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Idle Omens
Motto: Chaos dwells in everything.
Alignment: True Darkness!
Date Founded: 1978 G.E.
Membership Count: 4 +1
Pantheon of unity Rank: 682 [ + ]
Pantheon of popularity Rank: Nil
Pantheon of duelery Rank: Nil
Forum Headquarters: Idle Omens
Guild Page: Idle Omens 
Data current as of 18 September, 2015

About Us

The Prophecy

The world shall end on a Saturday.
Next Saturday, if you want specifics.
Just before 7:00 PM PST
If things go according to plan.
Which they never do.
So this prophecy is invalid.
Unless it isn't.

Then the world will end on Saturday.

The Guild

We're the guild that will sit on the fence until opportunity presents itself for us to manifest. In a world governed by the forces of light and darkness, we are the demons that dwell within the holiest of places -- the angels that hide within the shadows. We're simply those entities who have come to like the world, and all of its madness; our love for chaos unite us.
Excerpt from the Guild Handbook

So, what is Idle Omens?

Idle Omens is a guild for those who like stories, those who want to be part of something new rather than hitch a ride with one of the top guilds. Much like those established communities, this guild will start small and hopefully gain momentum. We accept all players, alts included. Our only requirement is that you like to have fun. Being fan of Neil Gaiman or Sir Terry Pratchett isn't required, but doesn't hurt.
Unless it does. Then our apologies.


In keeping in spirit with the nature of the apocalypse, we're a dark-aligned guild that will either witness the end of days, or be directly responsible.

  • Do we have a required alignment? Not so much as required as recommended, that you be on some level of the dark spectrum.
  • Kind and Gentle hero/ines welcome, and there will be a few exceptions to other alignments.
  • Remember, we expect you to play your character! Please don't have a Pure Evil character that's 100% nice to everyone, all the time!

Ah, the Arena. Currently Lyonhardt's favorite place in all of Godville to get away from the weird rivalry between his goddess and GodLurid Sin 's Kae'in. Anafi-el, the guild's resident angel, can also be found frequenting its bloody battles. Here's some tips from the angel, after observing Lyonhardt's battles:

  • On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or more charges.
    • Never enter the Arena with less than 3 charges.
  • Let your guild mates know that you're waiting to be matched. A very simple Arena_t, for heroes with temples, Arena_nt for all others.
  • Pay attention to the special rules.
    • Twice as likely to backfire: roughly 2 in 6 or so influences will effect you(your opponent if encouraging), none, or both. Use the voice command 'heal' to counter this.
    • Loser gets 3 gold bricks: if you don't have a temple? It's okay to lose once in a while.
    • Only 2 actions are allowed: these suck. If your both using influences, its not too bad. Stick to using voice commands if not. Especially when fighting righteous heroes.
    • Only 3 charges are allowed: this is fine, usually. I never have more than 3 anyway. If it becomes an issue, use the voice command of 'pray'.
    • The Judges will pray: This can have its advantages and disadvantages. This is where patience can pay off. Every round, 5-10 GP is restored. To take advantage of it, use voice commands every turn until your either about to be locked or on your last 25%.
    • Twice as fast: You and your opponent will attack at the same time, so 'block' becomes obsolete.
  • Make sure you check your opponents stats. If they have won _more_ arena matches than 2 times their levels mean that they a. have purchased extra charges, or b. only has enough to last this match. At least that's the crazy math we do around here. It may or may not be 50% accurate.
  • Sometime during the first two (3) steps, unless its a Prayer match, restore your GP by using 1 charge.
  • Strike at them. Use your influences wisely.
    • GodSireine  and GodIadobaoth  have agreed that 'Attack like a crazy wombat' is our semi-official Arena call.
      • Strike, Smite, Kick, and Punch all work as well. But like a crazy wombat.
  • Try to be a good sport, even if you lose and now have 0 charges. Remember, if they've only lost 1 battle in about 50.. either they've encountered nothing but AFKers, or have a lot of ALTs.
  • Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.

Somethings shouldn't need to be said, but if we don't say them ... some one's going to ruin the fun for everyone. Because we're an RP-central guild, let's go over the basics.

  • Please be courteous when speaking to each other in the guild council or the forum.
    • Profanity will not be tolerated in the forum and is advised against in the GC as well.
    • No derogatory terms.
    • Courteous doesn't necessarily mean nice, it means respectful. Exceptions will be made if situations in-character call for it.
  • If an RP scene calls for it, we utilize the fade to black, method of playing out otherwise MATURE scenes and resume the story as it would be after all of it played out.
    • If two guild members consent to such scenarios, please keep them private and isolated to your 'friend' chat.
      • Keep in mind that ages vary in Godville wildly, so if you choose to play out a scene with a member... please ensure that you are both of appropriate age.
      • Violation of this policy will be dealt with harshly.
      • So let's call it safe and just fade to black if the scene calls for it.
      • Most event will not require such scenes, anyway. Minor eroticism, yes. The need to perpetuate full acts? No.

The Founding

This details the coming of the first six members of Idle Omens.

The Beginning

Written by GodSireine 
I have watched the cosmos evolve, from the first star to the rise of man and other beings. In their mundane lives, there is reverie and malcontent .. but they love each other still. Long have I wondered how beings so beautifully chaotic could even possess the capacity for such empathy toward one another. Then, I saw the body of a man who was a victim of this world's hypocrisy. Perhaps I am merely the black veil of insanity. . . but I saw something absolutely perfect within the man's broken form.

This man would become the entity known as Lyonhardt - the silent knight of his dark mistress. What ever he had been was simply no more: the lady Sireine was his only desire and her word was law. When he woke in her derelict temple, he was directed to reconstruct the shrine to its former glory, but in another location. The Lady had another purpose for the place of his resurrection.
I have failed. This righteous bigot has proved better than I. What is this camaraderie that surrounds him? There is a pang of ... something I should remember, but find myself unable to. As I pull myself from the Arena floor, I see the sadness within my Lady's eyes as she looks to me.
"Forgive me, my lion. We are but strangers in this strange land ... it seems as if there are those who --"
I do not mean to look away from her, but there is a growing emotion that I do not understand. Her words should comfort me, but they only bring the emotions to the surface. I stand and begin to walk towards the exit on my side, another gladiator waiting for their turn nods knowingly. Was defeat not something uncommon to even the greater ones? I take notice of their comrades ... and realize that they are not friends, but rather belong to the same community of ideologies. I turn to my Lady and see that her sadness has faded.
"Find others who will walk this path with us, my lion. Others who love the insanity of this world."

The Coming of the Angel

As recorded by GodIadobaoth 
Her Lord long cast from the glory of his fellowship, Anafi-el was disgraced from the choir of Seraphim and banished from the heavens to the world below. It didn't take her long to discover their first sense of companionship, but something rang false about it. Sometime after setting off on another quest, her God came to her in the form of a serpent-headed lion. This immediately struck her as hilarious, as His true form was of a lion-headed snake. He looked absolutely ridiculous and she soon found herself laughing aloud, risking her very existence. The serpent's eyes narrowed and its mouth opened to speak. Or, hiss was more accurate. Anafi-el continued to laugh as Iadoboath adjusted His form into the proper state.
The Angel looked to her Lord and stopped laughing. This meant that He actually had a friend? Couldn't be -- whoever this other Divine was, they probably felt sorry for him. Well, no use in arguing with the being that created you.
And so, it came to pass that Anafi-el became the 2nd member of Idle Omens.

Beauty Disdained

The Story of GodLurid Sin 
Fed up with the abandonment of her God, the daughter of the Desert left her tribe of dark-skinned elf-kin and began to wander the land on her own. Often mistaken for a feral heroine, she found herself on the verge of death several times, though only twice more than how many heroes she struck down. For nearly four years, the elf-kin honed her skills on heroes and beasts alike, until she happened upon a young human girl engaged in conversation with the air.
Finding a strange sense of kinship with this young human, they traveled together under the watch of the Goddess, Vesania until the fateful day her own God returned. Bound in bandages and her wings ripped from her body, her Goddess was ruined by another and cast into shackles for the time she was absent from the elf-kin's life. Having already made up her mind to live on her own, the elf-kin simply passed by her former deity and continued on her way to Godville to become the 3rd member of Idle Omens, her sister following her all the while.
Kae'in may be the only member of Idle Omens who doesn't have their own divine entity, rather relies on her own lurid sins to survive.

Delirium's Sweet Child

As told by GodVesania 
Where to begin with this child? She had been committed to the asylum before she was a teen, had killed her mother by the time she was released, and well on her way to a short life of crime and abandon. She dyed her hair at random, wearing mismatched eyeliner and garish outfits that were often nothing more than scraps she found in forsaken houses, or that she stole from the merchants. By the time she was an adult, Lucidea had already mastered the art of seduction ... although her victims always wound up on the wrong side of her intentions. One of these attempts at blackmail ended when she met Vesania, a being of jovial chaos. The two felt a strange kinship with each other - well, Lucidea had a voice to listen to again, and the Goddess had an amusing servant now.
It wasn't long after that she would meet with her best friend and elf sister, Kae'in on the road to Godville. Since meeting the elf, Lucidea's demeanor has become more mild, enjoying her moments of clarity and bringing a little less death when her mind abandoned her. Now, as a member of Idle Omens, Lucidea tries her very best to keep the overall mayhem and body count down.

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