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Main article: [[Guilds]]
Main article: [[Guilds]]
Chaos Limited was founded on the belief that totally random acts of chaos performed on a liimited basis would greatly improve the quality of a heroes life.  This type of action would also greatly increase the discomfort of all monster due to the members yeling out the battle cry of another guild.  Once the monster was in tge process of dying the hero would then sitdown next to its victim and expound the views and values of the guild as it slowly died.  The hero is not obligated to let the monster die as they ciuld heal it somewhat just so the fight could continue followed by actually killing it.
Heroes from other guilds also fall into the same catagory as monsters and are treated as such.  Be it known that the monster co.sidered to be the most vile of all is known as a merchant.  Al attempts to bring about chaos towards this monster is considered to be of the utmost priority and highest of honor, only if the merchant can be made to over pay or nearly give away items being sold.
Those who wear the badge of this guild are known to be rather odd and considered to have goje to a school for special people.

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Main article: Guilds


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