Goon Squad

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Goon Squad
Motto: We're goons from night 'till noon!
Alignment: humane
Leader: GodMyqpalzm 
Membership Count: 119
Forum Headquarters: Goon Squad
Guild Page: Goon Squad 
Data current as of August 17th 2015

Welcome to the Wiki Page of Goon Squad

Are you getting sick of being used by villains as a cannon fodder? Are you getting sick of being beaten up by the so-called good guys? Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the goons in every movie teamed up and tried to overthrow their employers? (no one really ever has)Then this is the guild for you!

Not only do we goons work together very well but there is a seemingly interminable amount of us! No person, bad or good, will defeat us in our enterprise to destroy civilization and order!

The Goon Squad is currently doing well in our quest for complete anarchy. We're thinking we will be the leaders of this new anarchist way of life.