Epic Flailer

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Epic Flailer
Epicus failleretus
"Failing is not failure, it's just the first step towards failure."
Strong Monster
Class Human
Habitat Forest, Abandoned Forts, Random Milestones
Death Rattle I'll be back!
Description A failing man and obsessed flailer with a strange skill

The Epic Flailer (Epicus failleretus) is a humanoid creature, who is bound to a determined curse that was cast upon him by a god. Yet it is his story that is of most interest.

Origin Story

Long ago, when the gods were still creating their mortals, a creature was made in such a way that it was a fearsome, upright warrior. After many battles, a big group of these creatures grew proud of their own skills and actions. They grew stronger faster and smarter, yet they had a problem. Their pride literally made them blind to their actions. And it was so until one day.

One day, one of these creatures encountered a hero. Their battle was full of hate and power, for they fought with great ferocity. The battle was so tough that it lasted for two days and two nights, but the mighty skill of the mighty Epic Flailer proved too strong for that hero. At last, the hero fell to the feet of the Epic Flailer, asking to be spared. The pride of the Epic Flailer was so great that he made one condition to letting the hero go: they would battle again the next morning. The hero agreed out of fear, but the Epic Flailer forgot one thing... out of his blinding pride, he forgot that gods exist, and the god of that hero was watching.

The next morning, the hero and the creature fought. During that battle, the hero's god grew furious, for the Epic Flailer was interfering with the hero's quest. So the god gathered clouds in the skies, and his lightning bolt struck the Epic Flailer, right in the chest--where his pride was. Just as lighting hit the creature, the hero yelled, "Fifty points, Great One!" The creature's pride vanished in a flash, his ability to control himself was gone, and a obsession with flailing anything and everything kicked in! That inner desire was not his, however; while in his mind, he questions his actions, his body cannot help following such impulses.

One day he decided to battle another hero, so he attacked the first one he saw. He swung and waved his weapon in the air and all around, and when he was done, he realized he hit everything but the hero, who was rolling on the ground with laughter. The creature simply left the battlefield, broken.

Once a mighty warrior, now the Epic Flailer is an epic failure.

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