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Deities of Godville
Hero Gary-sue
Personality Sarcastic
Gender Male
Motto Cogito Ergo Dum
Knights who say Ni
Guild position Welcomer
Guild rank Cardinal

Gameplay Notes

In this section, I'll put down the basics (and some fancy crap too) of how I learned to play. This is intended to encompass how I fight in the Arena, how I learned to gather and hoard charges without paying, how I learned to use what I've got to maximum effect, and provide basic references on a wide variety of things. If you can't find what you're looking for here... it's probably because I don't know it yet. (Or at this point in construction, because I haven't gotten the time to add it yet.)

In the Arena (BEGUN)

Put notes on ye fine olde arte of Smoting thy Enemy here. Link to Shannonus' Guide to Smoting once we're done writing. Aaand genuflect!

Figure out some subsections. Maybe "Preparation" "Tactics (Basic Technique & Advanced maneuvers)" "Charge-Farming"? "Types Of Duel" & their diffs.

Strategy (NOT BEGUN)

Subsections: Preparation (what to know before going in) Basic Strategy, etc. Figure these out more clearly, how they'll go together so as to flow smoothly as an intro to anyone

Glossary (UNDERWAY)

AB:(Awkwardly Bouncing) A Punish backfire which misses the opponent completely, harming only the sender. For full damage.

AC:(Action Count) Number of Actions/Influences remaining. Starts at 4, decrements every Action taken, increments for every Action the opponent takes. Whenever this value decreases to 0 for a player, (referred to as an Action Lock) he or she cannot Encourage or Punish until the value goes back up to 1. (The highest the Action Count will ever be is 8, if an opponent acts 4 times more.)

AL:(Action Lock) Purposefully using fewer actions than one's opponent to reduce his/her Action Count to 0. An indicator of whether one has successfully action-locked an opponent is if one's own AC is at 8.

BF:(Backfire) When an Action goes awry, and mis-targets its effects to the wrong hero, or to both or neither of the combatants equally. Every Encourage or Punish has a 25% chance of backfiring.

IM:(Imprecise Master/Mistress) Encourage backfire which heals only the opponent's hero, and not the sender.

NOTE TO SELF: Find out/verify the % chance of each kind of backfire when they do happen. Thanks to Bilous for bringing this up!

Everywhere Else (UNDERWAY)

That really says it all about my approach to this game. Meaning to include sections on melting bricks, monster fighting, GP hoarding/use for payers & non. Any notes I may have.

Housebreaking Your Hero (BEGUN)

(Tips on voice commands & tactics in the field)

(What commands I've found to work and for what, how to use VCs effectively)

Quick God-to-Mortal Communications 101 review: There are 2 basic ways of interacting with the hero: "Influences" (Encourage/Punish) which cost 25% GP to use, and Voice Commands (VCs) which cost 5% each. Influences can get pretty expensive if used as the sole means of interaction with the hero, so learning to leaven the blessings and/or lightning with some well-chosen words is a great asset to any would-be god.

A note: Voice commands may be ignored by the hero at times, and there are some times when certain voice commands will always be ignored. (I will try to note times each VC will never work in the description.) But still, Influences can also backfire, and a VC being ignored is much less expensive than a failed Influence. Furthermore, there are many things which can be accomplished only by VC... now, on to the listings!

Overworld Voice Commands (UNDERWAY)

To manage a hero, it's handy to know what words will clue the daft little nuisances lovable little guys in to what you want done. For this reason, I'm going to list the key words I've found with brief descriptions of what each one does. To save us all some Godpower, I'll try to name the times each command is best used (ah, those rare times when your hero doesn't ignore you completely.) Keywords are given in bold.

  • Pray will replenish a small amount of Godpower if obeyed. (Sacrifice gets you more godpower at times, but costs the hero gold to use.)
  • Heal does exactly that, assuming the hero listens. Not as much as an Encourage, but still by a tidy amount. If you don't get any response to the first Heal VC, you're free to try again immediately, but if you get a negative response, wait 1 minute before trying again. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: While healing already under a tree or in town, while praying, and while mid-fight with a monster.
  • Destroy the monster: Exactly what it says on the tin, as the saying goes. "Kill," "hit," "smite," "wrath" (as in, unleashing of) and "strike" also work. If successful, this command lets the hero inflict far more damage on the monster than usual, though not quite as much as a Punish of course. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: Anywhere other than a monster fight.
  • Return to town: Causes the hero to go back to the last town visited, or the nearest town, or Godville. I've seen each of these results, and don't have enough information to say which will be done when and why. I can assure you that this command does have some uses, though. Too lazy to name any at the moment. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: Fighting a monster. Not even a hero is mad enough to turn around and make tracks for town with a hungry monster still on the attack.
  • Complete the quest faster: The hero may complete from 1 to 5% of the current quest if successful. Or ignore you and gripe. But you're used to that if you've played Godville for any length of time, I assume. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: Healing, heading back to town, or anything at all in town. If you're in a town, you can ask the hero to return to the quest. Which oddly I've never done. I need to test this out.
  • Join "Knights who say Ni" guild: For heroes level 12 and above. If successful, the hero sets out on a multi-day quest at the end of which he or she will become a new member of that guild. Though some people don't really care which guild they're in, picking one on purpose may be a good idea because of the Guild Council feature. The Guild Council tab functions like a friend-messaging tab, with the difference that any current guild members who have been around for more than 8 days may post. This can be a good way to get to know other active players, co-ordinate or plan activities, and/or find help with the game. Finding a guild where you can be comfortable is an excellent way to add a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Because this tab is open to all guild members more senior than 8 days in, it can be useful in so many ways. (Name them)
  • Cancel this quest: Again, exactly what it says on the tin. If successful, the hero will abort the current quest on the spot and head back to town for a new one. Aborted quests give no reward. This command is most commonly used to abort guild-changing quests, which heroes will strike out on every so often until reaching Cardinal rank in their current guild. Another common use is to end the "vet/extend pet registration" quest given only to those whose pets have lost all their levels. These 2 quests give no reward if complete, but if canceled, the hero will release the level-less pet into the wild and attempt to find a new companion. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: I have found no time when this command may not be heeded, with persistence. When the quest is already complete or canceled perhaps.
  • Dig for treasure: Yes. Add a description when I can be bothered. That would be a very good idea. For now, know it will either get you nothing, or a random item, very rarely a brick, and occasionally far up a creek without a paddle, if you're not prepared to encounter a multiplayer boss monster. (An article about which I helped compile, to which I should really link in my Wiki Articles section.)
  • Examine the item: If obeyed, the hero will mess about with an item in his or her inventory (you can name a specific one if you like) and based on personal experience, one of the following may happen: the item breaks, leaving you with nothing for your 5% GP, the item becomes another item (this result is rare) or the item becomes a small amount of gold (I think). NOTE TO SELF: Further testing of this is needed.

Others to do: Learn, Die, etc.

Though the plain keywords alone will suffice for technical purposes, there's a reward in it for whoever can craft the most entertaining commands: when other players see your god voice as a random shout-out in their games, they can upvote or downvote the voice. If downvoted, nothing happens, except it doesn't get re-broadcast to anyone else. If upvoted, a godvoice will spread, and if it's popular with enough other players, the voice's author will find him-or-herself compensated by a boost in Godpower for being so entertaining.

An example of what you may see when your godvoice nets you a GP bonus:

!Popular godvoice boost
13:48: Most Righteous One, you won't believe this! I've just heard how a choir was singing a song with the words “Destroy this monster, wiiiiith- a HERRING!” in it. I guess you're getting famous!

Sometimes, you may hit "Send" when you forgot to type in a command. Yes, it still sends, but all that happens is something along the lines of:

!Empty godvoice
10:20 Saw a squirrel flying backwards. Great One, are you drunk?

On Gold Brick Acquisition (UNDERWAY)

Ways they can be acquired, tactics for speeding acquisition, odds for acquisition maybe, and clear up that HEROES DON'T SMELT, GODS DO.

1000 gold bricks... takes practically forever. Or it would, if there weren't so many different ways of coming by them. Thanks to that, a temple only takes 'nearly' forever instead.

Ways to get a brick:

  • The most common (and first) way for most people is at the end of a quest, where you may recieve either money, an equipment upgrade, a gold brick, or nothing. Quests complete every half-day as a general rule. (Epic quests take about 4 times as long, and can net you up to 3 bricks but no fewer than 1 in my experience, as well as a large amount of gold or equipment)
  • Another way to get a brick that requires little to no effort is to die from a monster attack. Occasionally (though rarely) the hero's stubbornness will break the monster down into bribing the defeated hero with a gold brick before he or she will admit to having been killed.
  • Another way to get a brick is for the hero to buy one from a trader for a large sum of money. Gods can't influence a hero to buy a brick, it has to be done of the hero's independent will. Brick prices I've seen have varied from 1800 gold to 4000 (the 1800 was in Tradeburg for those who are wondering.) I believe good-aligned heroes may be slightly more prone to buy bricks than Evil ones. Just from the average rate of brick purchase I've observed when Gary-sue let's call him "Albert," switched from Good to Evil and back for purposes of observation.
  • The fourth way: Dig for treasure with the "dig" VC. There's about a 1/15 chance of finding a brick each time, so it may be best not to get one's hopes up...
  • Fifth way: Win a brick from the Arena. You have a chance of getting a brick just for showing up there, and a brick for winning. (sometimes easier said than done, if I write the Arena section of this page properly, those who read this will hopefully find it easier done.) Sometimes, you get a brick in the Arena even without matching. You can also win a brick in a skirmish, but that means the loser gives up a brick, so that's riskier than the Arena.
  • Sixth way: Melting a brick I 'said' there are a lot of ways to get a brick- was I wrong? If your hero has 3000 gold or more in hand, there is a 1/4 chance of that gold fusing together into a single gold brick each time the god hits Encourage or Punish. Bricks 'are not' melted by VC. That's a common misconception. So I'll come right out with it: Stop wasting Godpower on it. Your hero can't melt gold into a brick, that's up to the god.

There may be more ways I've missed, but darned if I care to do any more writing now, it's 11:00 PM and time for me to quit procrastinating. More on this section later.

On melting gold bricks from coins: You can't get a hero to melt 3000 gold into a brick, period. Commands like that are a pet peeve of mine. If you want to turn 3000 gold into a brick, Encourage or Punish with 3000 gold or more in the hero's wallet. Every time these conditions are met, there is a 25% chance each Influence will melt the money into a brick.

!Brick-melting entry
07:28 Suddenly felt a flash of burning heat that melted my coins into a golden brick. My pocket is not a foundry, my Lord, but thanks anyway.

See? Heroes don't melt, gods do. If you're really lucky, every so often (I still need to look up just how often) you can melt gold into bricks for '0% GP. Hallelujah!' Such an event is usually acknowledged as miraculous by the hero, or takes away the hero's health in some way.

Using Godpower Efficiently (NOT BEGUN)

In this section, I will attempt to basically put down notes on the ways I've seen that can help a person use whatever godpower he or she may have (3 charges or 250, equally) to the best effect. Godpower charges only give 50% back when 100% is accumulated, so learning to effectively use what you can gather is a must. Or at least, it can make things rather easier.

Conservation of GP (NOT BEGUN)

Basically, "How to be a miser" Non-charge-adding techniques, tips and when to use for best effect with just the 100% you can hold after prayer, to avoid using Restore.

Charge-Hoarding Techniques (NOT BEGUN)

"How to hold on to the charges you've got, and how to rack 'em up beyond the basic 3 without a temple or a purchase."

(Something tells me if I do this section right, it'll be rather popular.)

Game Geek Gallery

Links to stuff that came in handy for me on the wiki, and any handy formulae I may have encountered.

Wiki Articles (BEGUN)

Link to ones I found helpful, with a short description of each.

In-Game: About Auras

In-Game: About Digging

In-Game: Underground Boss Fights

In-Game: New temple owners click here, find out about that funny new button labeled "Miracle"

Wiki: Adding New Game Content (Ideabox)

Wiki: Editing Help

In-Game: Making Voice Commands Fun/Earning GP back

Stats & Game Mechanics (NOT BEGUN)

Pur up things such as the Gladiatorship formula, Guild and other Pantheon formulae, and any thoughts or observations I come across or have which strike me as especially nerdy.

My Current Projects

Whatever I'm doing in Godville when I'm not weirding up the GC or the forum, and not going after something or someone in a duel. Some of these things, I'd appreciate a little help with to shorten the work time needed for everyone.

  • CURRENT PROJECT: Rebuilding the Wiki's default editing help page to be as comprehensive and readable as possible. Don't know when HP4M's going to take a look at this, so I may as well get some more minds on the job. Any volunteers, add whatever you think is useful. Use the Discussion tab of that page to request assistance or declare intent so no two of us end up working on exactly the same thing.

Also, building this to be something useful.

Last of all, this is really more of a goal than a project, but I'm still well over 100 spars away from the Coach 1st Rank achievement, and anyone who chooses to add me, I'll gladly spend the 50% GP to initiate the spar out-of-pocket, and will be grateful for whatever help I can get on that score.

"Not Begun" = I haven't started that yet. "Begun" = I have started, but only just. "Underway" = Making progress, possibly with actual content people can use by this point. There is no "Completed." When it's complete, it won't need a tag attached to the section header.