Limestone Labyrinth

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Geography of Godville
Limestone Labyrinth
Deity's view of the Labyrinth.
Description Unknown

Hundreds of years ago, a massive earthquake hit Los Demonos. Since the place is underground, it didn't cause much damage. In the surface, the landscape told a different story. The Limestone Meadow was hit by the shock wave and split with cracks going in all directions. Thus, the Limestone Labyrinth was created.

The soft material became a maze that is almost impossible to navigate through. The ground is currently 200 feet deep, 20 feet wide and the maze takes up 3 acres of land. The canyons are so big, that they are seen as veins on the land if seen from space. Going through this maze is never necessary, but there are reports of hidden treasures in there.

The entrance to this maze is a giant crater-like hole that was made by the earthquake. The ground was too soft and collapsed, but the upside is that this soil is some of the softest in the land.

Hidden Dragons are known to reside in the emptiest corners of the Labyrinth.

The maze contains six exits so far. One leads to Los Demonos, another to the bridge where San Satanos is located, and two of them lead to the Hypergiant Delta. Others exits take the person to the surface.

Territories and Landmarks
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