Knights of Purgatory

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  • Knights of Purgatory*

A mythical league of seven knights who denounced there kings to fallow a path led by themselves, after years of training they came into the presence of the god of death, whom stated it was there time to die. They told the death god "we will not join you" and battled for many days and nights as the knights were about to die they decided life was not a gods to take and killed themselves, this act of defiance gave them immense power power over creation itself. The battle raged nine minutes as the god soon fell overpowered by the new found strength that the knights possessed. Soon after there former wanted that power and sent an army of ten thousand to defeat them, the knights pleaded with the kings to call off the army for fear of the slaughter ahead, the kings said they must serve them again. The battle would begin. A terrifying battle it was, the knights without remorse slayed all of the men and creatures that was sent to destroy them. They soon left the world of the living to enter into purgatory, there they recruited the ten thousand they just killed into an army of there own. They were forever known as the *Knights of Purgatory* from that point on, they created a kingdom in purgatory to stop another senceleas onslaught, the Knights of Purgatory, had been born.

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