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Isotop is a moderately powerful, growing guild. Ranked 49 at the pantheon of unity, we are climbing up the pantheons very fast. We do not have a preferred alignment, so anyone can join! However, we hope that all heroes that join our guild will be active in this game. We sincerely hope that whoever who joins the guild will be happy to stay and benefit from us.

After reading this Wikipage and you like to join us, type: Join the "Isotop" guild. (Do not cancel your current quest. ) And if your hero decided for what so ever reason to embark on a quest to leave us, type: cancel quest.

If you want to help the guild increase its influence in towns for a better reward, do encourage/punish your hero/heroine in town.

If you have any questions, add and message me on Skype: nickweiltdruin, or contact one of the below listed members.

Active Member List:

XXDoom: Prophet

Darkelvar: Cardinal

Pluto69: Patriarch

Valatar: Patriarch

Argiphontes: Regent

Midnight Wisdom: Follower

Dragon888: Chief Master

Lord Fuego: Patriarch

Ccmjhale: Cardinal

Jaslin: Matriarch

Shinie: Advisor

Divinings: Matriarch

Peenurse: Chief Master

Don the Great: Prophet

Airwave: Grand Master

knightmaster: Recruitä