Boogy Knight

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Monsters of Godville
Boogy Knight
Boogey Knight .jpg
Class Demon
Habitat unknown
Description creature of darkness

The Boogy Knight is a monster.

Through the night in the dark forests, he wanders. People hear, how his victims suffer. Boogy Knight visits you tonight. Beware, beware of the Boogy Knight.
— — An anonymous writer/witness

Every night, when the moonlight shines bright in the dark sky, Boogy Knight appears and will be on his hunt. It is still a mystery, why he haunts people's house and sometimes disappears its house residents.

Just be careful, when heroes face the Boogy Knight.

One thing is known about this knight. Those who live to tell the tale talk about his strange movements. some say that he even dances while he burns down houses. It is said that during his pillages one can hear him sing 'the oogy boogy'.



  • Quick and agile
  • Can see pretty well in the dark.


  • Fears the light
  • Backward attacks are effective on him