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The history of Godville is a long one.

To start with, in the realm of Godville, the date is not measured from the birth of Christ (A.D. Anno Domini) but is measured from the day Godville first came online. We therefore use G.E. (Godville Era) instead. It is important to note that the first version of the English Godville first came online on Day 902 g.e. of the original Russian Godville. Therefore their Day 902 is our Day 1. We will only deal with the dating system of the English Godville since that is all we are concerned with.

These are the chronicles of Godville. It lists all important events in it's entire history in ascending order.

Date (G.E.) Date (A.D.) Event
227 23.12.2010 First ever issue of the Godville Times is published.
226 22.12.2010 Second ever Temple is completed by Hammrsgl.
221 17.12.2010 First ever Temple is completed by Godzillla
211 07.12.2010 Auras are first released. Ability to report offensive players is created due to the forum's first ever troll (who was banned).
180 06.11.2010 The pantheon of taming is created.
148 05.10.2010 Pets become available. Godville Iphone/Ipod app version 2.2.1 is released.
134 21.09.2010 The pantheon of gladiatorship is created.
124 11.09.2010 Godville Iphone/Ipod app version 2.0 released (also for Ipad)
110 28.08.2010 Godwiki comes online.
108 26.08.2010 The Arena comes online.
103 21.08.2010 Activatable Artifacts are created.
78 27.07.2010 pantheon of creation,pantheon of destruction & pantheon of construction are created.
69 18.07.2010 The Godville Iphone/Ipod app is released in the appstore
1 10.03.2010 First version of Godville comes online (private, invite-only beta of Godville)