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IQ points summary

Each player has a certain number of IQ points which changes in response to their actions in the ideabox. Access to various features of the Ideabox is granted based on the number of points in the Ideas Quality (IQ) meter. This number ought to (very subjectively) represent the quality of prior submissions and other game-content related activities of a player. The current value of the IQ points is displayed at the bottom of the Ideabox page.

Various Ideabox features and privileges are available upon reaching a certain number of IQ points

>= 70 points: full access to the ER (submit new corrections and vote for existing ones)

>= 10 points: report offensive ideabox submissions (flag symbol at the right)

<= -4 points: submission limit is set to one idea per day

<= -10 points: normal voting rights for ideas are revoked

<= -15 points: ideabox is closed for new content submissions

How Do IQ Points Change? (Addition and subtraction of IQ points to your account)

+7 points to the author if his content idea (or its variant) gets approved and included into the game

+3 points to a reviewer who offered a correction that got the idea approved and added to game (author still gets his +7 points)

+1 point when a grammar correction is approved

-1 point to the author if an idea gets less than 2 upvotes in the first-tier voting process and its author has <= 0 IQ points (these authors are strongly advised to spend more time on their submissions in order to prevent them from falling off even deeper)

-7 points to the idea’s author if the idea was reported as offensive/inappropriate and this report was approved as a valid one (on the other hand, false reports may lead to a decrease of the IQ points for the reportee)

-5x points (x varies depending on the extremity of a case) to the offender, if the Ideabox or ER are used for reasons not directly related to improving content submissions (e.g. chat, flood, guild wars, etc). Unlike gratitude points, IQ points can and will be subtracted without prior notice if one tries to somehow game the system (e.g. by upvoting ideas based on their authors and not their content).