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Final fantasy seven in heaven warrior of light by vampiregodesnyx-d73o6ep.png
Championed by the Hero: Koufuku
Personality: Temperamental
Gender: Male
Motto: Double payback.
Guild: Black Order
Guild Position: Overlord
Favorite Town: Unknown


Known as one of the most powerful gods, and quite temperamental, Kraddi was once called the mad warrior due to his love of fighting regardless of the situation. He picks random heroes to manipulate in order to kill time, and aids in requests that he finds amusing, therefore his personality is somewhat ambiguous, neither good nor bad. Throughout history, he has aided many heroes, regardless of their alignment. His current hero is Koufuku. He first met Koufuku during the time of his solitary confinement, his determination was strong enough to be heard, despite all the uproar in the battlefield. Upon hearing Koufuku's internal pleas, the god descended and spoke to him for the first time. This Requires Further Study

     Want to do something about that little problem of yours?
     Do you care about the power you currently hold?
     Want me to help?

Black Order

After seeing the hero's ambitions and will, Kraddi decided to help Koufuku establish what is now known as the Black Order guild. His true feelings towards Koufuku and the guild remain unknown.

This Requires Further Study