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Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: Ancient Times
Membership Count: ~160
Town with Greatest Influence: Godville (110%)
Guild Page: DemiGods 


Half man and half god. Demigods are the best of humanity and the best of The Gods. These heroes and heroines are the "Super Heros" and "Legends" of Godville. When all other heroes fail the demigods are called in to finish the quest or slay the undefeatable monster.

Demigods are blessed with some extraordinary gifts and powers which aid them in having published some of the most popular autobiographical diaries in the universe, toping the Godville Times Bestsellers List time after time.

The DemiGods Guild is the home of the "popular kids" and are envied like no other in all of Godville, and they know it. The Guild is more like a college fraternity and sorority, and the ultimate jocks and the meanest mean girls are proud to be apart of it. Big egos and attitudes are a common trait, but they are well deserved.

Fun Facts

Natural Enemies

- Paparazzi

- Referees in The Arena