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Champion of the God: Dogginus
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Guild: LSF team
Guild Rank: Follower
Wins / Losses: 2/5
Pet Type: Ballpoint Penguin
Pet Name: Baloo, "Frisky"
Favorite Town: Lostway
Most Hated Monster: 502 Bad Gatekeeper
Personal Rival: BlueStapler
Heroes are dumb. Dogs have a low end on the intelligence line
— Terry Prattchet, Small Gods
— Bnyleigh The Doggo
Bnyleigh at level 1. How sad.

Bnyleigh is a random dog that appeared upon the lands around the somewhat inhabitable border of the Great Lava Desert of Trogh. He didn't know know much, and was already curious about the other creatures, and soon began chasing his first monster, a wild Angry Bird. Unfortunately, the bird flew over a FREAKING CLIFF and... You get it. That was his first death, anyway.

Information On Bnyleigh

Our little doggo here, Bnyleigh, is quite the smart pup. He just... refuses to show it. He was born somewhere along... Some rocky hill area we call the Acceptable Canyon... I think.