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G.E. 1978 A variation of the "HIGGS BISON", which became Isotop's first ever Guild Totem monster, through a vote of 6-5-4-1 in the guild counsel.
G.E. 1923 The City of Tradeburg became Isotop's Unofficial Home of Record by a vote through the Guild Council, with Los Adminos losing by one vote Current Popularity: 0% as of 2384 g.e.

"To the world through science"

Motto: "Ad orbem per technicam"
Alignment: Bright
Gold Fund: 31854 (▼2013) c.u.
Date Founded: May 10, 2011 365 g.e.
Membership Count: 43(▲3)
Town with Greatest Influence: Trollbridge (2%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 22 (▲74)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 41(▼34)
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 134 (▼20)
Forum Headquarters: Isotop
Guild Page: Isotop 
Data current as of 11.18.2016 2384 g.e.

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To read the most recent issue of "Godville Times" or go to the settings in the Godville app and tap "Daily Newspaper."

For information on Guilds and Time to Rank | Pets | Hero Levels | Hero Personality | Towns and Milestones

Guild Page Created/modified byGodDon the Great  Isotop Guild Scribe/Guild Leader SIGA

Welcome to Isotop

We have been around as long as some of the oldest guilds. At over 5 years old we prided ourselves as being a transient guild...a guild that has long standing gods, and some that are just passing through. We have seen pretty good membership numbers and numbers that we wish could be better.

We aren't a guild that has requirements of its members because we know all of us have lives that are outside this realm. That being said, and particularly as guild leader, I and we have recognized that we will never have membership numbers of some of the big guilds. But we do pride ourselves of being a close knit family, and are saddened when long tern members depart. Whether its of their own doing for gaining another rank in an achievement, or just from moving on when life dictates, its a sad day for all of us.

This guild page has gone through many changes. I created it 4 years ago, not only to recognize members of our guild and their achievements along the way, but to entice new members that if they join us they will be noticed for their goals. But as time went on I realized that their were too many faces to keep track of, and with the decline of the general population (probably because this premise of a ZPG became much, much more, and if you aren't active you will be forgotten, and people just don't have that much free time (elections, social media, family, etc.), I realised I spend way too much time on a page that might not receive a lot of views.

So that being said, there is a change coming to our guild page. One that is easier to maintain, and also to show that the gods that have made a permanent stay have a place to be recognized. The stats about arks and pets will stay the same, but detailed stats will be reserved to the gods that I have come to know over the years and are devoted to our guild. It will still be a sad day when they leave (which will be inevitable), but at least they will know they meant something more than just a stay in a "game".

And, if new gods show up, and like what they see, the "GODS OF ISOTOP" will grow, hopefully like our guild has. As always, we aren't good at advertising we exist, and we might not have a presence in the FORUMS like other gods (I personally am trying to be more in there), type "JOIN ISOTOP GUILD" in the godvoice section of your hero, and hopefully I will get to know you in the council and such.

If you are a god / hero that is just passing through, hopefully the presence of myself and other gods in the council will be a stay for you as well, but if not, your presence and contribution to our guild is greatly appreciated.

As always Thank You to all the long-standing gods of Isotop. My gift to your dedication is the new guild page "FACES OF ISOTOP". GodDon the Great  Isotop Guild Scribe/Guild Leader


Almost all of our gods are aligned good, but we do not have a preferred alignment, as we accept evil gods also, so anyone can join! However, we hope that all heroes that join our guild will be active in this game. We sincerely hope that whoever who joins the guild will be happy to stay and benefit from us. I want to thank all the gods that make Isotop home, and hope you can stay. It's nice to have you...and... ...After reading our guild page you would like to join us, type and send: Join the "Isotop" guild in your god actions (After completing your current quest or while your hero is idle being lazy ) And if your hero decided for what so ever reason to embark on a quest to leave us, type: cancel quest, which we do wish would happen more often, unless of course your hero wants to roam. Thank you for making this guild your home away from home. :) If you want to help the guild increase its influence in towns for a better reward, do encourage/punish your hero/heroine in town. If you have any questions contact one of the below listed members.

Guild Milestones

  • g.e. 1836 5/20/15 Isotop Reaches 100 members for the first time but is finding it hard to maintain.
  • g.e. 1863 6/16/15 GodLord of Bacon  is the first god of Isotop to complete his ark.
  • g.e. 1868 6/21/15 After long planning, the grand opening of the Isotop Bar & Grill & C.C. became reality. This would be other known as our forum page in the godwiki forums. Now, how to try to get people to visit... THE Isotop Forum Page.
  • g.e. 1910 8/2/15 Guild Leader GodDon the Great  becomes the first god to have received all 3 achievement medals after completing his ark on this day (but as a footnote, was the 4th god to have reached ark status in the guild to not diminish ark achievements of other gods) to be now known as the "Trifecta Club" as named by GodTraktor .
  • g.e. 1913 8/5/15 In our future attempts to reach out to the world of Godville this day we gained an ally called Assassin's Guild, also Assassin's Guild Stat Page
  • g.e. 1915 8/7/15 GodDivinings  becomes the second god of Isotop to join what hopes to be a growing "Trifecta Club" by completing her ark on this day.
  • g.e. 1923 8/15/15 The City of Tradeburg became Isotop's Unofficial Home of Record by a vote through the Guild Council, with Los Adminos losing by one vote.
  • g.e. 1938 8/30/15 GodSteveHaudrich  completed his ark and became the third member of the "Trifecta Club."
  • g.e. 1949 9/10/15 GodTraktor  successfully got his pet Baambo (much better than Sneezy) to level 30 achieving the animalist achievement and became the fourth member of the "Trifecta Club."
  • g.e. 1958 9/19/15 For the second time in our guild history we have achieved the 100 headcount milestone. It has been almost 4 months since we did it the first time. Let's see if this is a upward trend or just a fluke. :)
  • g.e. 1978 10/9/15 With the success of GodDon The Great  and GodLostJester  completing a Duelers season in the top 100 (86/73 resp.), and with the help of GodLady Positron  providing a list of eligible monsters, our guild counsel voted on our 1st ever guild totem monster: the Higgs Bison, narrowly escaping defeat by the Biowolf and the Atomic Kitten, with an overall vote of 6-5-4-1.
  • g.e. 2009 11/9/15 GodKnightmaster  becomes our guild's 9th Alchemist, or in other words, has been a member of Isotop for 800 days.
  • g.e. 2013 11/13/15 With the amazing work from our Ambassador our alliance partnership grew to 3 with the wonderful acceptace of an alliance with Hug Central. Their guild actually held a celebration to honor the occasion. Time will tell on the attendance from our guild.
  • g.e. 2037 12/07/15 GodDarkelvar  becomes the 5th member of the Trifecta Club.
  • g.e. 2076 1/15/16 To start off the new year and to begin our 4th session of elections, GodKnightmaster  becomes the new guild leader, ending the three terms GodDon the Great  served, with the well wishes and support from the guild members, allowing for new voices to guide this guild.
  • g.e. 2124 3/3/16 Congratulations to GodKnightmaster for completing the ark, and additionally getting his pet to level 30 at roughly the same time, to be the 6th member of the Trifecta Club and 10th god to complete the ark.
  • g.e. 2155 4/3/2016 Another guild member joins the ranks of the elite. GodKeekohn  completes his ark, and while he already had the pet medal, becomes the 7th member of the Trifecta Club and the 11th god to complete the ark.
  • g.e. 2210 5/28/2016 GodDon the Great  begins his 4th term as guild leader, wishing GodKnightmaster  the best of luck after taking the reins from our previous guild leader.
  • g.e. 2384 11/18/2016 After a long, long hiatus due to life and its wrenches it throws GodDon the Great  starts phase 1 of the new guild page "GODS OF ISOTOP", with a brand new introduction, and dedicated detail stats forthcoming.

The Race to the Medals

Completed Arks and the "Trifecta Club"

We finally have some arks in the ranks of Isotop. This is the list of gods that achieved 100% wood to complete the build process. The wood count continues beyond 100% (1000 planks) and for every 1000 planks of wood obtained the god has the ability to tame an increased number of pets. There are hints that with an increased number of wood, a special "voyage" might be in the works. Gods with all 3 medals are members of the "Trifecta Club". The hardest medal to obtain is the pet medal .

God % of Wood
GodDon The Great  172.3%
GodDivinings  168.7%
GodSteveHaudrich  169.9%
GodTraktor  177.3%
GodDarkelvar  150.2%
GodKnightmaster  122.2%**************
GodKeekohn  135%
GodKkhameleon ** 188.1%
GodPluto69  152.7%
GodLord of Bacon  182.4%
GodValatar  145.8%************

The Race to the Ark

These are the gods closest to reaching the next milestone of Isotop/Godville history. The average time to go from temple to ark is 2 years. Unless you are a super god like some in other guilds where in that time you could gain enough wood for over 3 arks (go ahead. Look them up. They are around.) Anyway, options open once you get the ark.

God % of wood
GodKai-Ishir  98.5%
GodValataria  85.5%
GodSalyndria  78.8%
GodThe Legendary Duck  60.1%
GodLostJester  58.5%
GodSolidSnake89  48.6%

The Race to the Temple.

Temple building takes a long time. These are the gods closest to obtaining their first Godville medal.

God % of brick
No Current guild council members/prominent standout Gods in the running

Who's the best at Saving (future name: "The race to the Trader Store")

After completing the ark the next task for the gods and heroes to perform is to build a "trader's store". Details on the store are still under research. But for now heroes have to save 30 million gold for retirement (or at least to open the store). We are no where close to that. So instead of calling this a race to the store, it's just a list of gods that have heroes that are responsible with their money instead of wasting it elsewhere. The savings stat appears on your hero page after you have completed a temple.

God savings 000s
GodSteveHaudrich  10914
GodDon The Great  10783
GodTraktor  10239
GodDivinings  10155
GodLord Of Bacon  9274

Links to world of, and ever-evolving info about Godville. PETS

The Skinny about Pets

There are many links in the world of Godville to how and why pets are used. So this instead will be a quick reference guide, with links to more detailed information, to keeping your pet healthy and happy.

  • Starting at hero level 18 pets can be acquired. Instead of killing a monster your hero will instead spare its life and keep it as a pet.
  • Only certain monsters can be kept as pets and only at certain hero levels. The list can be found here Pets.
  • A rare few pets can be used in dungeon quests and arena battles which means that pet will be by your side everywhere your hero goes, fighting along side of you when you need his help.
Pet Hero Level
gummy wyrm 71-93
grounded hog 60-80
inner demon 91-94
vengeful mole 83-94
  • Pets do not die. But they are loyal. If a god doesn't regularly check on their hero's health, there will be a point where the pet will step in and save the hero, but at the expense of knocking itself out (the enemy will do it for him). Gods do not have a direct influence on the health of a pet, except to make sure the hero isn't on the verge of death.
  • When a pet gets knocked out there is a 60 hour real-world window for the hero to bring the pet back. The level of the pet determines how much gold is needed. A rough formula to use is 450 gold for each pet level. The amount of gold could be more or less depending on which town your hero is performing the ritual.
  • If a pet isn't brought back within 60 hours, the pet doesn't die, but he also won't level or assist the hero. Having a trophy pet is one thing, but obtaining the level 30 pet medal and the 1st rank Animalist achievement is something else. If these are important to you, then when your hero receives the "extend pet registration" quest, in the voice of god send "cancel quest", and your hero will release the pet he has to allow himself to find a new pet.

The Top 5 pets and deaths of Isotop.

  • There are a couple voice commands that can be used to get that extra gold needed to bring the pet back. Both should be used when the hero is idle or looking for trouble..."DIG": useful in finding extra items to sell or bosses to fight..."COMPLETE QUEST FASTER": self-explanatory. For more hints tap Strategies
god Pet pet level
GodKai-Ishir  heffalump Baloo 52
GodDarkelvar  hyper lynx Boo 35 ARK
GodDon the Great  gummy wyrm Sneezy 35 ARK (3)
GodTraktor  battlesheep Baambo 30 ARK
GodSteveHaudrich  philosoraptor Socrates 30 ARK
  • It takes a long time to level a pet and it's sad to see a companion go after leveling for so long. So it is ideal to ensure your hero stays healthy so his pet can too.
god hero deaths
GodPluto69  Creepers Child 172
GodLord of Bacon  Moose & Squirrel 165
GodTraktor  Rothgar the Seeker 164
GodValatar  Valatar 156
GodDon the Great  Don the Naive 152


The Alchemists & Guild Officers

The gods that have been around the block know a thing or two about how the world of Godville works. These gods are the oldest members of the Guild Council. These are the "Alchemist Elders".

1st & 3rd Guild Leader (4)/Secretary of Internal Guild Affairs Rank 4 Lv. 93 Alchemist

GodDon the Great  Age 62

Wood: 172.3% Savings: 10783

Death: 152 Pet Levels: (30/30 ARKED)/35

01/22/13 39 8/2/15

Hero: Don the Naive


The god who maintains this guild page, and 4th term Guild Leader of Isotop (Jan 2015-Dec 2015, May 2016-)

"Hard 2 c the dark side is" Rank 3 Lv. 90 Alchemist

GodTraktor  Age 60

Wood: 177.3% Savings 10239

Deaths: 174 Pet Level: 30/12

03/22/13 30 07/09/15

Hero: Rothgar the Seeker


3rd oldest member of Isotop

Harbor-master Interim Rank 8 Lv. 72 Alchemist

GodValataria  Age 30

Wood: 85.5% Savings: 3910

Death: 86 Pet Level: 35


Heroine: AverageGirl


We lost Valatar to other guilds and time, so his daughter is the rightful successor of this position (symbolic more than realistic).

Corporate Banana Rank 1 Lv. 86 Alchemist

GodPluto69  Age 62

Wood: 152.7% Savings: 8255

Death: 172 Pet Level: 24

01/29/13 08/30/2015

Hero: Creepers Child


A self proclaimed guild position that can only be held by one of the Guild Founders.

Guild Scholar Rank 5 Lv. 83 Alchemist

GodDarkelvar  Age 59

Wood: 150.2% Savings: 7625

Death: 142 Pet Level: 35/16

04/24/13 35 12/07/15

Heroine: Darkelvar


Contains knowledge of history and information to keep the peace with enemies and allies.

Ambassador Rank 14 Lv. 64 Prophet

GodThe Legendary Duck  Age 32

Wood: 60.1% Savings: 2229

Death: 105 Pet Level: N/A


Hero: The Red Crow


" The god who can gain influence and allies from other guilds and form partnerships.

Guild Analyst Rank 9 Lv. 71 Prophet

GodSalyndria  Age 33

Wood: 78.8% Savings: 3529

Death: 104 Pet Level: 32

8/16/15 32

Hero: Zoroland


Contains knowledge of the towns we have the most, or lack the most, influence, and relays that to the guild to insure we increase popularity for cheap equipment and goods.

The Gods of Isotop

Dance you fool! Rank 2 Lv. 92 Alchemist

GodDivinings  Age 62

Wood: 168.7% Savings: 10155

Death: 142 Pet Level: x

11/24/12 30 08/07/15

Heroine: Catarina


The 2nd oldest member of Isotop. If we lose Pluto69, she's #1.

The cake is a lie! Rank 6 Lv. 79 Alchemist

GodKeekohn  Age 42

Wood: 135% Savings: 6616

Death: 130 Pet Level: 28

06/20/14 30 04/03/16

Hero: Crexyn


He's younger by a lot, but sitting pretty at #6.

Alchemist The (2nd)Special Guild Rank: Achieved after 800 days in our guild.
Rank God Hero Level Age Wood Deaths Savings PL
09 GodLord of Bacon  Moose and Squirrel 91 59 169.3% 165 8709 24
Prophet The highest Guild Rank: Achieved after 600 days in our guild.
Rank God Hero Level Age Wood Deaths Savings PL
12 GodSolidsnake89  De-t.gif Snake140889 59 21 33.1% 81 1319 6
Regent The 2nd Highest Guild Rank: Achieved after 450 days in our guild.
Guild Rank God Hero Level Age Wood Deaths Savings PL
13 GodRazzora the Great  Us-t.gifVa-t.gif Rylie of the Wolves 57 20 27.5% 68 1084 11
14 GodLuke214  Wind Catcher 59 20 37.2% 77 1535 23
15 GodLostJester  Us-t.gifIn-t.gif KiloLink 61 19 45.8% 63 2188 34
17 GodKai-Ishir  Us-t.gifFl-t.gif Somerlund 73 64 83.3% 82 3947 49
19 GodSteveHaudrich  Roxeffer 94 59 157.2% 125 10219 30/28 (22)
Patriarch/ Matriarch 3rd Highest Rank: Achieved after 300 days in our guild.
Rank Title God Hero Level Age Brick/Wood Deaths Savings PL
23 ▲7 Patriarch GodNachoman19  Nachoman19 49 12 97.7% 37
24 ▲7 Matriarch GodAmet  Tarcival 62 38 35.1%W 104 1301
  • Current members who participate in the guild chat as of 8/25/2016. Also these are the members of the future section of "THE FACES OF ISOTOP". 8/25/2016

This section is also under review by the SIGA. This section will be renamed "THE FACES OF ISOTOP" in due time. Due to the dramatic drop of membership, only permanent members will be featured in this section. New members that become guild council members that show that they have dedication to our guild will be placed on our page. The climate for constant updates of less-than-faithful members is too time-consuming and has passed.

  • Due to the massive decline of the guild population, once a god becomes a guild councel member, membership is permenant until said god leaves the guild.
  • Please note that when your hero dies, and he has to resurrect himself because you have ignored him, he does not take kindly to your unwillingness to notice him, and will perform poorly until he knows you are watching him. There are some gods where the stats have not changed for more than one update or more, and that more than likely means your hero is waiting for you.

Isotop Guild Rules and Etiqutte

We have a pretty simple Guild Counsel that at times can be very lively and at other times very quiet. It's a pretty open forum that isn't controlled. Any counsel member, new or old, can talk about anything that his/her heart desires. But as for all forums there are some basic rules members have to adhere by. It's not many, but not following the rules may have you "expelled" from the counsel (we have had one recent offender, but even so our turnover rate is too high, and even without rules, we've had a calm and peaceful environment). So without further ado, here are the rules of the Isotop Counsel:

  • #1 ZERO-TOLERANCE RULE: NO TROLLING. You will be expelled immediately. Don't try it.
  • #2 No Profanity. The ages listed on this page does not reflect the age of the member. So we must keep all dialog family friendly. If the FCC doesn't like it, neither shall we.
  • #3 No insults. Any member insulting anyone else for any reason will have you "expelled". Every counsel member has that option to use. There can be debates and heated discussions, but if at any time you feel like you could take it one step farther...don't. If you need a further explanation, see rule #1
  • #4 At times there are discussions about popular events that happen. There has been a discussion about this rule and it does need to be brought up so no one can say they didn't know. Popular events mean TV and events mean the end of something (AKA spoilers). There is a courtesy in our guild of the "2 week rule". Our members have similar viewing habits but don't have the ability to watch something when others do. So if a member of the counsel wants to bring up something that has happened of entertainment value, make the general question of "has anybody..." or...after said event, allow 2 weeks of time to go by before feeling safe to talk about it, so as not to spoil for others who have not seen what you have seen. (this rule can be ammended)
  • #5A Remember this: The counsel chat cannot be filtered. Anything you say can be read by all available guild members. Use your own internal filter before saying it in the counsel.

Our Guild is amazing. We do have some long standing members, but we also have a revolving member list. These rules are general guidelines that, even before posting on this page, we have adhered to. Thank You to all that participate. :) This list is subject to change at any time.

This Isotop guild page is a work in progress, and is by no means near being finished. Actually...will it ever?

Other Prominent Members

Active Members who don't socialize in the guild chat. It's not a requirement because we know all members have lives outside of Godville. "N" means New Member since last update.

11/10/15: This section is under review by the guild leader. We do have a revolving door as far as membership goes. There are a few gods in this section that have been a part of our guild for a long time, but the lower ranks don't seem to stick around, and as guild leader I would like to focus more on who contributes to our guild and participates in the guild counsel. So this section, just like the inactive/neutral section has been removed, might also be on its way out. Time spent updating this section is becoming time consuming. As of 5/28/2016 this section of the guild page will no longer be maintained. Active participation in our guild has declined in such a way that the only stats that should be tracked are guild councel member stats. As guild leader I know per the guild roster who has been a part of our guild length of time, but councel members add extra participation to our guild and deserve the recognition more. If membership increases like it was in the past this section might come back, but for now this section is null. GL

Guild Rank + Guild Title Hero God
Guild Rank + Guild Title Hero God

list ended updates as of 4/3/16...

5/10/15 MAJOR GUILD PAGE UPDATE: ALL GODS NOT ACTIVE IN THE COUNSEL WILL NO LONGER HAVE THEIR STATS TRACKED. They will only be listed in this section as active gods in the guild. It was too time consuming to continue to keep track of gods that really don't know we have a counsel or even a guild page. Gods come and go. We have an abysmal record of keeping active gods around in our guild. So, this section has been condensed.

Past Heroes--RETIRED SECTION for now

Our guild is growing in size. Over the past 2 months we have grown to an all time high of 102 members. This does flux over time. When our count was lower it was easier to keep track of this stat. Our turnover rate was managable to watch to see who came and went in our guild. But as time has gone on, I've realized that the most important members we have are the ones that make the guild what it is. And as much as it was important to see who left our guild if they were a long time member, it also meant that with retention what it was this list was going to grow for ever. So because it seems like our guild is growing more popular, this list will be discontinued to allow more focus on members that continue to be a part of Isotop. This section won't go away, but it also wont be added to. The final member of importance that left was GodMidnight Wisdom , the last prophet that was too inactive to matter. And that is how this section will end. Hopefully the members at the top of the ranks will be a part of us for a long time, and the top members will probably be added if later on down the road they move on. But for now let these gods and heroes be forever remembered and lets spend more time on who we have instead of who we had.

((old)) As Guild Scribe, I can actually see who comes and who goes; a task I've accepted with great pleasure. So it's sad to see our member numbers go down while only replacing the disappearing heroes with only a few new ones. So in order of rank, here are the heroes that have departed Isotop to move on in their adventure. They will be missed.

The heroes listed in this section needed to have been a part of our guild long enough to have made a name for themselves. When the regular, long-term gods notice they moved up in rank, they can come down to this list and see which god left for another guild. The requirement to be remembered in this hall is simple: make it to at least the rank of "chief master" before leaving (temple or no temple) and to have been aligned good or evil at some point of your guild journey. If you were neutral the whole time I will have never recorded that you were part of this guild, and I will not notice if you leave. It means you as a god spent some time in a guild instead of drifting the way the wind blows.

The memory of former, high-ranked gods will be remembered in this hall.

Rank God Hero
Guild Leader Prophet GodXXDoom  Lunasa Prismriver

In Memoriam/1st Isotop GL

Rank God Hero
Archbishop (Prophet) GodMidnight Wisdom  Lordvamp Devon X
Prophet GodZ99  Z66
Prophet GodDoctor Death  Brew Master
Prophet GodPendrapson  Nubdrapson
Prophet GodBugsy2011  BennyJames
Prophet GodSilversurf4  ArgyleSox
Prophet GodCourtney Rae Us-t.gifWi-t.gif Bobs B
Regent GodGenshiro Sweden-t.gif Reactor-Kun
Patriarch GodBiggHopp  Peter Squally
Patriarch GodMusoholic  Kellen Morghun
Patriarch GodStrained Mind  Jimmy the Saint
Patriarch GodKonypshun  Hilarianos
Matriarch GodKadia  NikkiEnvy
Grand Master GodPutrescer  Scer
Grand Master GodForest Skies  Forest Skies
Grand Master GodAlmirah Zyryn  Zephyryn Tailiesn
Grand Master GodEl chimichanga  La chalupa
Chief Master GodDoctor Rockso  Skwisgarr Skwigelf
Chief Master GodBeautiful Love  Jamie Mystic
Chief Master GodLuminaesthesia  Lightblunt
Chief Master GodSir-Yo  Sir-El
Chief Master GodVampo  Ryliee
Chief Master GodDeuce Of Ages  DeuceXX
Chief Master GodGrant Phillips  Geonny
Chief Master GodSaphira Darkshadow  Tony stark ironman

Isotop Founders' Scroll

The construction of our Guild Hall is coming along nicely. Currently, our meetings are being held in a van down by the river, but... During our digging phase of construction, where we believe our guild hall should be located, with the help of some of the heroes and their pets, we were able to locate an ancient scroll from the original founders of Isotop. Locating this scroll enabled us to determine the original meaning behind Isotop and what the founders of the guild had in mind. Of course, the original scroll only exists in physical form, and does not currently represent the purpose of Isotop, but it is nice to know where we came from...

Isotop is an awesome guild that likes chips and salsa. We enjoy killing falcons because they're the best bird in the world. We also enjoy eating elephants. We also enjoy eating cabbage. We also enjoy eating pizza. We also enjoy eating baby cakes, specifficly Asian ones. Every so oxygen we will go out and dance to a song that I made that's a techno-glitchy mix because I'm a good song writer, and the only reasOn I'm not doing good is because I haven't been offered any jobs. We got our name from isotope which means science stuff. However, tope sounds dumb, so we decided to change it to isotop in memory of the one time I climbed on my roof. We hope to one day rule the realms of Godville, Warcraft, runescape, maplestory, xbox live, ps3, comcast, and the universe. Help us do this stuff by joining. K bye

May 10, 2011 Tanory07

This was the first artifact we were able to find intact of the origin of Isotop, with all the spelling errors included. But scattered around the area we were able to find some other evidence that current members were also part of the founding of Isotop, and were able to piece together all the founders of the Original Isotop Guild. Buried deep within the rocks next to some fossils of old heroes' pets we found this intact scroll

Help us do this stuff by joining or by yelling at your brain to go do it, cause your busy. K cya Ps. WE RULE. Pps. We also play Dungeons and Dragons k bye

which had the signatures from the following gods: GodTanory07  5/11/11, GodFelroot  9/30/11, GodValatar  10/23/11, GodZann  11/20/11, GodAnsem  12/14/11, GodPluto69  12/16/11 (credit for this line [of] stupidity (his note)), and GodAlphaHunter  12/23/11 (who had changed the last words of "Dungeons and Dragons" to "Magic the Gathering", but according to Isotop historians, was flogged for making the unauthorized change, and it made a nice holiday legend (probably not for him)).

These were the gods that had a hand in the creation of the guild. All dated differently, probably because that was when they were able to make it to the meetings. It is also nice to know that two of the founders are still here...GodPluto69  and GodValatar .