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Deities of Godville
Hero Malex The Caterpillar
Personality Awesome
Gender Male
Favourite Town Godvillewood
Guild position Some sort of member

GGRREEEENN is god of the caterpillars who guides his hero Malex The Caterpillar. GGRREEEENN is the ultimate god of caterpillars because he controls the caterpillars of every dimension imaginable.

Where GGRREEEENN Came From

GGRREEEENN was originally an arc angel for god (the lord, Allah whatever you want to call him) but then he was kicked out of heaven because god went crazy and denied the fact that any other gods but him existed. So GGRREEEENN went to go hang out with the Greek gods but then he got kicked of there because Zeus said he was too lame of a god. He tried being a Hindu god but then he left because he got tired of hanging out with the god of krill. Now GGRREEEENN is a rogue god training his hero Malex so that he may one day rule the world and show all the other gods that GGRREEEENN is not lame!