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The can of ambrosia is a healing artifact made in one of the few alcohol factories in Godville that doesn't produce beer, and for that exact reason the location of the factory is kept secret from Godville's heroes. Nonetheless, the can of ambrosia is quite common and affordable.

Artifacts of Godville
Can of ambrosia
Type 💊Healing
Description "Can you heal yourselves with ambrosia? Yes, you Can of ambrosia!" - Advertisement


The Godville Times attempted to obtain an interview with the factory's owners. All attempts ended in failure.

The reason for selling the ambrosia in a can, rather than a bottle, has not been officially explained. Rumors say the can's metal reacts with the ambrosia to produce an addictive effect in the heroes' bodies.

Despite being sold exclusively as an alcoholic beverage, the ambrosia is said to have healing properties (the efficiency varies by hero). Although it is sold as a healing artifact, many heroes just drink it for the taste. Often they reuse the can afterwards, according to their imagination: putting another liquor into it, playing "fetch" with pets, wearing as a hat (or something else) in a one-man show, etc.


  • Produced somewhere, at some time
  • May contain traces of one or more employees' blood
  • Sponsored by our customers
  • This line was supposed to be funny
  • The beer is a lie.

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