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Towns of Godville
El Herado
Home milestone 82
Map code EH
Known for Expensive stuff, lavish parties and good savings

El Herado is a town in Godville. El Herado is a fascinating little place with many stuck up monsters hanging around. These upscale homeless creatures thrive off taunting other towns' homeless with their fancy finds in the dumpsters of El Herado. Parties are wild on the town, and on rare occasions you can even find the pure gold party, a party where all you eat is gold. It's a teeth cracking joy to experience.

Game Notes

  • Inflation is rife in this town, prices soar higher than eagles
  • Gold flows freely here, visitors are likely to spend their funds either on drinks or savings

Distinctive Features

El Herado has a colossal surplus of gold, for coins fill the lakes that surround the city and money literally grows in the trees. This metal is not scarce in the town, to a local a gold brick is no more valuable than a pile of clay or a log. The streets are paved with gold bricks, the locals wear clothes made of it and they even use bricks as door stops.

This affects the average price of every single thing El Herado has to offer. To put it simply: if a bottle of beer costed 10 gold coins in Godville, 50 coins would be paid here for the same bottle. This example applies to all other services and goods, heroes should carry a couple of sacks filled with coins if they expect to spend the night in this town.

Legend has it there are parties in El Herado where gold is consumed both in drinks and dishes. Actually, this is not a legend but a reality for Heradians. Living surrounded by monsters made them wary of their gold, thus feasting on gold became yet another way of withholding the fortunes of the city. In every table one will find gilded dishes and punches sprinkled with gold nuggets.

All around town, people is pouring sacks of coins into melting pots. Heroines tend to go with the flow and just drop most of their gold into the mix, it is beyond their understanding if they thrown their funds into a punch or they accidentally made a saving.


The money-tree

Money tree.jpg

The money tree is a mythical tree that may be found in El Herado. Legend has it, the admins planted the money tree in a swamp near El Herado as a cheat to get infinite gold to test the world was working alright. But after Godville was released the money tree was to be burned, yet the admins were so busy pouring the champagne and welcoming the visitors that they forgot about it. Old texts and patrons seem to convey that the tree is real and it is in some of the swamps around the city, yet only some heroes have (or claim to have) actually found this tree. Even though the money tree could provide for a retirement, the short-sighted mentality of the heroes allows them to take no more than a branch's worth to spend it right away on beer. Real or not, the money tree is still a good turistical attraction for El Herado.

PS: Above we can see a crude self portrait of Danuit (vid. User:Some atheist) finding the money tree retrieved from the hero's diary.

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