Cutie Mark Crusaders

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Dangerously Cute
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Motto: Friendship is Magic!
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 30956 c.u.
Date Founded: 09-03-11
Pantheon of unity Rank: 24
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 123
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 46
Guild Page: Cutie Mark Crusaders 

The Cutie Mark Crusaders started as a guild founded to worship values of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A guild of like-minded individuals brought together in the pursuit of the higher magic known as friendship, today the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" are united in their ultimate quests to find their destinies. Veterans are always on hand to assist journeymen and newcomers alike in their undertakings. As members progress in their quests, they hold the values of honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity and loyalty close to their hearts. And with these values comes the magic of friendship, which lets members know that wherever their journeys take them, they are never alone.


Once upon a time, a group of 6 adventurers arose from nothingness to become heroes brought together by their friendship. These heroes wielded the powerful "Elements of Harmony", made possible by their greatest virtues, those of honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity and kindness. Their leader herself wielded the magic of Friendship itself. The Sun Princess Celestia (and later her sister the Princess of the Moon Luna) found these adventurers to be their greatest champions, champions who successfully defeated foes like Nightmare Moon, she of the eternal night; Discord, Lord of Chaos; Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings; King Sombra, Tyrant of the Crystal Empire; and most recently, Tirek, Lord of Tartarus. This guild was not founded by these champions.

Unfortunately, in a word full of well-meaning adventurers and do-gooders, there's only so much evil that a budding hero can fight. In a treehouse on an apple farm, three young children looked in wistful envy as members of their town defeated monster after eldritch monster of unimaginable evil. These three keen little munchkins desperately wished to be adventurers. The confounding question, however, was adventurers to where?

"Let's go find our destinies!" one of them shouted, to the enthusiastic agreement of the other two.

Being children, the middle one shouted "Hey, let's go get tatoos!", again to the enthusiastic agreement of the other two.

The third, being either more clever or more insane than the other two, declared "Wow, we're cute! Let's tattoo our destinies on our arms!", and much joyful whooping was heard across the town. And thus the Cutie Mark Crusaders were born, a group of over-excited children trying to find their destinies to tattoo onto their arms.

Your Average Crusader Riding Pinky Pie


The love of ponies has existed since The dawn of time! Once a pastime of gods and heroes of a more... effeminate inclination, the great Faustian revolution has since attracted a large male (and still assuredly very masculine) following.

People everywhere watched in confusion as they saw more and more of their brethren fall to the charm of the miniature ponies. Enthralled by the voice work, smooth animation and genuine humor, many religions erupted around them.

Cutie Mark Crusaders is an attempt by various gods of Godville to keep their hero's faith pure, while still allowing them the happiness ponies bring.

Her Royal Highness


As members come to find their destinies, and others who have found them depart for distant shores, others still choose to remain behind and assist those who have yet to complete their quests. This is a list of such individuals, always willing to support their fellow clan members.

Member List

GodOver Lord Scott 
GodJuice Boxious