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“My Goddess and I” by Biliverdinn
Other names That bloody lady, Billy’s scary parent and similar
Gender Female
Blood type Always positive
Formula C2932H4724N828O840S8Fe4→(some-other-crazy-elements)n[1]
Personality (Changes from time to time)
Date of Birth Much sooner before Biliverdinn was born[2]
Address Some place above Biliverdinn’s head[3]
Officially became a Goddess at December 6th, 2015
First follower
Name Biliverdinn
Species Hero
Second follower
Name Bolt
Species Santa Claws

Not to be confused with Haemoglobin (Hemoglobin), the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates (with the exception of the fish family Channichthyidae) as well as the tissues of some invertebrates.

Haemoglobin (ˈhiːməˌɡloʊbɪn) is the name of the Goddess in the legend of Biliverdinn. She is believed to be an imaginary deity who Biliverdinn created on his mind to explain all the good[4] and bad[5] things that ever happened throughout the time he was travelling across Godville. The hero also mentioned in his diary that Haemoglobin had been the only one who was always there to guide him the right ways to go [6] and tell him the right things to do[7] in the worst times of his life.

How the world sees Haemoglobin through the words of her hero

She was inconsistent

This is the top reason why no one else besides Biliverdinn actually believes in her. On some days she could bless him with all the best things ever happened in this world, but in the other days she could just trike him crazily with her lightning; or worse – she might do nothing in an entire day and make the hero thought he was abandoned. Which sounds pretty the same as how luck works to all of us.

She wasn’t good at navigating the hero and usually made the whole team walk in circles at every dungeon

A map shows the team’s route inside a small and easy dungeon. The red lines show their route when Haemoglobinn hadn’t lead the team yet, while the blue and green lines show how she had messed things up

As being mentioned above, Biliverdinn claimed that he was guided by his Goddess in dungeons, but how bad Biliverdinn’s performances were is not a secret. In his time, children of Godville even had this folk song about him: <poem> Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Don’t be like Biliverdinn Read Dungeons before going in

           -  “Billy’s such a dummy” , unknown author.


The teribly-high average number of steps Biliverdinn had to make before being able to get out of a dungeon is very concerning. This has been explained by other people who went on a team with him: despite having gone into dungeons many times, he seemed to know nothing about them; and he always claimed to hear his Goddess’ voice which told him the way to go. Biliverdinn had no other choice but to warn his teammates about this and apologize when “the Goddess had made serious mistakes” . He also admitted that “Haemoglobin’s” navigation skill couldn’t get any better in time, but “she knew her weakness and only tried to guide her hero when no one else did the job”.

Because of this, historians are still argueing on whether Biliverdinn was making excuses or he was just drunk. Some other historians also believe that this whole story is just made-up, in order to teach the children a lesson about the importance of the knowledge written in the wiki pages of Godville.

The only thing kept him away from being kicked out of the dungeons is that he was very lucky in battles against the bosses, or “My Goddess showed no mercy to those beast!” , like the way he had always said about her.

She wasn’t very talkative

Haemoglobin was described as a deity who didn’t talk much; most of the time, she only used simple words to demand her hero to do something as shown below:

20:20 “heal, heal, heal, heal” said Haemoglobin from above. Mishearing the command from above, Biliverdinn, just in case, strikes the enemy on his head. - Dungeon #10880 journal, Boss Fight #3

There is a theory about this which says that Haemoglobin was not a native English speaker, and she might feel uncomfortable using a new language. This seems to be reasonable, except one thing: Haemoglobin isn’t real.

When Haemoglobin felt excited, she could send him a full-constructed message; but it was rare:

!Hero's Diary
07:28 A voice too high in pitch for humans to hear said, “I'm running out of charges... Guess what? You won't have to go dungeon today!” At least, I'm guessing that's what happened.

The reason why he could hear Haemoglobin’s voices could be seen in the chart tracking how much money he had spent on beer and how many times he receive a Godvoice a day in 30 days:
Biliverdinn himself explained that his Goddess didn’t happy to see him drinking too much, while others believe it depends on whether he was sober or not.


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