Get aquainted with Charon the ferryman

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Difficulty: 8/10

This quest has been notorious for causing many deaths to the beloved adventurers. As some may know, Charon is the guy who gives a boat ride across the River Stix (not to be confused with the River Stinks) to those who have died. Then they meet Hades, the lovely god of Death and Afterlife, and it's all downhill from there. Anyway, in order to meet him, one must find a secret passage to the Underworld or die. Heroes often confuse Charon, the guy in the Underworld for Sharon, the nice lady who gives a tour of the River Stinks. The heroes go to Sharon and try to get aquainted. She then believes they are flirting and smacks them around, for she is happily married. This act of misunderstanding has been the cause of death for the noble ones. Fortunately for some, they have the chance to meet the real ferryman. But then, they must patiently wait until their God resurrects them.

On the other hand, the way things were supposed to turn out are very different. Upon close investigation, there is a small hole in the South-West corner of the B-Trees Forest. There lies the entrance to the Underworld. Once inside, a hero must travel some miles until they come a cross a red river. There will be Charon. The hero must then ask for his name, engage in a light conversation, return to Godville, collect the reward, and relax.

As for monsters, there will be quite a few. Some will be in the Forest, some near the River Stinks, and a couple in the Underworld. None are especially dangerous, but they will try to kill the hero as always.

In total, this quest should take about 20 hours, give or take a few.

Protip: It's better if the hero dies when he doesn't have any valuables.