Hazardous minerals map

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Artifacts of Godville
Hazardous minerals map
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Despite its name, this artifact have nothing to do with hazardous minerals.
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Start search for an underground Boss monster

A Hazardous minerals map is an activatable artifact that helps a heroine find partners to fight an underground boss-monster.

This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss (requires 50% of godpower)

Upon activating, two things will happen:

  1. The heroine recovers about a 1/3rd of her total health (or to 100, whichever is higher)
  2. Gives the following diary entry:
!Hero's Diary
Heard some noises, swearing, shouts about raids, bosses and underground caves. Is someone digging nearby? Omnipotent One, I'll be right back — if there's anything going on, I'll take part!

That's just the start of it!

About a 5-minute timer will begin by rallying up potential heroes who will hook up with the heroine. If there aren't 1-3 additional heroes by the time is up as can be seen from the Earthly News progress bar, the heroine will give up and continue with the questing. There is no indication other than said progress bar being readjusted as not even a diary entry will record the missed matching.

If all goes well, the clarion call will rally other heroes to come to your aid to battle whatever demon arises from the subterranean depths. When the battle begins, you will see your fellow monster-mashers' names appear on the screen.

Depending on the boss's abilities, you can send quick messages via godvoice. Make sure you have plenty of health (encourage during the downtime if necessary), but most of all be alert to the distinctive nature of the Boss-monster that you are about to fight.

Be sure to advise your fellow heroes to observe these traits via godvoice so that they do not waste their precious reserves of godpower, like wasting punishments or helping heal the boss. Above all else, persevere. The rewards are good - golden bricks, gold and precious artifacts.

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