Ent of the World

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Ent of the World
Yggdrasil Thanatus
Footage of it vaporizing an unsuspecting hero
Strong Monster
Class Plant, Titan
Habitat Wherever it wants to be
Description Floral Harbinger of Destruction

The Ent of the World (Yggdrasil Thanatus) is a dangerous monster that is destructive and chaotic. It attacks heroes, civilians, livestock, and other monsters indiscriminately. It is the evil offspring of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Two words are often used to describe it: Chaotic Evil.

The Ent of the World came to be because a Necromantis, who managed to gather fruit from the World Tree, was planning on using said fruit to unlock the secret to immortality. Apparently, among the Necromantis Community, it is believed that the fruits of Yggdrasil are able to rejuvenate those who consume them, and thus, increase their lifespan. The mantis decided to plant the fruit into a flower pot, then use magic to speed up the planted seed's growth. However, the Necromantis made a terrible mistake, which was that it did not say the needed incantation for the spell to work correctly, and ended up casting a spell that it did not even know of. The mantis did not seem to notice at first, but eventually, the tree it planted began taking a more humanoid shape and never had a single produced as single leaf. Upset, the Necromantis set out to report the problem with its tree and brought the plant with it to a Necromantis gathering. Little is known about the gathering except that the tree escaped from its flower pot, began flying around, and vaporized the every Necromantis at the gathering. From there, the newly named Ent of the World took off to the sky, letting out an ear-piercing screech. It became common for towns to be completely ravaged by the monster and several buildings would be completely vaporized. This called for many heroes and monsters throughout the land to challenge this fearsome foe, and many failed. And for every fight it won, it became even stronger. It had reached a point where golden flames began to erupt from the ent's head, and its attacks became even more devastating. However, a small group of heroes did manage to defeat it, forcing its growth in power to halt, but did not kill it. This is because it temporarily becomes dormant and resembles a regular tree with leaves when it becomes exhausted. However, when every leaf on the Ent of the World falls off, that means its slumber is over and nobody wants to be around when that happens.

It is said by many that at the end of the world, the Ent of the World will have defeated enough foes for it to be strong enough to wipe out all life with a single cataclysmic attack. However, some speculate that the Ent of the World may have a limit to its strength, and will not be able to get close to being strong enough to vaporize the entire planet. After all, the gods and goddesses allow such a destructive creature to exist. In every town, the Ent of the World is labeled as "Defeat on Sight", since killing it is impossible. Many have tried to chop it down, burn it, and even slice it in half while it was dormant. However, it has been known that it is completely indestructible while it rests.



  • Can fly
  • Can vaporize even buildings
  • Big and strong wooden body
  • Unkillable
  • Has a reputation
  • Becomes more powerful every time it wins


  • Can easily be exhausted
  • Must become dormant upon being defeated
  • Feared and hated by all, including other monsters
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