Earthworm Jim's boots

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Type: Legs

Durability +2

Earthworm Jims boots are a leg equipment that were worn by the infamous hero Jim who resigned after saving Princess what's-her-face. The hero fortunate enough to find these boots may find he can use his feet as well as a normal person can.

Common side effects include but are not limited to: being chased by an unusual amount of monsters, becoming a 2D side-scroller (this makes it easy to hide in small spaces), racing someone after each level, if you are tickled easily don't buy these and they tend to cause severe blisters.

When you fish, just put your boots next to you and in a few minutes you'll have worms. Watch carefully for fishing inspectors, they seem to believe this is cheating, so you'll get even a larger fine.


Traders have a no (not ever) refund policy. Any warranties written, implied or imagined are null, void and never happened.