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[[File:Edwardscissorhands.jpg|thumb|left|Edward's scissor hand]]
[[File:Edwardscissorhands.jpeg|thumb|left|Edward's scissor hand]]
'''Type: Arms'''
'''Type: Arms'''

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Edward's scissor hand

Type: Arms

Durability: +17


A handy (hehe) tool for those who have no time to reach deep inside their pockets. Equipped with scissors, many types of knife, keys, lockpicks, Q tips, nail cutter, and hole puncher. Comes with plug-and-play system to allow the tools to be changed quickly mid-battle. Additional tools sold separately. This pair of gloves allow heroes to fight well in battle while maintaining their edgy gothic style. Perfect equipment to be used during your visit at Necrocomic Con.


Store items in dry area. Prolonged contact with water may cause rust to appear. Please refer to user manual to change the tools.


Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Do not attempt robbery with the lockpick. Do not attempt to push others with gloves on. May inflict injury. Do not wear during private fertility ritual [[Category:Arms]