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A skill using the famous giant and slightly crazed grin of a certain lavender striped feline. This smile can now be experienced without having to journey down a rabbits hole. Lucky you! This useful skill causes teeth to grow 3x the original size and greatly increases the pearly luster of the users rotting teeth.

This skill originated in a "Land of Wonder" according to sources. Why this skill was developed is unknown, but many suggest it was to entrance travelers while pickpockets stole from the entranced people's.

Knowing how to properly use this skill can be very helpful, though most mention that training involves a caterpillar with a strange pipe,bottles that affect the height of the user, and occasionally a queen who is ruler of her people's hearts.

Unfortunately, this skill has been known to reduce the amount of dates you receive. Further investigation proved this point and as an anonymous test subject told us that "having your teeth be shiny enough to see across town is a major negative." On the bright side though, you never have to be afraid of the dark again!

Another positive side to this skill is that it causes the user to never need dentures as it causes teeth to extend their roots into the mandible. Thus, it also allows the user to eat as much candy as they wish without fear of reprimanding from....the dentist.

Though this skill has many supporters it has one major critic, the Tooth Fairy. Though the Tooth Fairy has never openly opposed this skill, it has complained about a decline in its tooth collecting total and hints the cause is a "certain skill". Users of this skill will no longer receive money from the Tooth Fairy, but will never have to pay for dentures, so the cost evens out in the end.

Overall, this skill coming from a "Land of Wonder" continues to amaze monsters and people alike as the brightness of the users teeth blind the enemy and render them useless for a short period of time.