual
Squeaky floorboard
SQL injection syringe
Square foot
Square router
Square-shaped orb
St. Elmo's fire extinguisher
Stainless wood
Stale pizza
Standard of idiocy
Standard of justice
Statue of limitations
Status cymbal
Steam valve
Steam-powered dehumidifier
Stepless ladder
Stepping stone
Stereolith B
Stereotypewriter B
Stick figurine
Stick in the mud
Stick of tulip balm
Stick-on peephole
Stiff sentence
Stiff upper lip gloss
Stimulus package
Stone brick B
Stone hinge
Stone-shaped rock
Stopwatch hourglass
Straight corkscrew
Straight tetris piece
Straightened boomerang
Strange brew
Strategy guide of life B
Street credit
Stress ball
Stress booster
Stretched truth
String of garlic
Strip of bacon
Strongly-worded letter
Stubborn stain
Stuff of legend B
Stuff that nobody wants
Stuffed animal cracker
Subatomic bomb
Subatomic cuticle
Subject-verb agreement
Subliminal message
Submarinara sauce
Submersible hovercraft
Subplot thickener @ This item sends the hero on a mini-quest when activated
Subpoena colada
Sugar bowl
Sugar-free salt
Suggestively-shaped object
Suggestively-shaped turnip
Sun spot remover
Sun-protection monocle
Sunburn lotion
Sunny disposition
Suntan potion
Super bowl B
Super mango B
Superficial intelligence
Supersonic screwdriver B
Surface tensioner
Surreal-to-real tape deck
Survival guide
"Surviving in the Wastelands for Dummies" book
Suspect package [N 1]
Suspicious attachment
Suspicious package [N 1]
Suspiciously green lemon
Swan's song lyrics
Swatch of spacetime fabric
Sweet tooth
Swindler's list
Swiss Army spoon
Swiss-army cheese
Sword docking station
Sword enlargement pill
Sword in a scone
Synonym bun


Name Type Notes
Table of elementals
Tablet of random numbers
Tail of the %monster% M body part award for beating a boss-monster. Gods with a lab can use this part.
Tan line
Tan lines
Tandem unicycle
Tank of healium H
Tar and feathers
Tarnished record
Tarot card booster pack
Tattered lamb puppet
Tattle tail
Tears of a clown
Tech support shaman's skull
Tectonic paper plate
Tectonic plate
Teddy bear pelt
Teddy bear's picnic basket
Teen spirit
Telegraphic novel
Telemiscommunication device
Teleportrait B
Tell-tale heart
Telltale sign
"Temple & Garden" magazine
Temple extension planning permit
Temple insurance plan
Temple welcome mat
Temporary blip
Tempting red button
Tentacle demon egg
Terms conditioner
Tesla coil B
Text tile
Textbook on material strength
Texture map
Thanks-for-nothing card
"The Top 100 Things I'd Do if I Ever Became an Evil Overlord" booklet
Thigh bone
Thin blue lime
Thingamajig U Won by defeating a Whatchamacallit.
“Things to Forget” list
Think tankard
Third ear
Third eye
Third eyedrops
Third wheel
Third-time charm B
Thorn in the side
Thought bubble
Thought counter B
Thought inhibitor
Thought pattern
Three-headed coin
Three-sided sandwich
Three-volume orcish epic
Thyme bomb
Tiberium log
Ticket for 'Godville the Musical' B
Ticket for 'Heroes on Ice'
Ticket to a grinding fest
Ticket to a ticket exhibition
Ticket to an early grave
Ticket to memory lane B
Ticket to paradise B
Ticket to the eternal void
Ticket to the gun show
Ticking photobomb
Tickled fancy
Time amplification device B
Time frame
Time loop
Tin of armor polish
Tin of chewing tar
Tin of hoof polish
Tinsel pack @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
Tiny insignificant detail
Tip of an iceberg
Tip of an iceberg lettuce
Titanic ice cube
To-forget list
Toad's stool
Toast in the machine
Toe curler
Toilet papyrus
Token of affectation
Token of affection
Token of affliction
Token of appreciation
Token of friendship @ This item helps your hero find a new friend.
Token of gratitude
Token of humility
Token ring
Tomorrow's newspaper
Ton of fun
Toolbox of the trade
Tooth of a fairy
Tooth of a gift horse
Toothless saw
Toothpick dispenser
Top notch
Torrent seed U Won by defeating a Torrent Leech.
Totem pole
Totem poll
Touchy subject
Tough cookie
Tough love notepaper
Tough luck softener B
Tough nut
Tourist trap
Toxic antidote
Toy train of thoughtlessness
TPS report
Trade license
Trade mark
Traffic decongestant
Traffic sigil
Tragic carpet
Trailer park tornado magnet
Train-of-thought schedule
Tranquilized garden gnome
Tranquilizer dartboard
Transmogrifier @ This item can transform one or several bold items in the hero's inventory into golden bricks
Transparent dye
Transparent highlighter pen
Transparent mirror
Trash expander
Trash talk bin
Treasure chest expander B
Treble clef
Trendy cyclops sunglasses
Triangular root
Tribble repellent
Tricycle kickstand
Trigger-happy meal
Triple cross
Triple-dog dare
Trojan horseshoe
Troll bait
Troll bridge easy pass
Troll mix
Trolling stone
Trophy generator B
Tropical snowglobe
Trouble magnet @ This item summons a boss-monster for the hero to fight.
Troubled clef
Troubleshooting star B
Trump card
Trust tissue B
Truth embellisher B
Truth or dare serum B
Try again letter
"Try This At Home" guidebook
Tube of copy and paste
Tube of copy-paste
Tube of plague-fighting toothpaste
Tube of truthpaste
Tumtum tree seed
Tutorial walkthrough
Tuning knife
Twenty-sided dice
Twisted pretzel
Two tickets to paradise B
Two-eyed paper clip
Two-faced lyre
Two-handed screwdriver
Two-legged stool
Two-pound dumbbell
Two-way shaving mirror


Name Type Notes
U-shaped tube
Ultra-violent scanner
Ultraviolent lamp
Un-leaded pencil
Unbendable spoon
Unbirthday cake
Unbreakable egg
Unbreakable emergency glass
Unclaimed lottery ticket
Unclaimed luggage
Unclear reactor
Uncrossed pretzel
Under-the-counter medicine H
Unflavored popsicle
Unflippable switch
Unfluffed pillow
Unfolded origami figure
Unfolded paper airplane
Unhappy meal
Unholy grail
Unicoin B
Unicorn flakes
Unicornucopia B
Unicycle built for two
Unicycle handlebar
Uninvited guestbook
Union jack-o'-lantern
Universal accent translator
Universal decoder ring
Universal discharger B
Universal serial bus pass B
Universe-shaped donut
Unix shell
Unknown extension
Unlife support system B
Unlimited breadstick B
Unlined graph paper
Unloaded dice
Unlootable item B
Unlucky charm
Unlucky rabbit's foot
Unmarked bill
Unpaid bar tab
Unpaired sock
Unpleasant memory
Unrepeatable mantra
Unresponsive script
Unsigned death warrant
Unsigned petition
Unsupported feature
Unsustainable model
Untied knot
Untitled document
Untruth serum
Untuned harmonica
Unturned stone
Unused icon
Unused potential
Unused variable
Unwanted poster
“Unwelcome” doormat
Upper lip stiffener
Upside-down circle
Urban dictionary
Urge suppressor B
Urn with phoenix ashes B
Used artifact
Used mad libs
Used multipass
Useful junk
Useless artifact


Name Type Notes
Vacant genie's lamp
Vacuum tube sock
Vampire suntan lotion
Vampire's dentures
Vampire's mirror
Vanishing pint
Vanishing point
Varmint julep
Vegetarian meatball
Veneer of respectability
Venetian blind spot
Venn diaphragm
"Ventriloquism for Dummies" book
Venus mousetrap
Verbal agreement form
Vial of bad blood
Vial of breadcrumbs
Vial of bullseye drops
Vial of burning desire
Vial of chocolate rain
Vial of common sense
Vial of cursed holy water
Vial of god-liver oil
Vial of holiday spirit @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)
Vial of liquid ROFL
Vial of pure conjecture
Vial of side effects
Vial of turnip blood
Vial of unjustified optimism B
Vial of vitamin C++ H
Vial of vitamin X
Vicious circle [N 1]
Vicious cycle [N 1]
Victory sweetener B
Village idiom
Viral meme vaccine
Virtual loot
Viscious circle [N 1]
Voice of treason
Voicebox U Won by defeating a Silent Knight.
Volcanic ashtray
Volcanic rash
Volcano insurance policy
Voodoo action figure B
Vow of science
Vuvuzela song book


Name Type Notes
Wabbit hunting license
Wake-up call
Walking schtick
Wall nut
Wallflower fertiliser
Wallflower fertilizer
Wardrobe malfunction
Warrior seasoning
Waste of space
Waste of time capsule
Wasted talent
Water damaged umbrella
Water gun silencer
Water soluble fish B
Waterproof soap
Waterproof sponge
Waterproof teabag
Wave of emotion
Weak link
"Weapons R Us" gift card
Weathered mane B Potentially dropped by a Shedding monster.
Web browser
Welcome drink
Welding ring
Well-cooked book
Well-oiled cog
Wet blanket
Wet paper bag
Wet paper towel dispenser
'What Loot Bag?' magazine
Wheel of korma
Wheel of misfortune
Wheeled hoverboard
Whine decanter B
Whipper snapper
Whiskey in the jar
White flag
White hole
Whole lot of nothing
Whole shebang
Wicked smile
Wide berth
Wiki basket
"Will code HTML for food" tablet
Willpower generator B
Wind rose
Wind-powered fan
Wind-up sundial
Window of opportunity
Window shopping catalog
Window to the soul B
Winning formula B
Winter fur coat from a monster B Potentially dropped by a Shedding monster.
Wireless cord
Wireless cutters
Wirt's other leg U Won by defeating a Zombo-Wirt.
Wish for good luck
"Wish you were beer" postcard
Wishing well coin
Wisdom toothpick
Wit sharpener B
Wok of shame
Wonderbox @ This item can affect the hero or heroine in a good or bad way.
Wooden brick
Word on the street
Word salad
Wordsmith's hammer
Work-life balance
World's tiniest violin
Worn-out frog skin
Worship-o-meter @ This item replenishes your godpower, minimum 50% GP maximum 50%
Worst-aid kit
Worst case scenario
Worst set of circumstances
Wreath of Khan
Wristlet sundial
Writer's block
Writer's cramp
Written voicemail
Wrong angled triangle


Name Type Notes
X marking the spot
X-ray depthometer B
Xmas stocking @ This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (Christmas artifact)


Name Type Notes
Yellow snowball
'Yes We' can
Yesterday's forecast
Yesterday's horoscope
Yesterday's newspaper
'You are not here' dot
“Your deity loves you!” poster [N 1]
“Your god loves you!” poster [N 1]


Name Type Notes
Z chromosome
Zen diagram
Zen energy pouch @ This item can completely restore the hero's health.
Zero dimensional point
Zero-gravity paperweight
Zero-ohm resistor
Zipped lip
Zombie apocalypse poster
Zombie survival kit B
ZPG controller


Name Type Notes
<*((((>< B

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