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''Guild Master''
''Guild Master''
Just put it in your mouth!!
===Guild Officers===
===Guild Officers===

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Flight of the Dragon
Motto: Carpé diem!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: ~24000 c.u.
Date Founded: 11 July 2011
Membership Count: ~250
Pantheon of unity Rank: ~70
Forum Headquarters: Flight of the Dragon
Guild Page: Flight of the Dragon 

The "Flight of the Dragon" guild, more commonly known by others as FD, was created on 11 June 2011.

The values of the FD are known by and imparted to all members:

"Loyalty, Integrity, and Friendship"

Our guild will stand out from the others, and stand together as one! We're not just a dragon guild, we're the Flight of the Dragon!


FD isn't just your typical dragon guild.

We are not dragon worshippers, nor are we dragon slayers. In a way, we are dragon tamers, but to be more exact, we are Dragon Riders. We valiantly ride on the backs of dragons and take to the skies! We don't just ride any dragon - each dragon is like a friend and is treated like one of us. In other words, they are our partners, not our servants. They are our friends, not our pets. And they are one of us, dragons of the FD.

We admire the Dragon's ability and skill in flight, and thus this guild was created in their honor, the Flight of the Dragon! We shall also be the ones to protect and free the dragons of Godville!

For years, dragons in Godville have been mistreated. They are killed, hunted, and even eaten by heroes, like the Panzer Dragon. Heroes might argue: "But look at the Grayscale Dragon! It's one of the most fearsome monsters of Godville, and it has to be killed before it kills us!" It is true that dragons terrorize the people of Godville, but do all of them do that? Every hero has another side, a dark past, and so do dragons. The legendary dragons are declining in population (and popularity). Of course, if a dragon is truly terrorizing people out of pure evil intent, we will unleash our Dragon Slayer side.

The "Flight of the Dragon" guild emphasizes on freedom and free will. The dragons we ride on are given as much freedom as the Dragon Riders themselves. All our heroes join FD of their free will, and likewise, leave of their own will too.

To make guild life in FD more interesting, we do have competitions, role-playing, and stuff like a guild noticeboard and a forum thread. Every member plays a part in FD and we can all make the guild awesome together!


FD's motto was not something that was chosen for no reason. Neither was it chosen because it sounded "cool" (although it is rather cool).

'Carpé diem!', in Latin, means 'Seize the day!'.

It is a motto that drives our members to work hard, and not waste a moment of time, thereby seizing the day! As members of the "Flight of the Dragon" guild, 'Carpé diem!' also symbolizes the Dragon's seizing of the sky!

It is a motto that every loyal member of FD honors, to the very end.


The guild is organized into:

The Dragon Council - The decision-making council of the FD that leads and protects the guild.

The Guild Officers - Members of the guild with important roles. They work together with the Dragon Council to keep the guild running.

The Mercenaries - Members of the guild (senior members listed.) Without them the guild will never be complete.

Former Members - Members come and go everyday, but these were the first members of the guild, who laid down the foundations for our rise, or have given contributions to the guild, and hence an honorable mention is awarded to them.

Dragon Council

GodIchi  and KaiEn, the blade-wielding riders of the ice-breathing Sky Dragon,

Guild Master Just put it in your mouth!!

Guild Officers

Currently vacant. Contact Ichi to help out.


Senior Dragon Riders.

GodAirich Springs  and Springy

GodAkillu  and Fireblazer, the dual-wielding riders of the fire-breathing Fire Dragon.

GodArUlairi  and Iustinian

GodAziara  and Eleli

GodChalaine  and Amen-High

GodCowboybic  and Piebald Peggy

GodCrimsonia  and Samantha Drake

GodCristo1  and Pharazon

GodDaemon Osiris  and Daemon Osiris

GodDanearys  and Umpfry

GodDanron  and Barry Duckula

GodDnrr  and Phlegethon

GodDoug God  and Thieven Strasburg

GodDragonCMNDR  and Tobias Draconis

GodDrake Blud  and Avata

GodEvelynnFaith  and Twinnings

GodEvilgeek  and El Cannabis

GodGeeZee  and Danic

GodGoddess Padalin  and PadA

GodGroovy Jesus  and Stoned Apostle, the pipe wielding rider of the purple smoke breathing Red Eyed Dragon

GodHiiaka  and Lohiau

GodHolgate  and Smirkanorff

GodInnova  and Savage Jacob

GodJustin77  and Evildead

GodKhaori  and Willowtrix

GodLucianna  and Ezekielle

GodMarcus Wheeler  and Anna Maxwell, the pirate hook-wielding riders of the light-breathing Steam Dragon

GodMashtok  and Rhagor

GodMidesko  and Baljeet

GodMonstercake  and Gallei

GodNASCAR NATION  and Pennzoil the Mighty

GodP2PAU  and Booyaka

GodPerrinwolf55  and HopperWolf

GodPorian  and Sir Furious

GodRaoden  and Hrathen

GodRoger Rockett  and Stefani Joanne

GodSarriph  and Raxel Arneem

GodSatori Daru  and Samhwen

GodSir Highness  and Super Stoner

GodSloth78  and Peter the tired

GodSongy  and Raphsody

GodTemplarman  and Templarman

GodThe Chief Almighty  and Fuzzybunny, club wielding riders of the Royal English dragon

GodThe Spagetti Monster  and Pharmer Phred

GodTokn Frokn  and Ferrous harris

GodTrempana  and Efity

GodUnspokenone  and Grandy

GodVitacide  and Sekt

GodVulgarDisp  and Gatlin

GodWooglin  and Doul

GodXarous  and Fishbait

GodZenthere  and Sir Otter

Former members

GodWeeble  and Weeble155

The very first member of FD, it was thanks to him that we entered the pantheons for the first time. He was also the first to leave XD

GodSmoot  and Smoot Puppie

One of the early members of FD. He joined by accident, but stayed anyway. He was also a great friend, and still is. He has left for Soul Reapers, which is a good guild, honestly, and we hope he'll enjoy it there XD


In order for the guild to stay together, communication is important.

In FD, there are 3 main ways of communication:

The Guild Wiki page (This page right here) - Gives information about FD

The Guild Noticeboard (The discussion page of the Guild Wiki) - Guild Announcements and news

The Guild Forum Thread (Forum) - A place for members to chat and ask questions

To all members of FD, please use these forms of communication to interact with the guild :)