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Motto: Friends who fight together, stay together
Alignment: Goodness
Date Founded: The 4th Moon of the 2018th rotation
Membership Count: 17
Guild Page: Bobius 


1. Bobus I

Elected on January 2019


A guild created in the honor and greatness of Bobius I and his allied gods.

The heroes/heroine within the guild consider each person in the guild as family and treat them as such.

The guild seeks to be the top guild by forming more friendships and good relationships with other deities and their respective champions.


  • means no longer in guild = *

1. Bobus I (May)

2. T-kun*

3. Kyel Yveron*

4. Hercfrost(June)*

5. Elucia(July)*

6. Kortes

7. Conde De Pokrofoviev*

8. Alyssa Caabs

9. The Silver Awp(August)*

10. Skimpei*

11. Dyslexic Bob*

12. De nummer twee

13. Golden Nova*

14. Pallerio*

15. Sharpshoot McGee*

16. Dytic*

17. Moe Shindeiru*

18. Cheeki Breeki V*

19. Cruefan91*

20. The Grim

21. Freya25*

22. A Human Woman*(September)

23. Kogurai*

24. Polenski*

25. Yoonbum*

26. Spridrilla*

27. Messineous*(October)

28. Arrisana

29. Smacky T Cat*

30. Jewson the Large

31. Pioneer Pete*

32. Roberina*

33. Peebley*

34. Arty Choke*

35. Hahapizza*

36. Phantomstrike*(November)

37. Lazilmo*

38. Louisethecat*

39. Steve-the-unworthy*

40. Tolerius

41. Claire Killar

42. Kylraia*

43. Dean Winchester 69*

44. Akemi Shadowblade*

45. Algonquin 18*

46. Lucidia the Loved*

47. Jatte*

48. Drune Rumchugger

49. Ballzax Unshaven(December)

50. Dragonpurr*

51. Whattheop

52. My heroic slave

53. Princesse Vilniria

54. Akhile

55. Xarcic

56. Something heroic

57. Ninail

58. Gutlash

59. Monastar

60. The Amazing Colin

61. Cokolino

62. Armatar

63. Benevolent Casteil (January)

64. Caleb Mercer

65. Zalord Dresden

66. Ashe Sky

67. Kopeche

68. Peter Petrias

69. Javar

70. Zepherion

71. Woodcox

72. Hairy Pottery (February)

73. Cart An

74. VenomancerB42

75. Captain Havok

Joining Bobius

The first members of Bobius were the friends of Bobus I who, in good faith, invited them to an alliance with each other to worship their gods and goddesses together and survive through the wide world of Godville.

To join Bobius, one need only be invited by any member of Bobius or one can simply join at will and be part of the great alliance of friendship.

In technical terms, simply send a godvoice saying 'Join "Bobius" guild' to your hero/heroine while out of town and not fighting monsters until a notification says they are planning to join the guild.

Leisure Trips

The guild also organizes hunting trips and enjoys gazing upon the cosmos and sometimes even spotting UFO's which they then submit a name for to make these into Identified Ufo. The one to spot the first Identified Ufo was the first member of the guild, Bobus I.