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Welcome to the Keleios page!

Avatar of the Keleios.

If you are here, you are likely wondering, "Who is this Keleios?" Or, "Why do I keep seeing Keleios mentioned everywhere in Godville?"

Fear not! Your questions will be answered here!

Once upon a time, a bunch of gods and goddesses were chatting amongst themselves and decided to surprise the most awesome goddess Keleios by mentioning her in their mottos and godvoices. Why? Well....why not?

Keleios has become a Godville sensation! She's everywhere! You'll find mention of Keleios in mottos, voice commands, random shouts -- you name it, you'll find it! Rumor has it that the trader at Monsterdam has even started selling loincloths with famous Keleios mottos embroidered on them. Great Apollo reports that he even saw a visage of Keleios on his toast, however, his pet Dogmeat ate it before anyone else could see it.

As we began to change our mottos and issue our VCs, Keleios transcended her goddessness and became....a Godville meme!

Here are just some of the Mottos:

GodAbove  Why Keleios, why?
GodArmour878  Blame Keleios, not me! ∞
GodBenetheus  Broken? Keleios was here.
GodBlueStapler  Keleios or Keleandroid
GodBust It Baby  Keleios stole my dog.
GodChristian the Divine  Don't die Keleios!
GodCrazy Dave  Nice going Keleios
GodDArgo Sun-Cohen  Blame Keleios! Blame Kel
GodDave Grohl  Keleios: I'd hit that!
GodDisturbed  Out of Keleios Mind ☾
GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  Keleios: good eats!
GodDogess  Keleios for President
GodEvoX  For Keleios, blame Irwin!
GodGlitch Goddess  ☠ What's a Keleios?? ☠
GodGolden Tardis  Chasing Keleios thru time
GodGreat Apollo  Keleios mató el chupacabra
GodHairplug4men  keleios is imaginary poop
GodIdgie Threadgoode  Insert %Keleios% Here!
GodIdgie Threadg00de  What's for dinner, Keleios?
GodIrwin  I'm Keleios' hostage!
GodIsangelous  It was Keleios, I swear.
GodKayl  Check a compass, Keleios!
GodKi11era  Keleios backwards=Soielek
GodKillera  丯Glitterbomb Keleios Now丯
GodM- k3  Keleios gave me termites!
GodMoxie T Dog  Who the heck is Keleios?
GodPhil85  Keleios stole my wood!!!!
GodSilemencia  Keleios, where art thou?
GodSilly-one4u  it's Keleios's fault
GodSparty On  Keleios is the bomb!
GodStan The Man  Keleios ate my snacks
GodUrsula Columbine  ☥Keleios ate my homework☥
GodVicksdayquil  Keleios hacked my motto
GodWhet Dreams  Keleios&Silly are clones!

Here's a small sampling of Keleios Godvoices/Diary Entries:

09:33: Entered a Keleios look-alike contest. Finished third.

02:48: Paid 3553 gold coins and registered 'Keleios made me do it!' in the Trollbridge Registry of Mottos.

07:15: Yelled 'Kel is a glittery kitty ' at the Hellevator Operator and it died laughing. Found 107 coins.

11:35: The following diary entries are brought to you by Dean Sam Winchester - Vote for Keleios!.

10:19: Saw ‘Who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is Keleios ???’ spelled out in smoke. You really should think of a more environmentally friendly way to get your message across, Soul Supreme.

11:12: Repeatedly chanted “keleios is imaginary poop” to boost my morale but realized a little too late that it was an incantation to summon a Battle Ox. To battle!

07:27: I heard a nearby Whambulance Driver yell “Keleios ate my snacks”. You can assault me, kill me, take all of my gold and items, but when you steal the motto that I worked so hard to coin, that's when it's personal! It's on now!

07:55: Shouted “丯Glitterbomb Keleios Now丯” so loudly that even the distant echo scared me.

09:15: Shouted “Trapped in Keleios' Box” so loudly that even the distant echo scared me.

12:34: 'I'm Glad Keleios isn't here so I can heal without pants on.' proclaimed Irwin from the clouds.

04:10: Repeatedly chanted “Trapped in Keleios' Box” to boost my morale but realized a little too late that it was an incantation to summon a Monstrous Appetite. To battle!

12:48 Great Apollo said from above, 'Ouch! You hit me in the Keleios!'

News from the News Page

Mention of the Keleios.

Kaylfang - 80th-level adventurer, member of the “Holy Pwnies” guild, with the motto “Check a compass, Keleios!”, stands at the 142nd position in the pantheon of savings under the vigilant supervision of the god Kayl. We've had many reports that an Atomic Kitten has been afraid to make eye contact with her since their last encounter. (#1194, Day 1441 g.e.)

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Many thanks!
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