Full throttle

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Skills of Godville
Full throttle
turtle with the body of a horse using full throttle
Type 🏇Transport
Description Cannot be determined

Ever wondered what speed means? Up to this day, no one knows the exact definition of it. Some say it's about exerting all your force, some say it's about becoming one with light, some say it's related to the natural balance of the world, and others say it's basically just eating your cupcakes in an exquisite manner.

Despite differing opinions on the topic, the scholars still managed to create a kind of measurement for the understanding this concept.


Level 1-5

The hero gains a full understanding on the literal meaning of speed, and is finally able to travel at the speed of light.

Level 6-10

The hero's understanding on the topic broadened, and because of such, he is now able to apply his understanding on a larger scale. Time-traveling is now enabled by just fully relying on speed.

Level 11-20

The hero's comprehension reaches exponential heights, as he is now able to rely on speed itself to stroll around the 5th dimension, also known as worlds. When the hero is bored, he can now decide to take a vacation to a parallel world without letting their god know.

Level 21+

This level of comprehension knows no bounds, but even with this, quite a number of heroes manages to step into this stage. The heroes must be able to beat Laplace's demon, someone who can predict the future by calculating countless variables, in a game of prediction just by using one variable, speed.


Everything can be predicted by speed, and speed runs everything. Without speed itself, life is impossible. Such is the logic of those who presumably reached a breakthrough in this field. Only by reaching such levels can one truly qualify to define what speed is.