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Monsters of Godville
Class a species of large, terrestrial placental mammal
Habitat suspicious bar in the middle of forest
Description wild barboar

The Boartender is an alcohol serving monster that lures heroes with a promise of fresh beer.


First known depictions of Boartenders are dated before invention of beer and ale. They hale from far and undiscovered corners of Godville and started their wild career as barmans by offering sake to careless travellers. Some refused drinking with a boar, quoting as reason "I cannot drink with a monster my wife will kill me" which usually isn't good enough excuse for a budding Boartender. So he ate him.

When they arrived to Godville situation reversed. Multitudes of heroes wanted their beer, ALL their beer and without paying so Boartenders had to adapt. In defence of their beautiful bars and a way of life, they decided to attack every hero who didn't leave payment and a nice tip. And then to eat them.

How to recognize this monster

Monster is a big bipedal boar, usually accessorized with bar full of best beer hero ever seen in his live. It looks welcoming and hearly at first sign but fierce and unapproachable in the same moment hero "forgets" to lavishely tip him off. Young boartenders are indistinguishable from normal boring piglets at first sign but they never refuse tips.

His mortal enemy is Beerserker who often destroys his sleek bar.

Boartender and his beer receptors
Young Boartender piglets learn how reach to the bar



  • Can disarm hero with fresh beer and promise of free psychological advice
  • Sensitive to the smell of alcohol so hero has nowhere to hide


  • Terrified of the Acid Tears skill
  • Doesn't have thumbs
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