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Rare picture of a lab boss-monster about to awaken.

The lab is where the hero stores boss-monster parts, designs a new boss-monster, and awakens the assembled boss-monster. It appears after a champion manages to gather one thousand pairs.

Gathering Parts

Assembling a boss-monster requires 100 additional pairs (past the 1,000 initial pairs) and one each of the following 10 parts:

  • Fur
  • Horns
  • Ear
  • Eye
  • Heart
  • Rib
  • Fillet
  • Lucky paw
  • Hoof
  • Tail

Parts can be either looted from defeated boss-monsters or obtained as a reward at the end of fishing.

There's also a boss-monster part called a Shred (e.g. Shred of the Tombcat) that doesn't qualify as an eligible part for the lab and thus can only be sold. Shreds are only obtained from explosive boss-monsters that have been detonated, although defeating them fast enough to prevent the detonation can result in one of the 10 eligible parts.

There are three different levels for each part - tied to what boss-monster carried it and where it was found:

  • Lvl 1: 1-ability dungeon boss, above-ground boss, summoned Mini-bosses (regardless of the summoner)
  • Lvl 2: 2-ability dungeon boss, underground boss (?)
  • Lvl 3: 3-ability dungeon boss only

These levels determine the amount of power the lab boss will get — refer to Estimated Power section below.

The lab can only store one of each part at a time. A hero with monster parts in their inventory will automatically send them to the lab upon their next arrival at a town if the lab has an empty slot for that kind of part. More than one part can be sent per arrival up to at least 3, but possibly more.

!Heroine's Diary
Sent a parcel with the fillet of the Oxydjinn and hoof of the Oxydjinn to the lab.

If the hero has more than one of the same kind of part, e.g., tails from 2 different monsters, the higher quality part will be sent to the lab, and the lesser duplicate will remain in the hero's inventory to be sold as loot. Higher level parts are also worth more gold. Fortunately, boss parts cannot be sold to a roadside trader, ensuring that your hero will not sell them before arriving at a town.

Once a part is already in the lab, the god can discard it to make room for a new part using 50% godpower. Since any parts not sent to the lab on arrival will be sold, it is important to clear room in the lab for a part before the hero reaches a town if you want to use it.

Note that if you dropped to a dungeon while in a town, returning to the surface in that town does not constitute an arrival so in that case the hero may sell the part. Activating a teleport artifact also does not constitute entering a town and a desired part may be sold. In this case initiating a sail or arena fight will trigger a transfer to Godville and makes that the parts are saved. With the July 08th 2020 update [1], champions will check the lab more often, in particular after teleporting to town or praying.

Once a hero gathers a full set of parts, the lab will display the potential assembled boss-monster’s name and power level, along with a countdown to the day the boss will "auto-assemble", or awaken on its own. The god can also choose to awaken that boss-monster early using 50% godpower.

If the boss-monster is awoken it is possible to discard the parts and start to collect a new set of parts. To awake this new boss 200 additional pairs need to be collected.

!Hero's Diary
It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!

After assembly, the hero can call upon the lab boss and be added as an ally during a boss fight (prefixed and suffixed with '+', e.g. +Shamaniac+). Whether the fight ends with the lab boss alive or defeated, there is a 24-hour cooldown before it can be summoned again. The hero will also start right away on writing the Book of Creation.

Naming Convention

The mechanism for naming the awakened boss-monster is still being researched. More data is needed before conclusions can be drawn with certainty. However preliminary investigation has been consistent with the following rules:

  • The boss will take the name of one of the parts available in the lab. This does not need to be the lowest level part available!
  • If there are multiple parts sharing lowest level available, the boss will take the name of the monster whose parts are repeated most often.
  • If there is only one part from each of the parts of the lowest level, the boss will take the name of the monster whose part appears first alphabetically.

No data is available for cases where there is a tie between two or more monster names of the lowest available level when 2 or more parts are present from each.

Estimated Power

As with everything in (artificial) life, the better the ingredients, the better the result. The quality of a part is determined by the strength of the boss-monster. Parts from dungeon bosses have a level equal to the number of abilities that boss had, so a part from a dungeon boss with 2 abilities will be level 2. Level 3 parts are only available from boss-monsters that guard dungeon treasure. Dungeon bosses have been known to drop more than one part. A boss-monster uncovered by digging, even if it has three abilities, will only yield a level 2 part at best. Having more parts from the same defeated boss-monster will also increase the created boss’ power.

The estimated power of the boss-monster is calculated as follows:

  • The power range of a boss-monster is between 50% and 300%, regardless of prior calculations.
  • Each level 3 (lvl 3) part adds 21% power.
  • Each level 2 (lvl 2) part adds 11% power.
  • Each level 1 (lvl 1) part adds 1% power.
  • Each duplicate part from the most common boss-monster in the lab adds 10% power. (e.g. if a lab has two parts from the same boss-monster and eight parts from eight other boss-monsters, there will be an additional 10% power and a lab with three parts from the same boss-monster and seven parts from other boss-monsters will add an additional 20% power.)
  • Each duplicate part from a boss-monster (including the most common boss-monster) in the lab will add 1% power.

For example, if a lab has 4 parts from an Ark Enemy, 3 parts from an Obscentinel, and 2 parts from a Stalactitan, and 1 part from a Flawyer, the additional power will be

  • +30% (from the Ark Enemy since it is the most common boss-monster in the lab)
  • +3% (from the duplicate Ark Enemy parts)
  • +2% (from the duplicate Obscentinel parts) and
  • +1% (from the duplicate Stalactitan part)

for a total bonus of +36%, which makes the total power of the monster 246%. For a simpler explanation, see the table below:

Monster & lvl Bonus for lvl Bonus for Most Common Boss Bonus for Duplicate Boss Total
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Ark Enemy (lvl 3) 21% 10% 1% 32%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Obscentinel (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Stalactitan (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Stalactitan (lvl 3) 21% 0% 1% 22%
Flawyer (lvl 3) 21% 0% 0% 21%
Total 210% 30% 6% 246%

The minimum calculation is 10%, calculated from all level 1 parts from different bosses (1% x 10). Since the lowest power a boss can be is 50%, this boss would be 50%.

The maximum calculation is 309%, calculated from all level 3 parts from the same boss ((21% x 10) + (10% x 9) + (1% x 9)). Since the highest power a boss can be is 300%, this boss would be 300%.

Ultimately, the power of the assembled boss-monster co-relates to the hero's health when summoned during a boss fight, as be seen below:

Pwr% * hp / 2
BM Power BM health to hero's if hp=400 if hp=500 if hp=600
50 25% 100 125 150
100 50% 200 250 300
150 75% 300 375 450
200 100% 400 500 600
250 125% 500 625 750
300 150% 600 750 900

Awakening a 2nd Lab Boss

Requires 200 additional pairs; the second boss will replace the first one upon awakening which will allow you to begin building a third boss. Each new boss that is awakened requires 200 additional pairs and will replace the previous boss.

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