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The Hyper Lynx (Lynx activa "active lynx") is a tamable monster. It is not rideable.

Wild Hyper Lynxes

Hyper Lynxes are bigger than Firefoxes and smaller than Bipolar Bears. In wild Hyper Linx live in B-Trees Forest. They hunt Spambots, Battlesheeps and other hi-tech monsters. In the form of virus Hyper Lynx attack the prey. According to the B-Trees Forest rules in right way Hyper Lynx eating prey, in left way prey can eating predator. Very hungry Hyper Lynx can attack hero because hero is part of the code.

Once thought to be extinct, this creature of legend is a prize companion to all those who seek to tame it. With yellow and white lightning style stripes, this lynx is faster than the eye, very cunning, and is said to command thunder and lightning. Whenever a traveler is lucky, or unlucky enough to spot one knows a massive storm is coming. Every natural disaster recorded in Godville a hyper lynx was spotted moments before hand watching the skies. Those who tame this beast suffer from occasional electric shocks, for the fur of this lynx is highly static charged. Make no mistake, this is a very loyal pet to have at your side. Its lightning fast speed and agility is matched only by its intelligence. It is said you can never tame a hyper lynx, it chooses to follow you for reasons as of yet unknown. The hyper lynx has no fixed location or home land, they are nomadic in nature and follow the storms across the world, running by so fast if they chose they go unnoticed. Although they are of the feline family and do sleep 18 hours of the day, when they are active their energy is unmatched. Nocturnal by nature, however they are also active during dark thunderstorms.


  • Travels at the speed of light


  • Allergic to peanuts
  • Doesn't liked to be touched too much

Pet Hyper Lynxes

They like play with Laser Mice and hero can catch future pet easy.

Raising Hyper Lynxes