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Kyrin's Creations

Royal Jellyfish

The Royal Jellyfish having an intimate bath with her then boyfriend and minion, Gary.

One day Kyrin was relaxing in a pool on a hot summer afternoon and felt that He needed something soft to sleep on without having to get up. So he took in one hand some jelly He had found in his pocket earlier that day and His sister's goldfish that he wasn't too fond off and pressed them together really hard. They were both ruined. Then he decided on trying it with a jellyfish and used some honey instead. Hey presto! The Royal Jellyfish was born! God, Kyrin is such a genius. Everyone said so.


The Battlesheep in its natural habitat

After eating some amazing lamb kebabs at an old and battered but homely Turkish restaurant, Kyrin wondered aloud what a sheep would look like if could join the military. He almost immediately regretted it. But not before playing a friendly game of checkers with the Battlesheep that suddenly appeared out from behind the counter. Kyrin won (naturally) but the Battlesheep got really angry and opened fire on Fyurie. Fyurie has since recovered but she could never again eat lamb chops without first making sure there were no checkerboards in the vicinity. Silly Fyurie.

Sacrificial lamp

I wish I had an Evil Genie.

Kyrin has always wanted an Evil Genie for a companion ever since he watched Disney's Aladdin. But the other Gods of Godville were extremely against the idea and has prevented Him from creating one at every turn. So He instead hatched a devious plan to release an evil genie right under their noses. A plan where they would unwittingly come to love the very idea of the Evil Genie to the point where they were unable to live without one. And so the Sacrificial Lamp was created. Little did they know that once enough wishes were granted, the Evil Genie would finally be released.... MUAHAHAHAH!

Suicide watch

It's time to die!

Kyrin decided that the Heroes of the world weren't evil enough. So he decided to covertly convert all heroes evil by creating a high leveled "Arms equipment" that were so sought after by Heroes and Gods alike. The Suicide Watch would steadily leech its evil energy into the heroes and slowly but surely turn them evil over time. But to make the idea palatable to Good-aligned Gods and Heroes, Kyrin created the watches under the guise of "saving" heroes from suicide when in fact all it did was get in the way fo their Martyrdom while making them EVIL. Genius. Just PURE genius.

The Chronicles of the First Resurrected form of His heroine Fyurie may be found here: User:Kyrin