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Champion of the God: Dogginus
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Guild: LSF team
Guild Rank: Follower
Wins / Losses: 2/5
Pet Type: Ballpoint Penguin
Pet Name: Baloo, "Frisky"
Pet Level: 3
Favorite Town: Lostway
Most Hated Monster: 502 Bad Gatekeeper
Personal Rival: BlueStapler
— Bnyleigh The Doggo
Bnyleigh at level 1. How sad.

Bnyleigh is a random dog that appeared upon the lands of Godville and the first thing he did was eat the yellow snow. End of story.

Image Capturance Information

  • Bnyleighs level 1 picture in the top left corner was taken shortly after his first resurrection. And yes, Bnyleigh, I'm looking at YOU. and the mortals found him and dragged Bnyl into a room with an ugly green screen which showed he was in the opposite biome he was in. Shortly after the building was reported to have been set on fire of and the cause of which is not yet known.
  • And his profile picture was taken when he was at level 16

Bnyleigh's Wiki Conquest

Our little doggo here, Bnyliegh, hates BlueStapler, but for a reason (No durr). This reason is because he wants to... Oh my lord just blame it all on his god. Jesus Christ if you're still reading this article right now thank you very much. No really I mean it.