E.I.S. Eternal

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E.I.S. Eternal
Motto: You want it? We've got it on E.I.S.
Alignment: varies
Date Founded: 05.23.2012
Membership Count: ~1
Guild Page: E.I.S. Eternal 
Data current as of 06.01.2012
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Greetings from E.I.S. Eternal:

What Is E.I.S.?

E.I.S. Eternal is an interest group-based guild here on Godville. Here, you will find groups of your fellow deities delighted to discuss just about anything.

No, No, No. What Is "E.I.S."? What Does it Stand For?

It stands for anything you want it to stand for. In fact, that's our premise here at E.I.S.: we are an all-inclusive guild that doesn't care about your alignment, your motto, your standing in any particular pantheon, we just care about what's in your mind-- provided you can make whatever interests and delights you fit into the acronym "E. I. S." If you can make that work, whether you're an "Emotionally-Invested Scientist," are "Educated In Statistics," or will eat "Eels, If Supplied," you're fine with us. Let's talk!

What's with this Weird Guild Page?

Because E.I.S. Eternal is based on giving members and non-members the opportunity to find like-minded deities on Godville in order to talk (turkey?) without digging through the forum, our guild page is more a directory than anything else. If you're an Enthusiast In Something, and would like to discuss it with other Entirely Interested Souls, consider whether your interest is likely to be career, academic, hobby, or other. From those categories, read down the interest groups until you find what moves you, and below will be a list of similarly moved deities. Say hi! Or, is your interest not there? Quickly check to see if someone shoved it in another category. Still not finding it? Make it, and list yourself in it! But remember, you can only add your interest if you can give it the acronym "E.I.S."

I'm an Enthusiast In Something, But I'm Not in E.I.S. Eternal! Can I Still Use It?

Yes! Of course, we'd love for you to join us, but if you can't bear to leave your home guild, we understand. You can still find people to chat with through us. However, if you would like to list your name on this page under an interest, you will have to find an E.I.S. member willing to sponsor you. Entries and modifications to this page found to be made by non-members without sponsors will be deleted with extreme prejudice, unless retroactively sponsored by a council member. Our members take sponsorship very seriously, because your behavior reflects on them. If you behave like a troll while engaged in any of our interest groups, your name will be added to our public #WARNING list, with a notation of your sponsor next to it.

Okay. I Think I Get It!

Great! So do we! After all, that's our guild slogan: You want it? We've got it on E.I.S.!

Interest Groups:

Career Interests:

====Emotionally-Invested Scientists====-- Does your empiricism sometimes threaten to overwhelm your rationality? Do you find yourself following the scientific method in your sleep? Is it truly confounding when someone questions your variables? It doesn't matter if you're a chemist, a nuclear physicist, a geneticist, or an astronomer, come talk! We're trying out some really cool new hypotheses, too.

====Editors In Service====-- We're professional and freelance editors and writers in this house. Need some help with that novel? Got a peeve about that Oxford Comma and need to lay it bare? Just want to relax with someone who realizes "kerning" has nothing to do with grain? This group is for you.

====Economically-Inclined Souls====-- Whether it's something you studied or something you picked up by necessity, your home is here. If you  are interested in developing a working understanding of macroeconomics, microeconomics, or even your own finances, feel free to talk to us. Just, please, lay off the politics.

Academic Interests:

====Educated In Statistics====-- Hello, we are E.I.S., and we love data. If you know or are learning how to make numbers dance, come join us! Does your qualitative analysis bring down the house? There's room for you, too! Did someone's ideabox suggestion, "Regressing to the mean" make you chortle? Come in and be welcome!

====Ego, Id, Superego====-- Study of the psyche is one of the larger academic fields today. What other fields let you make pigeons dance ballets and explain why people are more likely to fall in love on shaky bridges than on solid ground? And c'mon, ya gotta wonder what's going on in the minds behind some of those hero diary entries...

Hobby Interests:

====Entertaining In Summer====-- We like barbecues on the patio, cocktails on the balcony, coffee on the front porch, and picnics on the lawn. Got some recipes to share? Dish 'em out! Need some ideas? Our cup runneth over! Want to fantasize about the warmth of the sun while enduring the frosty bite of autumn winds? Hey, buddy, we're right there with you!

====Endurance Induces Strength====-- If 26.2 means something to you, you consider yourself a triathlete, or you know exactly how grueling cross country anything can be, drop us a line. If you're an angel with a wet sponge or an electrolyte drink, swing by and let us thank you. If you want to be any of those things, come on down!

====Eels, If Supplied/Energetically Ingesting Sushi====-- As our name implies, we like to consume that gastronomic delight composed of sea creatures and their various accompaniments. Had anything good, lately?

====Embroidery Intelligence Sphere====-- We have the STITCHINT. Stabilizers welcome: keep the thread tension to a minimum.

Other Interests:

====Echidnae In Spirit====-- This is a group enthusiastic about Echidna the Greco-Roman myth, Echidna the Dreamtime spirit, and/or Knuckles the Echidna. After all, we're all puggles at heart.

====Electronic Information Systems====-- Databases are only the beginning.

====Everything In Sight====-- Talk about only one topic at a time? LOL, whut? We are the deities of taking conversation down the rabbit hole. Contact us, if you think you can keep up.


If one of the guild council receives evidence of offensive behavior on your part, your name will be removed from all applicable groups above and placed here. All of your known alts will also be placed here. Further attempts to participate in conversations with members of E.I.S. groups will then likely be ignored.

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E.I.S. Eternal was created in May of 2012 by the hero Tarintodont, at the behest of his guardian spirit SourceRunner. It was inspired by a then-defunct real life group fond of the same acronym. Now, why are you still reading this? E.I.S. and E.I.S. Eternal have always pronounced their acronym as "ice." Past attempts to change this to "eeyiyess" have met with failure due to social inertia.

Get Me Out of Here!

E.I.S. Eternal isn't for you? That makes us sad. Let us know if you change your mind. But since you're so set on leaving, you might consider the Guild Name Guild,  which has an upper echelon full of nice deities with a fondness for cheese.