Council of Legends

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Council of Legends
Motto: “Balancing the universe is as simple as milk and cookies!”
Alignment: irrelevant
Date Founded: 25 January 2018
Membership Count: 101
Guild Page: Council of Legends 

Guild Headquarters: The Great Abyss

Guild Status: Currently recruiting more legends to the guild, so we can have a round table of cookies.

Note: Muriku doesn't like square cookies. They taste like squares.


The Council of Legends are the secret protectors of the universe. When the universe is in turmoil, the Council of Legends rise up to strike down any who threaten the peace of the universe, and disappear back into the abyss of space.

The Round Table

Located in the heart of the Guild Headquarters at “The Great Abyss”:

The Round Table consists of 100 chairs of Legends who have been chosen to protect the universe.

We decide whether the universe is in any danger or risk, and whether we should help anyone depending on the amount of cookie offerings the mortals of a planet sacrifice to us.

Most of the time, everyone is just here to eat the chocolate chip cookies and drink our complimentary beer milk, and don’t really pay attention to which planet they were asked to save, so if you see a drunk Legend with a face full of cream screaming about spartans, direct them to the nearest abyss portal so they can navigate to the right planet they were tasked to destroy / protect.

Guild Currency

Our Local Guild Currency is: Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips will bribe you out of any situation. Just remember not to eat them all before you try to bribe the Council of Legends for a favor.

Beverage of the Abyss

Our Featured Beverage is: Beer Milk with frothy cream.

Don’t forget to order a large serving of Cookies with your favourite beer milk.

WARNING: Do not attempt to get any milk out of Male Beer Glasses. They will run you down, and you may find yourself knocked out with your face between your legs.

Legends Pocket Book

Note: Strange Stories of Legends appear in this book. Its like people are adding their own stories here every day!

Muriku showed up to the wrong party again, might consider letting someone else drive the mothership to reduce casualties. Muriku needs to get her own handheld teleportation unit.

Councils Resolutions

Note: List of things we are too lazy to do.

  1. Create a guild emblem
  2. Hire a guild artist
  3. Add a gallery for members to submit any funny encounters
  4. Add new drinks to our menu
  5. Tell Muriku that there are cookies that exist in the world that aren’t chocolate chip flavoured
  6. Find a guild mascot
  7. Win a staring competition against anyone who stares at our Guild Headquarters.