Holy powercell

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Artifacts of Godville
Holy powercell
"Now consuming 0 Godpower for even more efficiency!" - Advertisement.
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description This item adds one accumulator charge when activated (this item does not require godpower to be activated)
Cost No godpower
Effect Add an Accumulator charge

The Holy powercell is an activatable artifact that adds an accumulator charge when activated. No godpower is required to accumulate this power.

Heroes can obtain this artifact through battling the Holykeeper, as this monster carries one of these as its power source. No godpower is required to convert it because it is complete as-is for gods' use. As the monster has sacred affiliations, this artifact is more valuable on the astral plane as an accumulator charge than it is to a hero. It is, however, still worth some coins at the local trader.

Like the hammer of realignment, it is not possible to craft this activatable artifact.

!Diary of an unknown hero
13:52 Suddenly the holy powercell started to glow and turned into a blue energy beam shining upwards. Almighty, is that for you?