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These are gods in the game Godville who have made it to level 15 with their heroes and have gained editing access to the GodWiki. All users are reminded to read and follow the rules for editing the GodWiki.

Anyone who violates the rules will lose their editing rights or complete game access. If you think or know you have lost editing rights look at the block log to see if you have lost these rights and if you have for how long.

Users can use their user page (wiki.godvillegame.com/User:user_name) much as they can use their Hero's Chronicles. Unlike the chronicles though, personal wikis can be edited by anyone. The god template used to refer to a god's wiki page, but since way more gods have created chronicles it now links to them instead.

Now, to prevent vandalism only gods in special user groups (godville) and the god the user page is for can edit a user page.