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Taverns of Godville
Palace barna.jpg
One of the first Dunquestins in Godville
Signature Dish Roasted Boar

This taverns are the respite of any hero in any corner of Godville. One could go from Godville to Herostan sleeping in Dunquestin, if only they could afford it.


A Dunquestin is an expensive spa-like tavern where heroes rest and treat themselves after finish a quest. Many Dunquestins have come and go, but there is one that endured the chaotic nature of Godville. This is Firefox's Street Dunquestin.

After many purchases and marriages all Dunquestins merged into one big chain straining through all of Godville.

The Champion Treatment

For the amount of a gold brick, a hero can spend a day in a Dunquestin. This service includes free bar service, 3 meals and a royal size bed. Some Dunquestins even feature a gym, a pool or interdenominational temples.

Featured Meals

Every Dunquestin adapts to their city and thus each one offers a different local meal. Here compiled is the Dunquestin's oficial guide (which is not official, just a compilation of tavern trivia) of signature dishes:

  • Roasted Boar (Godville): This is a fresh hunted boar roasted in the oven and filled with salt, pepper and herbs. It is served with honey sauce and a tall pitcher of sweet wine. This dish is often shared between three or four hungry warriors.[1]
  • Pani Popo (Last Resort): These are sweet rolls bathed in coconut cream. They're a nice treat fit for every occasion, whether you just finished your swims, starting your breakfast or watching the sunset. Needless to say no palm tree is hurt in the process.
  • The Doctor's Order (Healiopolis): This sandwich is literally what the doctor ordered. It's made of integral bread, lettuce, tomato, chicken breast and avocado mayonnaise in that order. A cup of herbal tea is often served along with it. Not quite tasty but incredibly healthy.
  • Mountain Mixture (Trollbridge): This is a thick paste of potato, cabbage and bacon or blood sausage. Cooks claim that only a serving can keep you warm for so long that you could climb a mountain shirtless.[2]
  • Yatzil's Cauldron (El Herado): This is a flaming cauldron of gilded cocoa in which you can dip fruit and bread.
  • Tents and Dunes (Tradeburg): This is a bowl filled with couscous and chicken stock topped with vegetable slices and a big lemon in the middle.
  • Fish and chips (Quirkytown): The locals won't bother cooking anything else, but since they're so obsessed about it you know every single one will be unique. Be it the sauce, the shapes or the plate. Besides, the very process of making them is a spectacle.
  • HTML (Los Adminos): This are hollow small totems filled with sliced fruit in syrup. Often topped with a small umbrella.
  • Fried Well (Bosswell): This is a bread basket (a basket made of bread) filled with fried seafood. The contents may vary because the catch of the day often does.
  • Poulet au Volcain (San Satanos): Not many animals can endure the hellish conditions of San Satanos. Chickens do, until hungry dwarves hunt them that is. The molten lava that powers the forges can grill chickens as well.
  • Platonic Stew (Godvillewood): This is a stew made with game meat of the local deers, mushrooms and other vegetables. It would be better to hunt and cook it yourself but it's ok to take a rest, you're Dunquestin.
  • Divine Dumplings (Herolympus): These are steamed dumplings filled with spiced vegetables and fresh meat when it's available. Ginger is optional but strongly advised.[3]
  • Armored Lobster (Anville): As a quirky novelty, lobsters are served clad with iron armor for the client to play with. It's just like having a monster for lunch.
  • Moonswine Rolls (Bad Gateway): This are rice rolls with raw marinated Moonswine in the core. It's preparated by chefs from the Battle Toad.
  • Pieworth Pie (Dessertown): This cake honours the memory of the city's founder Strudel Pieworth. It's a simple pie filled with cream and fruit slices on top.
  • Stan's Slab (Herostan): This is a tray holding a couple of richly ornate local yak cheese wheels. It also holds a fresh loaf of bread and a cup of milk tea. It's a great appetizer to go with a chess game or a poetry reading.


  1. irl this is roman roasted boar
  2. irl this is trinxat de la cerdanya
  3. irl these are tibetan dumplings
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