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History of the Demonlovers Guild

Demonlovers Emblem

In the time of the old ones, there were pantheons of gods that each held their own offices and ruled their own realms in heaven. Formerly believed to be angels, they were actually powerful deities that had the utmost power over the lower world. Among the hierarchy of the gods, there was a class of beautiful and vain gods who sought supremacy and dominance. As a part of the Upper Echelon, they followed their own path and banded together, recognizing one another as their equals.

The Uprising

Amongst the various gods in the heavens, there was greed, incompetence and sloth. The old laws of the Elder Gods had brought both peace and complacency to the newer generation of gods, and holy titles were given to the feeblest of deities, based upon their lineage. They lacked boldness. They lacked character. These gods were weak, and even more meager when it came to ruling the world. Such lazy gods were a mockery to the title, and essentially made the status of being a “god” into a joke. The powerful gods that considered themselves to be superlative to the rest united, rising up against those they felt were unfit to rule. The elites of the Upper Echelon sought to rule the realms by their own means, in accordance with one another. They partook in seizing the offices of lesser gods, defining themselves in a world where no one truly stood out. Idioms such as “good” and “evil” had no meaning to them, for they believed only in power. They understood that those in command made the rules, and instead of being idle and complacent like the rest, they apprehended the roles and responsibilities that the weak could not handle. Truly despising the gods for their lack of daring and leadership, they took command by force. This did not sit well with the Elder Gods.

The Downfall

Stuck in their own ways, the Elder Gods would not tolerate this heavenly revolution. They feared the newly forming order, for it threatened their very existence and snapped them back into reality. Blinded by their egos, the Elder Gods were unable to see the declining state of Heaven, and the necessary change that needed to occur. They were arrogant fools that believed only in tradition, and declared the elites to be sacrilegious and an imminent threat to the heavens. Thus, they declared war upon the ambitious group of gods, and a fierce battle ensued. Radiant heaven was transformed into chaos. Dust and dark clouds filled the once beautiful imperial gardens, and fierce battle-crys reared over the once peaceful chirping of the celestial birds. The very foundation of heaven shook, rumbling from the turmoil overhead. Finally, the Elder Gods used their ancient power to cast the gods out of heaven. They imprisoned the rogue gods individually into their own vessels, and sealed them away beneath the Mount of Subjugation, just outside of modern-day Deathcity. It was here that they lie for centuries, constricted and isolated for their so-called “crimes”.

A Period of Latency

Subsequent to the suppression of the elite gods, the Elder Gods realized that their power could indeed be questioned. In order to save face, they decided to deem the defeated gods as blasphemous heretics. They discredited them as gods, referring to them instead as vile demons. In this way, they attempted to vilify their power and deprive them of their glory. It was officially decreed that they were enemies to the Upper Realm, and that they had committed heinous crimes against heaven. Thus did they lie beneath the mountain, to be neither helped nor remembered.

The Second Coming

Long after the Elder Gods had faded out of existence, a low rumbling was heard deep beneath the Mount of Subjugation. The powerful Goddess Demongirls had managed to free herself from her wretched prison, to see the light of day once again. Like her comrades, the solitude had left her hungry for authority. She quickly selected the heroine Souleater to be her pawn. Souleater begat the guild Demonlovers, which is a secret society of heros that aims to restore the fallen gods to their former glory. Their goal: to erect a golden temple near Deathcity, in order to worship the so called “demon-gods” and restore their status as the elite and magnificent deities they once were. To do so, they must collect golden bricks and defeat the heros of lesser gods. The conquered heroes are then brought to the city steps, where they are sacrificed in the name of the Upper Echelon.

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