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Remember! The cake is a lie!

  • Protosapien - Patriarch (Vino Vidi Vici)
  • Bongogus - Matriarch (of Bullets)
  • Kaarak - Hierarch (I like ninja turtles)
  • Caesium134 - Hierarch (Head of Snacks)
  • Holy Cory - Hierarch (Guild Doctor)
  • Teeroovkah - Hierarch (Grey Essentialist)
  • FireDuck - Advisor (Keeper of the Cooler)

Additionally, if there are any roles that you want to take on (sage of chronicles, forum moderator, etc.) please make a notation.

Thankfully DIKU is now graced with the healing prowess of Holy Cory. My scratches are better already. Cory has opened the new state of the art DIKU Clinic, #1 in potions and magical medicine.

Never Trust Cake!

Till we ride together,

yay.. yay.. super.. yay!