Fang of The Fox, Claw of The Dragon

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The Masters of the Guild, Josozi and Swyftfox, by right and name and conquest and deed, had been having prophetic dreams up to the inception of their idea. Of their dream to create the grandest guild in the name of their deities.

They went something, like this:

"Pillaging and Raiding?"

"No that's too lame, I mean seriously come on. That Is lame. How about The Dragon's Fox?"

"I like Dragon's Fox Inn."

"How does that even make any damn sense? It's a guild not an inn."

"I think it's a wonderful name. We could be like, the best inn around."


"FINE, Maybe DRM, and we say it's something like, Dungeon Raid Masters, but it really means something else."

"I.. just... how about White Fox, Black Dragon."

"Ewww no, not a black dragon."

"Ummmm. Fang of The Fox, Claw of The Dragon?"

"That works. Give me a minute I'm going to eat dinner."

"Alright I'll make her make it then."

With those grand and truly just prophetic words, Josozi and Swyftfox started on their quest to create the one true guild, in their god's name.


Rule 1 When confronting the master. Say nothing or be shot.

Rule 2 Don't make any demands, or be shot

Rule 3 Don't blink too fast, or be shot.

Now, she speaks.

"I have a very very strong IDGAF policy. It is outlined that we stress we should zap our heros and teach newcomers how to use Voice to cancel quests, but, should the youth be corrupted and choose to spoil their ungrateful heros and would prefer a kinder hearted council of gods, then they are free to move on. One thing I do find unfortunate is that we cannot declare wars on other guilds... buuuuut I'd have to have some fucks to give to write up a strongly worded complaint about that to the creators. The IDGAF policy used up my last one."

Fang of the Fox, Claw of the Dragon's theme song.

Written by the self proclaimed famous bard goddess, Surirn.

Link to track!


Fang of the Fox, Claw of the Dragon

We'll steal your horse and raid your wagon

The guild that brings terror to each and every heart

The Fang and Claw will tear you apart.

Not many know of Surirn's musical nature, but she claims to be very, very famous. A star! That doesn't stop the bartenders from charging triple when she starts singing after a few pints.

Arbitrary Miscellaneous Triviality

Members are encouraged to do great acts of evil and selfish deeds to get ahead, the gods in their pantheon enjoy seeing their heroes, and other heroes, get hit with bolts of lightning. It builds character.

Make haste to the guild kitchen!

They have cookies.