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Harvest Moon
Motto: Messis lunae adoramus!
Alignment: True Darkness
Gold Fund: 432425 c.u.
Date Founded: September 10, 2010
Membership Count: 695
Town with Greatest Influence: Godvillewood (43%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 5
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 1
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 1
Forum Headquarters: Harvest Moon
Guild Page: Harvest Moon 
Data current as of 14 August 2012

Our guild hall
Gathering our thoughts


  • We are a strong, cohesive and fun community of players who like to chat and help each other.
  • We have quite a few temple owners, who keep our stats high so that all our members receive a continual supply of gold and other rewards (when viewing our town influence level, remember that only the Godville Times doesn't always list all towns, but this sight does list our influence levels in all towns)
  • We are an evil guild. Everyone is welcome to join, provided they have an evil alignment.
  • Our members include many of the oldest and most powerful gods in Godville, who are happy to be asked questions and share wisdom with their guild mates. Ask us anything; arena combat, how best to guide an evil hero, temple building, you name it!
  • If you wish to join our dark ranks, send a voice saying Join the "Harvest Moon" guild while your hero is outside a city until the hero decides to switch quests. 'Do not cancel your current quest first.'
  • Should your hero be foolish enough to start questing to leave us, aside from punishing the insolent whelp, we suggest that you order them repeatedly to "cancel quest". This can sometimes take over 20 tries, so persistence is the key!
  • Our guild has a lot going on behind the scenes. Integral to our functioning is an easy to use chat program called Palringo. To find out more details, including how to join Palringo, just click on the following link: [Harvest Moon Blog Post].


The Harvest Moon occurs once every 10 years, and when it does it is a time of great terror. In the old days, the Cult of Blood would attempt to harness the Moon's dark energy by the means of sacrifice. They would "harvest" the souls of their victims and offer them to the blood red moon in return for great and terrible power.

Over time members of the cult were hunted down and killed, as the rest fled over the ocean and inhabited the land of Godville. By this time they had forgotten the rituals they would use to carry out the Harvest Moon Sacrifice. Although their methods are lost, there are still the guild masters who tirelessly hunt for a way to harness the Moon's great power once more, and recruit other "heroes" to help them in their search for power...

Guild Strongholds

We currently have major footholds all over this land. Those who defy our rule in our areas of influence are severely punished for their blasphemy. Our followers affix a magical, sacred seal on their doors which not only allow them to show their support, but also protect them when we purge an area of any resistance.

Our strongholds are easily recognizable. They are vast, strong fortresses of darkness, perpetually surrounded by black storm clouds. The fortress is surrounded by a lake of blood, and atop the impressive towers made of bone are great luminous red crystals - ancient storage devices through which we channel dark energy in return for great and terrible power.

Arena Policy

We avoid each other by announcing when we're entering the arena, while others wait their turn if they are a close enough level to risk being matched with them. This is done by making announcements a special "Arena" chat room in Palringo. Look here to learn how to chat in Palringo and we'll get you set up in the arena rooms.

We realize that many players also announce they are entering arena via the Guild Council chat in Godville. We must warn that this is not a secure area in which to announce, since we have no control over who joins Harvest Moon (some of whom may be alternate accounts of other Godville users in different guilds). Therefore, we recommend posting on Guild Council only at your discretion, since you open yourself up to the potential of being stalked.

Despite all precautions taken, it is almost inevitable that Harvest Moon members will match in the arena from time to time. When this happens, we recommend that the matched guildmates try to communicate via Guild Council (or PM, if friends in Godville) to discuss terms of the fight (for example, a ""pure"" fight with no influence or god voices, a limit on charges, or a fight to the death). If neither party responds, or if there is a disagreement, then the default is to fight in true Harvest Moon fashion... that is, to win. No one is ever expected to throw a fight against a guild member.

Please note that announcing that you are entering arena is in no way mandatory, but done because most of us do not like beating up our fellow guildmates.

Forum Posting

Many of our members enjoy friendly banter and roleplay on Our Forum, and find that posting adds another dimension to the Godville experience. Additionally, we believe that keeping a fun, active thread going helps with the recruitment of new members, as the Guild's Headquarters section of the forum is one of the first places people look when joining a guild. We welcome all members, regardless of length of time in the guild and/or roleplay experience to join in the fun. You don't know if you'll like it until you try it, so come on in, the water's fine! All we ask is that you remain courteous in accordance with the Godville Forum Rules.

Noteworthy Members

The Blood Council


The Blood Council is composed of some of the most evil and respected members of Harvest Moon, who all work hard behind the scenes to ensure the Might of our guild and the inherent Evil of its members.

Name Title Hero
GodBellatrixie The Strange (U • C • T)  Leader Blood Moon Empress. Championed by the hero Galldemort.
GodLady Darkness (U • C • T)  Co-leader Counselor of the Moon. Championed by the hero Darkonius.
GodArtemys (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Huntress. Championed by the heroine Robyn Hood.
GodCeccetticat (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Princess. Championed by the heroine Alainia.
GodDoctor Frank-n-Furter (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Prowler. Championed by the hero Riff-raff.
GodGod Of Tasty (U • C • T)  Blood Moon Gastronomer. Championed by the hero Tastyhotdog.
GodKure (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Vulpini. Championed by the heroine Vey.
GodMagic Merlin (U • C • T)  Officer Magician of the Moon. Championed by the hero Merlins Aprentice.
GodMakaze (U • C • T)  Officer Oracle of the Blood Moon. Championed by the heroine Kimagure.
GodMistress of Science (U • C • T)  Officer Scholar of the Moon. Championed by the hero Muley.
GodNenalata (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Mystic. Championed by the heroine Fallon Skye.
GodRufustjynd (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Defender. Championed by the hero Kozel.
GodTchulmaak (U • C • T)  Officer Tutor in Demonic Law. Championed by the heroine Alurenthia.
GodZeerty (U • C • T)  Officer Blood Moon Jester. Championed by the heroine Lol Buddy.


These "Elders," though semi-retired, are still willing to contribute to the greatness of our guild by sharing their vast stories of experience and knowledge with the rest of us, while taking a well-deserved rest from active duties.

Name Title Hero
GodBelteshazzar (U • C • T)  Blood Moon Sentinel. Championed by the hero Samuel Vimes.
GodCharon (U • C • T)  Emissary of the Blood Moon. Championed by the hero Arnost.
GodCorwin (U • C • T)  Founder of the Harvest Moon. Championed by the hero Swayvil.
GodSyrocko (U • C • T)  Master of War. Championed by the hero Jaaden.
GodSauriva (U • C • T)  (Advisor) First of the Six. Translator of the Heavens.
GodThirdeye0pen (U • C • T)  Speaker of the Moon. Championed by the hero Quadfather.
GodUlvolose (U • C • T)  Co-Founder of the Harvest Moon. Championed by the hero Argoet.

Distinguished Members

Our "Distinguished Members" are those who stand out above the crowd with their determination, perseverance and strength as they travel the path to Evil Infamy.

Name Title Hero
GodA R I E S (U • C • T)  Crusader of the Moon. Championed by the hero SouthernCharmz.
GodBeeporama (U • C • T)  Mouth of the Moon. Championed by the hero Beepocles.
GodCaligoletto (U • C • T)  Legionario della Luna. Championed by the hero Incitatus.
GodConzequence (U • C • T)  Reapercussion of the Moon. Championed by the heroine Wyndz.
GodDamienpoe (U • C • T)  Blood Moon Demon Child. Championed by the hero The420Bob.
GodElementarion (U • C • T)  Fictionary of the Moon. Championed by the hero Aricatus.
GodEx Machina 3000 (U • C • T)  Blood Moon Midas. Championed by the hero Methodical.
GodGreat Apollo (U • C • T)  Man on the Moon. Championed by the hero The Real Worm.
GodJmfC (U • C • T)  Wildcard of the Moon. Championed by the hero Whereami.
GodMasse (U • C • T)  Blood Moon Marauder. Championed by the hero Masselin.
GodMBRich (U • C • T)  Millionaire of the Moon. Championed by the hero Spradruke.
GodMused (U • C • T)  Daydreamer of the Moon. Championed by the hero Liir.
GodNicosa (U • C • T)  Fairy of the Crimson Moon. Championed by the hero Zaln.
GodProxes (U • C • T)  Sleeper of the Moon. Championed by the hero Proximity.
GodShadow Luxray (U • C • T)  Sominator Lune. Championed by the hero Shadow Luxio.
GodStarryshine (U • C • T)  Illuminati of the Moon. Championed by the heroine Gehena.
GodThe Black Plague (U • C • T)  Dark Side of the Moon. Championed by the hero Desh.
GodTiggilina (U • C • T)  Herald of the Blood Moon. Championed by the heroine Tiggy.

Legends of the Blood Moon

These "Legends" have all been with the guild since the Harvest Moon first formed in Godville. Every one of them held a major role in the forming of this guild, but have decided to take a step down from leadership. However their dedication, loyalty and contributions have earned them a spot in our hearts, minds, and the retirement home.

Name Title Hero
GodFel1dragon (U • C • T)  Dark Sage of the Moon. Championed by the hero Fell Dragon.
GodHammrsgl (U • C • T)  Lady of the Blood Moon. Championed by the hero Hammr.
GodKosh (U • C • T)  Head Necromancer. Championed by the heroine Delenn.
GodKxaiakaerle (U • C • T)  Blood Maniac. Championed by the heroine Black Mask.
GodPeter C (U • C • T)  Master of War. Championed by the hero Oski.
GodSuperClaire Returns (U • C • T)  Handmaiden of the Moon. Championed by the heroine Pingping.
GodTiralise Elune (U • C • T)  Shadow of the Moon. Championed by the hero Evienne.
GodZindrel (U • C • T)  Executioner of the Moon. Championed by the heroine Ashura.


Our guild is proud to be home to over 700 members. Our members can be viewed at the Harvest Moon Stats Page. HM has 65 pet medals and 296 temple owners.

Temple and Pet Owners

GodA R I E S (U • C • T) 
GodAlistin (U • C • T) 
GodAlisto (U • C • T) 
GodA R I E S (U • C • T) 
GodBelteshazzar (U • C • T) 
GodAtheistGod (U • C • T) 
GodAzash (U • C • T) 
GodBelteshazzar (U • C • T) 
GodBoneCrush3r (U • C • T) 
GodCaligoletto (U • C • T) 
GodCeccetticat (U • C • T) 
GodCerwin (U • C • T) 
GodChainD (U • C • T) 
GodCharon (U • C • T) 
GodCorwin (U • C • T) 
GodDamienpoe (U • C • T) 
GodDaVagrant (U • C • T) 
GodDavii (U • C • T) 
GodDemy (U • C • T) 
GodDisturbed (U • C • T) 
GodDoctor February (U • C • T) 
GodDude the big (U • C • T) 
GodGabadar (U • C • T) 
GodGertrudetrumpet (U • C • T) 
GodGizzmoKvack (U • C • T) 
GodGod Of Tasty (U • C • T) 
GodGreat Apollo (U • C • T) 
GodGurkengott (U • C • T) 
GodHammrsgl (U • C • T) 
GodHis Royal Dudeness (U • C • T) 
GodHotaru (U • C • T) 
GodJaps (U • C • T) 
GodJmfC (U • C • T) 
GodKamui (U • C • T) 
GodKevin Almighty (U • C • T) 
GodKosh (U • C • T) 
GodKriton (U • C • T) 
GodMakaze (U • C • T) 
GodMarked8 (U • C • T) 
GodMasse (U • C • T) 
GodMiracale (U • C • T) 
GodMistress of Science (U • C • T) 
GodMooric (U • C • T) 
GodMused (U • C • T) 
GodNicosa (U • C • T) 
GodOmicod (U • C • T) 
GodPeter C (U • C • T) 
GodPomyk (U • C • T) 
GodRussells Teapot (U • C • T) 
GodShinchib (U • C • T) 
GodShizik (U • C • T) 
GodSoft (U • C • T) 
GodStarryshine (U • C • T) 
GodSuperclaire Returns (U • C • T) 
GodSyrocko (U • C • T) 
GodTamlyyn (U • C • T) 
GodTchulmaak (U • C • T) 
GodTh3 D3str013r (U • C • T) 
GodThe True Dude (U • C • T) 
GodThirdeye0pen (U • C • T) 
GodTiggilina (U • C • T) 
GodTradwolley (U • C • T) 
GodUltimose (U • C • T) 
GodUlvolose (U • C • T) 
GodViSM (U • C • T) 
GodZeerty (U • C • T) 
GodZoson (U • C • T) 

Temple Owners

GodAbnar (U • C • T) 
GodAex0 (U • C • T) 
GodAhura Volkswagen (U • C • T) 
GodAlfuzz (U • C • T) 
GodAlmighty Christopher (U • C • T) 
GodAlmighty Malikai (U • C • T) 
GodAngeloOng (U • C • T) 
GodAnnexa (U • C • T) 
GodAnomander (U • C • T) 
GodAnwynn (U • C • T) 
GodArtaemis (U • C • T) 
GodArthmire (U • C • T) 
GodAspertame (U • C • T) 
GodAstar (U • C • T) 
GodAstrum logicum (U • C • T) 
GodAthenabear (U • C • T) 
GodAutomatonamaton (U • C • T) 
GodBadger-b (U • C • T) 
GodBasick (U • C • T) 
GodBeeporama (U • C • T) 
GodBehometh (U • C • T) 
GodBellaBear (U • C • T) 
GodBellatrixie The Strange (U • C • T) 
GodBionicToad (U • C • T) 
GodBiran (U • C • T) 
GodBlindsia (U • C • T) 
GodBloodGod (U • C • T) 
GodBoonjuice (U • C • T) 
GodBrad Is God (U • C • T) 
GodBrandonATN (U • C • T) 
GodBrool (U • C • T) 
GodBudapesties (U • C • T) 
GodBuddhaPear (U • C • T) 
GodBumpkin56 (U • C • T) 
GodChai Tea (U • C • T) 
GodChicka Boom Boom (U • C • T) 
GodCincyrav (U • C • T) 
GodCivic123 (U • C • T) 
GodCJXu (U • C • T) 
GodClumpyDog (U • C • T) 
GodConzequence (U • C • T) 
GodCrimsonstripe (U • C • T) 
GodCyc (U • C • T) 
GodD w P (U • C • T) 
GodDabasher (U • C • T) 
GodDaeira (U • C • T) 
GodDarkyyy (U • C • T) 
GodDastin (U • C • T) 
GodDeus Sol (U • C • T) 
GodDevenator (U • C • T) 
GodDi Vinci (U • C • T) 
GodDoctor Do0m (U • C • T) 
GodDoggone Goodness (U • C • T) 
GodDominator42 (U • C • T) 
GodE46daze (U • C • T) 
GodEl Rumpo De La Range (U • C • T) 
GodElbanak (U • C • T) 
GodElensar (U • C • T) 
GodEmprissNikon (U • C • T) 
GodEtna (U • C • T) 
GodEvil Bo Man (U • C • T) 
GodEvil MoFugger (U • C • T) 
GodEvilSnoopy (U • C • T) 
GodEx Machina 3000 (U • C • T) 
GodFaer (U • C • T) 
GodFalke (U • C • T) 
GodFifffi (U • C • T) 
GodFrostWish (U • C • T) 
GodFuntongue (U • C • T) 
GodIals (U • C • T) 
GodGew (U • C • T) 
GodGod Is Not Short (U • C • T) 
GodGod Of Madness (U • C • T) 
GodGodWind (U • C • T) 
GodHarriel (U • C • T) 
GodHeavier (U • C • T) 
GodIate98crayons (U • C • T) 
GodIgneel Vanguard (U • C • T) 
GodImperiex Prime (U • C • T) 
GodImprecise Master (U • C • T) 
GodImre (U • C • T) 
GodIndeterminacy (U • C • T) 
GodInsidia (U • C • T) 
GodInvictus Nix (U • C • T) 
GodIrrylath (U • C • T) 
GodJan Serafin (U • C • T) 
GodJar-El-24 (U • C • T) 
GodJeju do (U • C • T) 
GodJenna Talia (U • C • T) 
GodJessybel (U • C • T) 
GodJiminy Cricket (U • C • T) 
GodJohnny Bagofdonuts (U • C • T) 
GodJuniormint86 (U • C • T) 
GodJustmasterflex (U • C • T) 
GodJydingo (U • C • T) 
GodKalina (U • C • T) 
GodKelon (U • C • T) 
GodKemanorel (U • C • T) 
GodKing Tonga (U • C • T) 
GodKobayashi (U • C • T) 
GodKyrin (U • C • T) 
GodL72eape72sz (U • C • T) 
GodLady Darkness (U • C • T) 
GodLandor Aiel (U • C • T) 
GodLatrommi (U • C • T) 
GodLavender Clover (U • C • T) 
GodLeiden (U • C • T) 
GodLord Phantomz (U • C • T) 
GodLordDante (U • C • T) 
GodLoredana (U • C • T) 
GodLucidic (U • C • T) 
GodLuciferthedevil (U • C • T) 
GodLutsiy (U • C • T) 
GodM4GICM4N (U • C • T) 
GodMalgrumm (U • C • T) 
GodMapk (U • C • T) 
GodMbRich (U • C • T) 
GodMcgachnik (U • C • T) 
GodMegaMingus (U • C • T) 
GodMeowoof (U • C • T) 
GodMihimaru (U • C • T) 
GodMIRV (U • C • T) 
GodMisery In Motion (U • C • T) 
GodMiss murder (U • C • T) 
GodMister Man (U • C • T) 
GodMister Sparkle (U • C • T) 
GodMo2 (U • C • T) 
GodMollysun (U • C • T) 
GodMoon Stone (U • C • T) 
GodMr Ouija (U • C • T) 
GodMrs Metal (U • C • T) 
GodMysticMik (U • C • T) 
GodN8 Almighty (U • C • T) 
GodNarine (U • C • T) 
GodNeedlz (U • C • T) 
GodNenalata (U • C • T) 
GodNewes (U • C • T) 
GodNight Falls (U • C • T) 
GodNo-body (U • C • T) 
GodNoian (U • C • T) 
GodNoxid (U • C • T) 
GodNumero-uno (U • C • T) 
GodObsydianX (U • C • T) 
GodOceano (U • C • T) 
GodOmgdoublebalron (U • C • T) 
GodOsteophagas (U • C • T) 
GodOwl86 (U • C • T) 
GodPHatG (U • C • T) 
GodPhoenyxnova (U • C • T) 
GodPhorcys (U • C • T) 
GodPhrille05 (U • C • T) 
GodPialphamu (U • C • T) 
GodPippin the short (U • C • T) 
GodPitchka (U • C • T) 
GodPoki (U • C • T) 
GodPoochy (U • C • T) 
GodPowerfulzjx (U • C • T) 
GodPurple monster (U • C • T) 
GodRazorfay (U • C • T) 
GodRedheadinetgirl (U • C • T) 
GodRevise (U • C • T) 
GodReybee (U • C • T) 
GodRimat Ninsun (U • C • T) 
GodRufustjynd (U • C • T) 
GodSamuRon (U • C • T) 
GodSauriva (U • C • T) 
GodSeeker1337 (U • C • T) 
GodShalkien (U • C • T) 
GodShiro-Kami (U • C • T) 
GodSir Diolo (U • C • T) 
GodSkippyryan (U • C • T) 
GodSkyeBabe (U • C • T) 
GodSmokenduck (U • C • T) 
GodSolista (U • C • T) 
GodSoulharbinger (U • C • T) 
GodStammetje (U • C • T) 
GodStrahdd (U • C • T) 
GodSupreme Beings (U • C • T) 
GodSven the Strong (U • C • T) 
GodTaelS (U • C • T) 
GodTaunslayer (U • C • T) 
GodTeraPico (U • C • T) 
GodTeristen (U • C • T) 
GodTerrakotta (U • C • T) 
GodThank (U • C • T) 
GodThe Almighty Cavan (U • C • T) 
GodThe Black Plague (U • C • T) 
GodThe Lateralus (U • C • T) 
GodThe Living Word (U • C • T) 
GodThe Woodfall Moon (U • C • T) 
GodTheRuler (U • C • T) 
GodTomConnah (U • C • T) 
GodTracer T (U • C • T) 
GodTrololo Guy (U • C • T) 
GodTrotsky (U • C • T) 
GodUnenlightened1 (U • C • T) 
GodUnspeakable (U • C • T) 
GodUprisinggt (U • C • T) 
GodVarsoon (U • C • T) 
GodViscera (U • C • T) 
GodVol-Tron (U • C • T) 
GodWappo (U • C • T) 
GodWeswarner (U • C • T) 
GodWill71635 (U • C • T) 
GodWilvin (U • C • T) 
GodWraek (U • C • T) 
GodYellow Sky (U • C • T) 
GodYen lo wang (U • C • T) 
GodYokozuna (U • C • T) 
GodZeronimus (U • C • T) 
GodZeryn (U • C • T) 
GodZombie1991 (U • C • T) 

Recruitment Policy

Our members are encouraged to recruit new, evil aligned gods and heroes into the guild. However, experience has proven that a degree of restraint must be practiced in order to preserve a sense of honor and goodwill between the many guilds of Godville. Therefore, we now ask that our members do not make deliberate attempts to recruit members from an active guild. As a general guideline, a guild which has posted on their own thread within the last 2 weeks should be considered active. We ask that other guilds contact an officer or Blood Council member if they feel like this policy has been violated.

The "The Weekly Harvest!"

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