Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy
Groovy flower power.jpg
Motto: Free your mind and your cash will follow
Alignment: Sideways
Gold Fund: Yes Please! c.u.
Date Founded: 25th December 2011. You already celebrate us.
Membership Count: We are more of a membership cult
Pantheon of unity Rank: Rankings are an illusion of the material plane
Forum Headquarters: Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy
Guild Page: Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy 
I feel my neurons slowing down to a state of stupefaction.

Look into my eyes... don't look around the eyes, look straight into my eyes... you are entering a deep state of hypnosis... deeper... deeper... all the way down.


Tea! I have tea and I know how to use it
HAPPY Now, everything I say is absolute truth and you will surrender your will unconditionally to me.... The Leader. Trust in Me.
Breathe in…... COPY…..... Hold your breath…..... PASTE…...... Breathe out….... LOL!
HAPPY You really are blessed by luck, as by stumbling through the hallowed portals of the GROOVY CHURCH OF HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY you have embarked upon a personal quest of self realisation through mindless joy. Trust in Me.
whoever bathes daily in the river of stupidity worries not of fungal growth
JOY The Groovy Church is a guild you really can call home... we will even eventually replace your family! WE ARE YOUR FAMILY. Trust in Me.
I’ve got a gerbil called Sprinkles

The Groovy Church will cleanse your mind and fully liberate you achieve enlightenment through the esoteric arts of copy pasting and LOL meditation. Imagination is a dangerous and heretical act which only leads to false freedom. COPY-PASTE-LOL! You will be assimilated. Trust in Me.

For all the wonderful services we provide, The Groovy Church only requires two small things from guild members, namely 50% of your earnings and your soul. And the soul of your cat. Yes, that's 3 things. Counting correctly is a dangerous and heretical act that only leads to false freedom. Trust in Me. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

3-2-1.... You're back in the room.

Welcome to the Groovy Church! The donations tin is in the corner. Don't be a stranger.

To achieve enlightenment of your mind, wallet and soul, please copy and paste (LOL!) the following voice command when your fool is out of town and not fighting....

Join the "Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy" Guild.

If your fool subsequently has their head turned by the false idols of another guild, enter the "Cancel Quest" command.

Resistance is futile. Trust in Me :D

You look like Zootroll!