Crumb of wisdom

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Artifacts of Godville
Crumb of wisdom
Type 💎Bold
Description The Crumb of Wisdom under 25x magnification.

The Crumb of Wisdom is a bold artifact carried by monsters. Heroes may obtain the Crumb of Wisdom by killing the monster in possession.


The Crumb of Wisdom was once part of the large and great Toast of Wisdom. Unfortunately, many centuries ago, a distracted chef spread the peanut butter of knowledge on it and fed it to a stray Dust bunny.

A single crumb managed to escape consumption by falling into the crack on the floor. There, it remained for three hundred years and the legend of the Toast of Wisdom faded into memory.

Then, ten years before Day 1 g.e., a merchant was sitting on the ground and discovered the long lost Crumb of Wisdom. He picked it up and placed it for sale in his shop.

Within the next few years, the Society of Wisdom was formed with the intent to purchase, store, and protect the Crumb of Wisdom.

Fortress of Wisdom

The Fortress of Wisdom is the keeper of the Crumb of Wisdom. Notice the palm trees, a common feature in the town of Last Resort.

The Fortress of Wisdom is the home of the Society of Wisdom and the protector of the Crumb of Wisdom. Their only purpose is to protect the Crumb of Wisdom. The Fortress of Wisdom is located in the town of Last Resort.

Unfortunately, every Wednesday, Friday, and fifth Thursday of every month, a monster steals the Crumb of Wisdom. Following the bi-weekly (or more often) theft of the Crumb, it is a hero's duty to slay that monster, capture the Crumb of Wisdom, and sell the Crumb of Wisdom to a merchant who can then sell the Crumb back to the Society of Wisdom.

Funding to increase the security for the Fortress of Wisdom has been proposed in the last seven budgetary sessions, but many heroes opposed it arguing "preventing theft of the Crumb of Wisdom will take away our livelihood."

The Fortress of Wisdom is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed holidays. Guided tours take place at fifteen minutes past the hour. Suggested visiting days are Mondays and Tuesdays, unless one enjoys looking at an empty display case.


Possession of the crumb of wisdom instills the following knowledge on the bearer (in the following order):

  • I am the crumb of wisdom.
  • Do not eat me.
  • Seriously, do not eat me. I will give you heartburn.
  • Put me into a carrying case. A jewelry box, leather pouch, or baseball cardholder will suffice.
  • You do not want to eat me. A hero once ate me and I came out the other end. Do you still want to eat me now?
  • Sell me to a merchant